Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trumper's reason for Trump compared to reality (Hindsight is 20-20)

Reminding Trump supporters of their stupid statements and arguments for voting Trump and not for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton will start WWIII  -crazy orange koolaid tan Trump is trying to do that right now by blowing the North Korea threat out of proportion. Enjoy the radioactive fallout.

Trump is pro law enforcement -lol, he is a crook who never donated his own money to law enforcement but others. He wants to punish law enforcement agencies by cutting off their federal funding if there state or city is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Yeah, that is keeping police welfare in mind, punish them for others policy.

He is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. - uh no, he wants to build a wall that the majority of Americans don't want built, including his own party, and have you pay for it. Good Luck with that.

Hillary Clinton will raise taxes and increase the national debt. -Trump wants to cut corporate taxes and offer Americans more tax deductions. Guess what? It will triple the national debt and put the average American on the hook for increased taxes because most Americans will not be eligible for the deductions Trump is proposing. Tax breaks for corporations have never added one new job to the economy or trickled down to the workers as businesses just add it to their own profits.

Trump is going to improve the economy -uh no, prepare for the bottom to drop out if Trump stays in office. He has cited companies adding jobs since he took office but each company he cited had released plans to hire those people way before the election. Now it seems hiring is slacking off.

Hillary Clinton will be under constant investigation -lol, your president is under investigation for treason with the evidence mounting every day. Heck, he is trying to find an excuse for military action every day to deflect. And Hillary Clinton is not under investigation by the FBI or congress but Trump is and the GOP controls congress. Lol

Trump tells it like it is -let me correct you on that statement. "Trump lies" see accurate and to the point.

Trump is a true patriot -everyone can agree that the founding fathers were "true patriots" and they wrote a constitution to ensure an independent and free nation for the people by the people. Trump colluded with a foreign power to win an election, very unpatriotic. Trump writes executive orders that are found to be unconstitutional, very unpatriotic. Trump's wife had to remind him to put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem, lol. ( you can stand at attention it is just as good) Trump's Administration keeps using a flag with only 39 stars for multimedia stuff online. Wtf?

Trump is a Christian -his actions have proven otherwise. Unless you consider discriminating against other races and religions as a Christian act, but if you do that you are not much of a Christian. You are probably a white robe and hood wearing straight up racist. Maybe you should check that closet of your just to be sure.
That is enough for now. I decided to be nice for today.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Programs like Trump's VOICE encourage discrimination and provide bad statistics

I read a funny tweet about how Trump's “VOICE” line for reporting crimes was by illegal immigrants was being overwhelmed by people reporting space aliens. Yes, it is funny until you consider the thing as a whole. We are telling people to report on our friends and neighbors because they maybe an illegal immigrant and committed a crime. First, if you suspect a crime is being committed or was committed then call 911 don’t call the VOICE hot line. Why? Because it is nothing but a way to get numbers Trump can use to justify his claims, and there is no guarantee that all the claims are factual. In reality a large number of calls are either made up or made by someone who thinks their neighbor is an illegal immigrant just because of their ethnicity. This is dangerous.
Why is it dangerous? Let us look at History. First up is the French Revolution. Inspired by America the French people rose up to free themselves from rule by the nobility; at first this was a good thing but then turned ugly. It was not just enough to get rid of the monarchy and nobility, the people wanted revenge. Soon the Revolution devolved into what is now know as “The Terror”. People would report on others they didn't like or for other reasons to say that the accused was a sympathizer to the nobility or an enemy of the Revolution. The accused would be arrested their property seized and put in prison to await the guillotine. Many innocent people lost their lives because of pettiness and greed.
There are examples throughout history that go along the same line, like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or where any other authoritarian regime was in or is in power. I chose to use the French Revolution to show how populist movements can turn ugly real fast if the guiding principles of what True Liberty and Democracy are set aside. What starts out like Trump’s VOICE can be perverted into a nightmare beyond measure. Trump and his cronies are leading America into its own version of The Terror where American citizens are targeted because of race or other factors. It will become equivalent to a government sanctioned lynch mob if programs like VOICE are allowed to continue.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Concern for US Submariners because of Trump.

