Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Christian view of Donald Trump and those that follow him blindly.

I want the reader to understand that I am a Christian and will not deny that. I can't condemn anyone, I can only condemn myself if I condemn another.
Those that call the Trump-Russia investigation are those same people that believe Trump is the person that will bring the country back to God. Trump has done nothing that reflects Christ. Trump has conned and misled many Christians, and he has done so in a heinous way, by praying on fears, by using a devil tongues to sweet talk people desperate for a sign, and yet the fruits that he has produced are opposite of what Christ would want, against his teachings. God desires mercy but Trump condemnation of those he does not like, he even wanted 5 innocent men to die. God said love thy neighbor but Trump wants Americans to hate their neighbors. Trump even tries to pass the fruit of hate, that of hate groups, as good. The Lord spoke of the women who gave from "her poverty" and that she would be remembered. Trump will not even give from his riches, he uses other people's money and claims credit, he will be remembered as a thief who takes from the infirm, the old, the widow, and the orphan.
Christ spoke about how the teachers of the law in his day and how things will be for them at judgement because despite knowing better they still kept doing what is wrong and spread a teaching that was wrong.
Christ spoke about how he was not bringing peace to the world but a sword, division instead of unity. This teaching is often used wrongly by atheists to say Christianity is violent. It is also used wrongly by those that call themselves Christians to justify attacks on non-believers. The sword Christ meant was the "Word" that would bring a reckoning to the teachers of the law, a message of forgiveness, of mercy, that was different from the teachings of condemnation, of slavery to rules of man who used them to hold power over the people. Those that accepted the teachings of Christ, the Son of Man, The Son of God, were a threat to those who wanted to hold onto the yoke that they, in truth, could not bear themselves.
Much is the same today, except now we have those that see Christ's teachings as forgiveness, of mercy, and the way. We also have those who try to use the Bible to condemn, to justify deaths, to rob those that sin, and we all have, the chance at the Lord's forgiveness and mercy. A sinner can repent, a dead man cannot, then why would we wish death or pray for the death of sinners, if by their dying they are denied the chance at forgiveness, even at the last moment like the thief on the cross.
I am a sinner, I can judge no one. We all are sinners and can judge no one. We can judge what is sinful and what is not, but we cannot condemn that person, only the sin. We can pray for the sinner, and we can lead by example spreading the gospel to those in need of the word, but we cannot, and should not condemn them. If we condemn a person who later repents how will that reflect on us when time for our judgment comes.
To me Trump is the opposite of Christ and unless he changes, and those that follow him blindly believing he will lead them to god, them will condemn themselves for all those they themselves condemned.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Danger this weekend.

This weekend will see violence in many cities across the country because the Alt-Right (white supremacists) have taken Donald Trump's press conference today as validation. People following Alt-Right websites and their social networks have turned up startling evidence about what is planned and how they want to provoke, Frame, or harass counter protestors. 
Florida, specifically Gainesville, White Supremacist have planned a rally and will be armed. Communication threads show conversations between numerous people who plan on attending talking about Florida being a "Stand your ground" state and if they receive the slightest provocation or can get a counter protestor to say, "I'll kill you" they will shoot that person. They want to start a civil war in America and they are prepared to do it. They want to take control of the government or have Trump declare martial law to get rid of anyone not supporting them. Think because your white you are safe? Wrong. No one is safe from their discrimination and hate.
White Supremacists want "pure European blood" if your ancestry isn't pure, you will be a target for them.
White Supremacists are into eugenics, meaning they don't like people with disabilities or birth defects. Like the German Nazis they believe in forced sterilization and abortions for those they consider inferior.
White Supremacists discriminate against white people if they do not adhere to their political or religious views. They don't like Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, any sect of Christianity that doesn't adhere to their doctrine.
White Supremacists hate gay people and think they are more than just immoral but a failure in genetics. If you have a family member who is gay, they will consider you have faulty genes and could produce gay children.
Not every person of European descent is considered Arryan so they are inferior mongrels. Polish people are and example and a few other Eastern European countries.
White Supremacists hate native Americans and those with Native American ancestry.
White Supremacists hate people of Hispanic descent.
White Supremacists hate Asians, Africans, anyone.
White Supremacists do not believe in peaceful resolution of issues despite the fact that individually they are cowards, in groups they are brave and dangerous, much like animals.
White Supremacists fund much of their activities through drugs, like meth which is their drug of choice to deal in.
A good number of White Supremacists have done time in prison and cannot legally own a gun. Some pass instructions on on how to get around gun sale laws by making their own guns. I am not talking about crude zip guns, but AR-15s, AR-9s (an AR-15 chambered in 9mm), reassembling demilled foreign military guns, 1991s, and even guns used in WWII such as the grease gun (submachine gun chambered for .45ACP) and the British Sten Gun. These are called ghost guns. They can make any of these guns by either milling a receiver from scratch or ordering what is called an 80% receiver which is a receiver completed up to 80 percent so it can be sold without a license or background check. FYI for those that don't know, the receiver (lower receiver in the case of AR-15s) is the part of a gun that is regulated by the fire arms act because it is where the serial number is located. You can buy the rest of the parts without a background check, yes, barrel, fire control group, everything but the receiver in a completed form. (Or greater than 80 percent completed.)