The USS Michigan was one of the Submarines I served on during my eleven and a half years in the Navy. Back then she was a SSBN. I have a soft spot for her and her crew.

I want everyone to please pray for American servicemen and women everywhere, but especially the crews of the USS Michigan and USS Pennsylvania.
By announcing these submarines movements to the public while trying to intimidate North Korea, Donald Trump has put the crews of these two submarines in danger.
What makes a submarine an effective weapon of war is their ability to be quiet and remain undetected underwater. To ensure the submarine isn't tracked by hostile entities, Russia is the biggest threat, the comings and goings of submarines are normally kept classified even from crew member's family until 24 hours of entering port. Trust me, as a submariner (I will be one until the day I die) what this administration did is a major screwup.
Secondly, the USS Michigan has no business making a port call in Busan, South Korea, especially during increased tensions. It is a vital asset even though it now carries cruise missiles instead of Trident IIs . While the USS Michigan is more than a match for any submarine North Korea possesses, she is still at risk. North Korea has a fleet of small submarines that it uses for clandestine activities, such as laying mines. Knowing the Michigan is in Busan, it is quite possible that N. Korea could mine the harbors around Busan for when the Michigan leaves port.
Another problem is that the greatest threat to American submariners, Russia, now knows exactly where two submarines are and about when they will leave so they will try and track them. It is quite possible that, given the opportunity, Russia could attack one of these subs and sink her. We are back to Cold War rules and It is not out of the question. They could follow our submarine into deep waters and depending on how comfortable about not being detected by our submarine launch an attack that would catch our sub unaware. If the Russian sub is lucky they could sink our sub without having a shot fired at them (torpedo) . We would only find out if distress buoys deployed and if not, after failure to report which could be days or longer. The Russian sub would be miles away with only the hull and debris of our sub on the ocean floor. It would then require locating the wreckage and investigating what caused the sinking and whom if that is the case. Considering the tensions with N. Korea Russia would have plausible deniability and since investigating a sunken sub in such deep water would be difficult, they would probably get away with it. Trump would blame North Korea. Do I think Trump would be this reckless with our submarines and their crews? Yes, he did it when he used them for propaganda purposes. Also, he is insane and a traitor.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Louise Mensch is now doing more harm than good.
Hopefully the link above works. Please read the tweet before reading the rest of this blog.

Did you read the tweet and the blog liked? It has to be one of the most convoluted things I have seen concerning Russia's hacking of the 2016 United States Presidential election to date. Let us look at it logically.
Did Trump take Russian laundered money to pay Russian cyber assets to hack the US election, DNC and voter data base? Why would he need to do this if it was a Russian planned and coordinated operation? Does it make sense for Putin to launder money give it to Donald Trump who then goes and uses the same money to pay Russian hackers? If they are located in the United States that maybe the case but most of the hacking can be traced back to operations in Russia. Russia could pay their own assets and not have to worry about a money trail that could be traced back to them. And why would they take the chance on using Donald Trump paying their operatives in the US with laundered money when it would be obvious to look there if the scheme was uncovered? Russia would be recklessly risking established assets that could be used later. Any Russian assets working in the US would already have away to receive financing from Russia without having to use Trump. When you look at the story it doesn't add up logically. Trump may have received money to secure hacking services in the US for his own gain but I doubt it was to pay Russian hackers. If anything Trump used the money to get compromising data on people in his own party, leverage. But to think Trump had to get money from Russia to pay Russian cyber assets is like, pardon my language here, going around your asshole to get to your elbow.
Louise Mensch has put out some interesting information in the past but now it seems like she is passing along any Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that comes her way. I will say it is not good because it works to muddy the waters and makes it harder to see the big picture. If you look at leads and information as a dot and then you start from the beginning and graph each dot by weight of likely hood they should stack up one on top of the other or pretty close to it. While you do this you will find some will be too light or heavy and will be wide right or left of the stack, these are called wild points, outliers, or statistical anomalies. If you get too many of these Wild points intohe mix then confidence of the solution goes down. It is that solution which is the big picture that will provide everything necessary to form a case for or against impeachment or criminal charges. Of course the Intelligence community knows this and they weed out the wild points but the General public will see these wild points and form there opinions which will influence their outlook on the business. Some may be frustrated and want to just get on with things and try to pressure officials to drop the matter, we cannot let this happen. Even when informing the public care should be taken to stack the dots and connect them since that is truth.
I have speculated on what I think went on with Trump and Russia based on my experience, observations, and the information that has come from the intelligence community. I have no backdoor channel to the intelligence community, I go by the reliability of the source and probability. I also know that no matter how much you want to that you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole so you don't try.
There are many variables at play in this mess so there is not going to be a cut and dry answer anytime soon. We need to focus, stick to facts, weed out the wild points and keep the water clear so we can see the big picture otherwise we will get lost and never find the truth.

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My updated theory on the Trump Russian collusion scenario

My updated theory of Trump Russian collusion. please forgive spelling mistakes and typos as this is another late night entry written on the fly.

I have covered this before but after further thought and more information I have decided to write an updated version of my Trump-Russian theory. Hopefully the dots stack up nice and are easy to connect unlike alt-right conspiracy theories.
My dad says that accidents don't just happen they are caused to which I added the corollary that things don't just happen they are planned and there is a reason for everything. With this in mind let's look at the beginning and reason why Vladimir Putin had his people create a plan to mess with the 2016 presidential election.
In 2014 the Ukraine underwent a revolution that removed the pro-Russian government from power. Russia failed to prevent this and to make sure they held onto the Crimea with its port of Sevastopol, the home port of the Russian Black Sea port, they encouraged the people of the Crimea to separate from the Ukraine. After this action aided by Russian Troops a referendum was held and the Crimea was annexed by Russia. This, along with Russian Troops invading the Eastern Ukraine, caused an up roar in Europe and America which lead to economic sanctions be placed on Russia, especially Putin and his Oligarchy. You can imagine this would not be something well liked by a man, Putin, who is determined to build Russia into a super power. Putin, a former KGB man, is from the old school USSR way of handling people and organizations he sees as a threat, you eliminate them. Now it is relatively easy for Putin to silence dissidents in Russia by either having them arrested or killed by one of his thugs. The problem with the United States is that there is now way to eliminate it short of nuclear war so other means would be required. Putin put his people on the problem and those political science guys came up with a plan to weaken America by covertly attacking the politics of America with the goal of creating a divide so great that it would lead to civil unrest in America. What would civil unrest in America mean? Many things all of which would benefit Russia to some degree. A country in turmoil is not the place anyone wants to to do business; it is a loss waiting to happen. Money would exit so fast from the American market it would make your head spin. Those who pull their money from investing in America would look for another place to invest and I am sure Putin would accommodate them. Even American companies would exit for Russia and our government would not be in a situation to stop them since they would be busy putting down insurrection while trying to keep the country together. Countries around the globe would lose faith in America and those that see us as enemies would try and take advantage. To insulate America from attack from within and without We would have to shrink our commitment to allies until we got back on our feet, a process that would take decades. NATO would fade away leaving Russia unchecked to advance their interests in Europe anyway they saw fit. It is a very ugly Picture for the US, but a beautiful one for Putin.
How would Russia cause trouble with the 2016 election in a covert way? By using the internet and an army of Russian hackers. A network was set up to hack any and every government and political organization in America possible to mine them for information that could be weaponized and strategically deployed. Who to target? That question was probably handled by Russian sociologists, psychiatrists, and political scientists. They mapped out specific parts of our society looking for particular groups that they could manipulate, they chose the extreme right(racists), gun rights groups, religious groups, conspiracy oriented people, and anyone with passions that could be inflamed enough that they would not just protest but take up arms in the misguided belief they were doing there duty to protect America from its internal enemies. It is sad to say, but most of those groups I have listed, more can be added, align themselves with the Republican Party. I am not saying they represent the party as a whole but they are significant in number as to give the GOP a bad reputation.
So realizing there intended target for a cyber disinformation and propaganda campaign would be majority republicans it was easy to figure out who would be demonized by Russia, democrats and any liberal. What made it even easier for Russia’s planner was the leading candidate for the Democrat’s presidential nominee was Hillary Clinton. The Clinton name brings forth pure hatred from conservatives because no other reason than Bill Clinton was successful president with the exception of the sex scandal, and that Hillary Clinton is probably the most qualified candidate to run for the office of president. Republicans feared Secretary Clinton would be the natural successor to President Obama and that they could not allow so they immediately started a campaign to discredit her at every turn and if possible create a situation where she would not be eligible to run for any office, they wanted her to be a convicted felon. So from Benghazi to emails the GOP ran Secretary Clinton through the gauntlet, and though she took a beating she came out on top. What the republicans didn't know at the time is they gave the Russian propaganda and cyber war machine ammunition they would use to sew discontent in the 2016 election.