Now, who do you think is more dangerous to law enforcement, counter protestors or white supremacists? Who is more dangerous to you? If you think white Supremacists aren't the real danger to this country , you will change your mind after this weekend if things happen the way these White Supremacists plan.

Monday, August 14, 2017

A personal experience with "southern confederate heritage."

I am about 6 months shy of 50 years on this earth and 50 years as an American. In those years I have been witness to many acts of racism, from name calling to discrimination in the Navy, I have a reputation for calling it out. In the Navy I was harassed for calling out a group of racists trying to keep a minority from qualifying a watch station. I received notes telling me to kill myself, and an orange peel, cut out to say "kill" on my bunk. This was in the early 90s on a Trident Submarine. Yes, racists do slip through the cracks and get into the military. This was a scary time, but it was not as bad as an experience I endured growing up in a small town in Northern Florida.
Let me tell you a little background information about myself. I am white, my father is from Kansas and my Mother is from Florida. My dad was stationed at Wright-Patterson Airforce base, Ohio when I was born. After my father retired in 1973 we spent some time living in Missouri before moving to Northwest Florida. The first town we lived in was not too bad really, but the second town we moved to turned into a nightmare for me for the first few years.
The town was steeped in the "Southern Confederate heritage " so to speak. I found this out when I started school in 5th grade. When other kids found out I was born in Ohio, the north, they started calling me "yankee", "yankee boy", "n lover" whatever they could think of at the time. This was not how the majority of the kids behaved, they would sometimes jokingly call me yankee and I would remind them that the " Yankees won", but a number of others were down right mean about it. Why? Because they were taught to be this way by their fathers, a couple of the fathers were known to belong to the KKK. This bullying increased as the school year went on until a seemingly unrelated situation pushed it over the edge.
My brother happened to like this girl in his sixth grade class that one of my bullies liked. When the bully found out my brother, the brother of a yankee, like this girl and she liked him back, well he got upset and took it out on me. After Christmas or so we moved to a house my dad bought that happened to be near a small retirement community four miles outside the town, and a block away from the girl my brother liked. This really pushed the bully over the top and he recruited other boys of the confederate heritage club, not a real club I am just calling them that. During recess the would cull me away from the other kids and away from the teacher to an area of the playground blocked from view by a pine tree and a live oak. I would be put in a headlock by one, thumped in the head by the rest while the mini grand wizard would threaten to kill me if my brother didn't leave his girl alone. This was the 5th grade for Pete sake, girlfriends? Although the bully and his buddies had been held back a couple of years. Of course they threatened to kill me and my family if I told anyone, and being a kid I believed they would so I kept my mouth shut. Plus I was a skinny kid so I didn't think I had much of a chance fighting off 4 boys who were bigger than me.
Well, I didn't give into the demand to tell my brother to to stop hanging around the girl. One day on the playground I forgot to stick near the teacher and before I knew it I was jumped on, mouth covered and carted off to the blind area of the playground and a jungle gym shaped like the Mercury Space capsules. The lead bully kept saying I was about to die and since I was a yankee they would get away with it, because everyone in town hated Yankees and his family knew people. I was punched in the gut as I tried to get away. One kid brought a yellow nylon rope some was used to tie my hand behind my back the rest he tied it into a slip knot they placed around ver head as I writhed trying to get away. The biggest and strongest boy lifted me as another tied the rope to the top bar of the jungle gym. Then they let go, stood and watched as I struggled to somehow get free but all it did was tighten the rope which began to cut into my neck. I don't know how long they watched me because Imwas in pure panic, I knew I was about to die and there was nothing I could do, I was so high off the ground the tips of my toes barely touched. Finally I heard someone approach, a friend of mine who wondered where I went off to and when he heard me choking he came to see what was going on. I don't know if his approach scared of the bullies, all I know was I was greatly relieved when my friend used his little pocket knife to cut me down. Yes, back then no one thought much of a kid having a pocket knife at school. As soon as I was freed my friend took me in tears of terror and pain to our teacher. We told her what happened and showed her the rope burns on my neck. We were then taken to the principal's office where I agin explained my story in tears and showed him the rope burns. What was his response, "Boys will be boys" and " I had an overactive imagination and that it was rough housing and the other boys would not have let me die." What? That's what I wanted to know. What was this guy thinking. Things were swept under the rug, the bullies talked to and told to stay away from me.
Me, I was just left to deal with it on my own. My parents were angry but we were outsiders new to the town so they were ignored. You see in small southern towns, back then and now to some extent, if you were considered an outsider then in situations like this you were guaranteed not to get any help. My dad then told my brothers and I that if that is the way things were going to be, then we had permission to defend ourselves at school. If someone else started something then it was okay for us to finish it since the school principal sure wasn't going to do it. In a matter of weeks my brothers let it be known that we were not going to stand for small town pick on the new guys and Southern confederate BS, my brothers took care of their own bullies and mine. I still dreaded school, still have a bit of a scar on my neck, and I don't like anyone to put there hand around my neck. I hate all things Confederate, I hate the damn confederate flag with a passion. From that moment on I chose not to tolerate racism, bullies, or anything along that lines. I felt the terror of thinking my life was over and that of being helpless, a victim of hate and ignorance and I was not going to sit down and take it.
I did teach myself a few things, did some boxing, and had one of my brothers friends show me some moves he learned taking karate though I cannot remember the style now. I ended up having a few fights because someone thought because I was skinny I could be bullied, they ended up finding out that was not the case. I never ended up on the losing side of a fight, but I always ended crying. Why? Because I hate hurting people, I hate violence. I do love, or use to love watching boxing, but it is no longer a sport like it was back in the day.
I am nearly 50, and I am still haunted by an experience on a playground decades ago. I am still haunted by memories of being hanged by bullies, racist children taught to be that way by their parents who believe in the abhorrence that is southern confederate heritage, a polite term for White Supremacy, for racism. I will do anything I can to protect others from what I endured and from what I think is morally wrong, UnAmerican, unchristian, a crime against humanity, the scourge that is racism.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