It is one thing to have ammunition but it is another to have a delivery system to effectively deliver it. One weapon of choice would be the internet and the sad truth that most Americans will take what they see on the internet as factual without verifying it. Now how effective is the internet? Very, but it still needed to be complemented by a more a accurate and directed weapon. What was needed was someone with name recognition, someone not of the normal establishment that Russia’s targeted audience could relate too, someone who was a show men. Russia found that person in Donald Trump. An ego maniac, a conman who had already convinced many Americans he was the ultimate businessman despite the fact he has twice the number of bankruptcies than he has wives (1 current, 2ex). I am not sure exactly when Donald Trump was recruited to help Russia only that they considered him to be a useful idiot for future use. Trump was probably considered useful for business and to help establish contacts for Russian oligarchs. It has been said Trump sought loans from Russians during during the financial crisis in 2008 to stay in business and this is quite possibly true considering his track record. We know Trump was excited about Traveling to Russia and hoped to meet Putin during the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, he tweeted as much. During that trip, maybe another, is when the pee pee Party happened that was supposedly recorded by Russian intelligence according to the Trump Dossier, if true this would cement Trump to Russia for future uses. When Trump was compromised I do not think the plan to hack the 2016 election was formed, I believe that came after 2014 as a retaliation for Sanctions imposed on Russia by America. I do think the idea of destabilizing America by stirring up civil unrest was around though, Aleksandr Dugin’s “Foundation of Geopolitics” which discusses the possibility was published in 1997. Dugin is one of Putin's political scientists that advises the Kremlin on geopolitical doctrine that would advance Russian interests by systematically destabilizing countries and organizations that stood in its way. In 2014 or 2015 Russian created its final plan to take America down a notch or two by causing political uproar and possible civil unrest.
On 16 June 2016 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president running as a Republican. Almost immediately his campaign became decisive, he let into his fellow republican candidates as if it were some WWE match. The Alt-Right embraced him and Trump did nothing to separate himself from such groups. Trump demonized illegal immigrants, Muslims, and even the Black Lives Matter movement. Democrats and even Republicans found themselves targets of Trump’s hate speech. Facts were thrown out the window in favor of Donald Trump's “alternative facts” commonly known as bold faced lies. Crime rates blown out of proportion. Muslim terrorists sneaking into the US posing as refugees. Muslim citizens called terrorists or sympathizers. Mexican’s were called murderers rapists but he was sure there were some good ones. Democrats were called anti law enforcement and baby killers. Trump demonized the democrats but when it looked like the nomination was secured he painted Hillary Clinton as the head demon. Trump supporters were already against Hillary Clinton because of the GOP lead investigations on Benghazi and emails and now they had someone screaming with them for Hillary Clinton's head. Trump held Nazi like rallies attended by a broad spectrum of the right, racist to moderates, almost all wanted Hillary Clinton's head on a platter because to them she was Satan incarnate, the anti christ. God forbid if you were a Democrat or left leaning because chances were you would end up getting a punch or two.
Trump did something that I don't think any candidate in American history has ever done, he attacked the media, specifically the mainstream media, saying they were the enemy of the American people and spread fake news. He did it over and over, he was brainwashing his followers and discrediting the press so his followers would seek news elsewhere. Where? Online places like Breitbart, Roger Stone Jr. and Alex Jones, and Fox News on cable. This combined with fake news and trolls provided by Russia trumps followers started seeing things the way Trump and Russia wanted them to, democrats and even certain republicans were the the enemy that wanted to destroy America by letting Muslims take over and letting in every Mexican immigrant and give them warfare, only Donald Trump could save the country. Now at this time Trump didn't have the numbers to win, in fact the original plan was not for him to win but to drum up so much hate in his followers that if Hillary Clinton were to win they would start an armed uprising and many threatened to do just that. Trump knew he was supposed to lose and stirred things up by saying that if he lost it was because the election was rigged.
While this was going on Russian hackers were creating fake news like saying that “shariah law was being implemented in so and so City” normally these were targeted to people in the south with the city being taken over by shariah law being located in a northern state. The fake news was constructed to target specific geographic and social areas in such away to seem believable but not so that a simple check of local news would discredit. During the Black Lives Matter protests both sides were targeted with fake news in order to stir up as much tension as possible. It is possible this Russian propaganda pushed people over the edge and led to deaths that would not have happened if the fake news was not put on line. The immigration problem was exaggerated by Russian propaganda to be made worse by a factor of ten. In reality there had been a shift with more illegal immigrants returning to their home countries than those sneaking into the US. Fake news was rampant and was not just targeted to the right, left leaning people were targeted trying to stir the passions of left wing extremists and after the release of DNC emails, Berniecrats were targeted to inflame them so they would not vote for Hillary Clinton in protest.