What makes America Great.

If you throw a hissy fit because a NFL player sits during the National Anthem, and think Charlottesville Alt-right gathering was to protect heritage and statues, then you are part of the problem. Here is why.
Stop treating the National Anthem like it has been around since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it wasn't written until 1814. The music is actually an old British Drinking song. The song wasn't adopted as the National Anthem until 1936. It is a symbol that I honor, but a person can choose not to and that is their right.
The pledge of Allegiance is another thing wasn't adopted until 1945 and "Under God" wasn't added until 1954. In truth the founding fathers would probably objected to an Pledge of Allegiance because it smacks to much of a monarchy or authoritarianism. If they would have written a pledge they would have made a few different choices and probably left out "Under God" because of their belief in Freedom of religion.
We have people who say we have to have "In God we Trust " on our money yet many of these same people put their Trust in Guns over God, shameful. I believe and support the second amendment but I will never put my trust in a gun when I have God. Even if I were armed and in a confrontation I would still put my trust in God to let me make the right decision, you cannot take back a bullet so listen to God first.
Statues, Statues of military leaders who took up arms against their own country are being worshipped by people who call themselves " patriots" yet they fly a flag that fought against The United States. Like Lincoln said, and he quoted Christ, "A house, divided against itself, cannot stand." And like Christ said," a man cannot serve two masters." Do you know how many countries allow flying of a flag of a vanquished enemy or defeated tyranny? America is about the only one. Even in Germany the Nazi flag is despised. How many Hitler, Goebbels, Goehring, Von Runestead, Rommel, or any other military leader from Nazi Germany are located in Public places in Germany? Zero why? Not because they think it erases the past but because they don't want to give Neo-Nazis a memorial, a shrine to worship at.
Do you think all these Statues in Southern States were put up after the Civil War? No, they were not. When were they put up? Try around the 1950s and 1960s during the Civil Rights era. Why? Because a bunch of White People in charge wanted to send a message that no matter what the rest of the country says, they would always hold onto their "Southern Traditions." Do you know what "Southern Tradition " they were talking about? It wasn't cooking, it wasn't church going, it wasn't anything like that, it was the belief they held that "White People" are superior to Black People, and "Blacks should know and stay in their place."
Now those monuments have become shrines, rallying points for not just people who want to hold onto heritage, but to the KKK, Nazis, Neo Confederates, and every other racist group. There is no place in America for such hate, and there shall be no monuments to those who fought to keep people as slaves, one of the most vile institutions in history.
Think I am UnAmerican after reading this? You are wrong. I love my country and I know what makes it great, not a flag, not words, not a song, but people, people of all races and religions that make this country great.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My opinion about racist protests.