Putin was setting back taking this all in watching the plan his people come up with be so successful. He had a cyber war going on with America and he was getting away with it. America on the other hand was creeping closer to exploding into civil unrest and in so doing , bringing the last super power to its knees. A perfect plan going down without a hitch until something no one expected happened. Somehow Donald Trump had convinced important people in the GOP to get onboard with him concerning Russia. Now it looked like that if Trump could win then sanctions would be lifted from Russia and that America may reconsider it support of NATO weakening that organization. Immediately an Envoy or envoys were sent to Russia to convince Putin to shift the cyber effort from creating civil unrest after the election but to help Donald Trump win. I am sure Trump made promises to do this and that for Russia and painted a rosy picture for Russia that had Trump as the American president working side by side with Russia and even helping Russia return to Superpower status. Even Putin would have to admit that if the new plan could be pulled off it would benefit Russia more than just damaging America politically, with money coming from America without sanctions interfering Russia could build a geopolitical machine unmatched and eventually eclipse America as the worlds leading power across all spectrums. Putin made the mistake and took the deal. With shifts here and there in strategy plus bringing in other Intelligence reserves in America the Russian campaign to elect Trump President of the United States of America was underway. (By the way FBI, I am betting someone in your organization was in on this and I don't think it was Director Comey, someone involved in the Secretary Clinton email investigation, someone who probably brought the attention of a certain laptop to light. I hope you look into that because having one of your own working for Russia is bad for everyone.)
Up until just before the election many people were undecided on who to vote for though it seemed that the undecided, especially in swing states were leaning to vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite what pundits said about the debates, Donald Trump came off unprepared and unstable. What changed that? The revelation of emails on a laptop of a Clinton top adviser, Huma Abedin,  supposedly found while investigating Anthony Weiner for another one of his sexual related indiscretions. Since there was an investigation conducted by the House oversight committee regarding Hillary Clinton's emails, Director Comey felt and was obligated to inform the committee about possible new evidence. I don't think it was Comey’s intent to influence the election but him just trying to be transparent. The real scandal lay at the feet of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who chose to release the letter with the intent of damaging the Clinton campaign and influence the election in Trump's favor. It worked because those people who were undecided before had a problem with Hillary Clinton's honesty and the new revelation pushed them over to Trump. Why do I see Chaffetz as the villain in this affair? One, he didn't have to release Comey's letter because the letter did not warrant it because no one at that time knew if the emails were pertinent to the closed investigation. Two, there is talk that Trump directed a large donation to Chaffetz’s campaign around the time that Chaffetz made it public. Three, Chaffetz said he will not be seeking reelection and there is talk he may resign soon. Why? He says to find a position in the private sector. I noted that there was a write-up about Chaffetz’s wife and marriage recently. It is interesting considering the timing and it is also what publicists of famous couples have their clients do when there is talk of marital problems floating around or a possible scandal, normally the couple spits up six months later. I am just speculating here.
Now we are approaching Donald Trump's 100th day in office, the worst of any president, and we are finding out just how much Russia hacked the election and all the many ties Trump and his people have to Russia, especially Russian intelligence. Like an iceberg we are only seeing a small portion of this scandal and more lies beneath the murky waters of the secret world of intelligence agencies. We can only pray we have spotted it in time or our ship of state will sink like the Titanic. I am thinking no matter what happens that Trump and those around him are sunk. Why? If a proper investigation is conducted it will find Trump and many on his team are guilty of working with Russia to influence the election, treason. If he escapes this scandal, he is so incompetent that everyone but his hardcore racist followers will call for his impeachment on other matters.
I have a couple questions that I want to know the answers to concerning this whole scandal but the main one is how Donald Trump convinced influential republicans to align themselves with his position on Putin and Russia? Did Trump use his hotels and the Russian intelligence on compromise to blackmail people? Another question is why Putin would allow Assad to use chemical weapons in Syria? Was it a test to see how much he could away with without putting Russian forces on the line? Was it a way to shift attention away from Trump's Russian connections temporarily? Trump ordered an attack on an airfield, notified Russia according to protocol, and Russian then notified Assad to also evacuate the base before the attack which resulted in minimal damage. Does Trump think that now he is President that he is safe from Putin's blackmail and doesn't care what Putin does? Has Putin figured out he screwed up by shifting his plan from dividing America to electing an unstable Donald Trump as the American President? If Trump is acting against Putin's wishes will Putin release the blackmail information or has the situation shifted that it puts him in a corner? If he releases the supposed pee pee tape he will have admitted to interfering in another Country's election and draw outrage from the international community making it hard for Russia to advance its interests.
This is my updated theory with new information taken into account. Is it fact? No it is speculation based on observation and weeding through various scenarios looking for one that has the fewest wild points when it comes to stacking and connecting the dots. Like everyone I would love to find the truth about what happened and what is going on. If and when we find out all the details, I will then compare it to my theory to see how close or far off from actual events it is. Hopefully it will be close, but I will be happy if the real truth show I was off by a mile as long as we get the Truth.
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Trump has no respect for America so I have none for him, my rant.