Today I witnessed police officers, many of them black, have to face off against two groups. One group based on racism and hate, the other people against what the alt- right stands for, evil. I am sure those officers were called names by both sides and that is wrong, but one side can be blamed. White supremacists have no place in America, they are Un American and are not patriots but racist terrorists.
I, and probably anyone who served on a Ballistic Missile submarine or any part of this country's strategic weapons force, have been called some hateful names by protestors like "baby killers", but that was because of our job not are skin color. You can protest against policy, against nuclear weapons, against nuclear power, against anything, but you cannot protest against people because of race, religion, sexual orientation, or things along those lines because you are attacking people and not a policy, that is wrong. Racism is hatred, it is a choice a person has made to hate someone because of nothing more than skin color, it is there personal policy and when they choose to impose that on others, to spread hate, it is the right of all Americans to oppose that policy in the form of protest. Hate has no purpose but to breed evil, because it is born of evil. Racism is hate and shall not go unchallenged!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

If you like Trump's approach to North Korea, I hope you like Strontium 90

Strontium-90, ever hear of it? Maybe if you're older or work in the nuclear field but I bet most have not. It's a byproduct of nuclear fission like from a nuclear weapon detonation, it is radioactive. Before the above ground test ban people downwind from nuclear tests were exposed to Strontium-90. Studies of downwinders, those that were exposed to the most fallout have suffered an increase in rates of leukemia and bone cancer. 
Why the increase in leukemia and bone cancer? Because Strontium is a close relative, periodic table speaking, to calcium and therefore the human body will treat it like calcium so it will be deposited in bones and teeth. Once in the body strontium will emit radiation as it undergoes decay and that radiation will damage other cells, genetic damage leading to bone cancer and/or leukemia. Remember, bone marrow plays a large part in production of blood cells, including lymphocytes a type of white blood cells.
But how does strontium-90 enter the human body? It can be inhaled or ingested, mostly it is ingested. Strontium-90 can contaminate water and plant matter like grass, grains, vegetables. Cow's milk is a big source of strontium-90 after a nuclear accident or nuclear war. Cows will eat grass that is contaminated by strontium-90 which then is excreted as part of milk in place of some of the calcium normally found in milk. The consumption of grass and the production of milk concentrates the strontium-90 making for a radioactive milkshake. This is why they warned people during the Cold War not to consume dairy products after a nuclear attack.
Even though strontium-90 contaminated parts of America during the above ground testing days it was not a large problem like it would be in the case of a nuclear war, even a limited one. There is a large difference in detonating a nuclear warhead every now and then in the desert or on an isolated island than multiple war heads exploding within minutes or hours over cities. With cities you increase fallout from debris made of material that was once, buildings, bridges, cars, trees, animals, and even people. That dust will be sucked up in the mushroom clouds and smoke from fires and spread for miles around, pretty much all over the earth. That fallout will be guaranteed to contain strontium-90 and other radioactive mater, which will then contaminate everything, including farms. For years on end, if you survive, every bit of produce you consume will be contaminated with radioactive material. Strontium-90 has a half-life of 28.8 years, meaning in 28.8 years half of the material will decay into another element, yttrium-90 which itself is radioactive.
Adults are at less risk of bone cancer or leukemia, but children, whose bones are developing, are at great risk, especially babies and toddlers. It is not just dairy you would have to look out for, you would have to worry about your child playing outside, or even if fallout was tracked into your house that would contaminate the rugs and floors where kids spent most of their time playing.

Why am I writing this? To let you know that if you think Trump is handling the North Korean situation the right way you should expect to have to deal with the after effects. It is too late to stop North Korea from gaining nukes, the only option left is to use the policy used during the Cold War, MAD, Mutual assured destruction. You attack us we attack you and no one wins. This is how the Cold War went and even though we claim close to Nuclear War, diplomacy won out. It will take the same diplomacy today. Either that, or deal with Strontium-90 and the other radioactive bad guys.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My rant about Trump! He is crazy!

Trump-Russia investigation is now being considered a criminal investigation and not just a counter intelligence investigation.
All you law enforcement people out there know that judges do not grant search warrants without probable cause. They don't just say "I will take your word on it. Here is your warrant." And a predawn raid is not that common in a case like this one where it is just documents being seized. The Federal Judge had to be convinced Paul Manafort, Trump's one time campaign manager with close ties to Russia, had something he wasn't sharing before he signed off on the search warrant. I guarantee the FBI provided intelligence to back up their request.
After all that has happened with evidence mounting and getting closer to Trump himself, does law enforcement still endorse Trump? Consider that the evidence is starting to reveal Trump just didn't deal with Russian mafia, that is what the Russian Oligarchs truly are, but he most likely helped launder money for drug cartels, governments that support terrorism, and other criminal organizations through his real estate development company, The Trump Organization. Just FYI, the MS-13 gang Trump says he is trying to get rid of deal  and run drugs for those same cartel people Trump has had real estate dealings with. Not fake news, actual facts. Trump deals in real estate and that is the business easiest to launder money because transactions can still be done in cash, unlike other banking and investments which are screened to determine if the money is for criminal or terrorism purposes. I am sure that loophole will be closed after all the information on Trump's financial dealings discovered during this investigation are laid-upon the table.
How else do you think Trump went from being bankrupt and owing 900 million dollars to where he is, or says he is? Good deal making? Heck no. Except for his real estate business and marketing his name, his other ventures have ended in failure or bankruptcy. Now how did Trump survive the 2007 financial and real estate collapse when bigger businesses folded? Trump, according to himself and his sons before they  changed the story, were doing most of their business during this time with Russia. Sorry, there own words from interviews prior to Trump running for president prove this.
Now consider also how Trump said he would use his own money to fund his campaign but financial filing with the election commission show this to be far from the truth and he actually never forgave the loans, most anyway, he gave to his campaign. That money, his money, will be proven to have originated from dealings with people that law enforcement would normally despise because it is from criminal activity. Heck, the owners of Hobby-Lobby, a Trump donor, bought stolen antiquities from Iraq. Guess who stole them and sold them? ISIS of all people. No I don't think the owners of Hobby Lobby knew ISIS was behind it all, but they definitely knew it was illegal when they did it and those that were dealing with were criminals. How many soldiers may have died from weapons bought from the money from the sale of those antiquities? Hobby-Lobby, we don't want to pay for birth control or support abortion but we don't mind buying stolen goods that may help kill Americans. I hate hypocrites.
Evangelicals are not high on my list now because they support Trump unwavering though the man has shown time and time again his behavior far from Christian. And Dr. Robert Jeffress saying that the Bible gives Trump the Moral Authority to take out Kim Jung-Un, is about the most far from Christ's teachings there could ever be. I mean how does it match up to "Blessed are the peacemakers..." or " Turn the other cheek "? Not all. I believe that N.K. Should not have nuclear weapons. I can tell you that there are no good military options to change that. N.K. Knows if they attack anyone it would mean the end of the regime there one way or another. Even before they had Nuclear weapons they threatened to invade South Korea with there "overwhelming military " but they never did, they never do. Sometimes they do little raids, but they know anything more will be their end. And even before N.K. Developed nukes they could have overrun S.K. With conventional forces alone, but they knew America and the World would, wipe them out because China would not support them. But if America attacks first, China will support N.K. Trump says China is not doing enough, trust me they are. When China conducts a live missile fire exercise off the N.K. Coast it is not to show support from Kim Jung-Un it is to show exactly who is in charge and N.K. Better get in line. So Evangelicals can stop encouraging Trump to take actions that will kill millions of people, including Americans.

To some up my rant. Trump-Russia is a real investigation and not a witch hunt. The investigation is now a criminal one too. Not only is it quite possible the investigation shows Trump dealing with Russian mafia, but past criminal activities like laundering money for drug cartels, terrorist groups, etc.
Law enforcement should now pull their endorsement of Trump. Evangelicals need to Un endorse Trump and quit treating him like he is a savior, there is only one and that is Christ Jesus himself. Evangelicals need to stop encouraging Trump to go to war with North Korea because many will die, millions, not just from the war itself but the fallout from the war. Children in America, young ones will be most at risk to suffer the effects of radioactive fallout all over the world. Want to hold your child's hand while they endure chemotherapy for leukemia? Remember that the same President who can cause this to happen is the same one that wants to kick millions off healthcare.