Donald Trump has no respect for the average American let alone the United States of America.

I want to put a disclaimer here. This is a rant and I am just letting of steam so the heck with spell check and typos. Further this is an emotional post and though I am angry I will not recommend or condone violence under any circumstances.
I am angry! Why? Because I am just a disabled veteran that is quite lucky to be where I am now because I served my country and now I find the country that I love is led by someone with out a sense of duty, honor, and the only service he considers is for his ego and wallet. We have a president who wants to take healthcare away from in need and give those bathing in riches a tax break. We have a president who thinks his lies are fundamental truths that should not be questioned. We have a Con in Chief and not Commander in Chief. We have a president who thinks the use of nuclear weapons is an option and not something to use as a last resort. A president who is so limited in intellect he will call any science voodoo. A president who would try to put a square peg in a round hole, and when it doesn't fit he will angrily tweet as if he could hammer the peg in with ignorant words. Above all we have a President who is more than likely a traitor who sold the US to the most dangerous man on earth and now that the deal is coming to light he is like a cat desperately trying to bury the most vile turd in the the litter box, but no matter how deep down he puts it the stench will remain. Yep, if America were a rental there is no way we could get a damage deposit back, our odiferous dilemma has permeated the flooring and drywall. We will need decades of airing out in a free democracy.
Yes, I am a comparing Trump to cat crap. Is that being disrespectful of the president, after all I am a veteran? I have all the respect for the Office of the President of the United States of America, I have no respect for the man who currently occupies it. Actually I have never had any respect for Donald Trump. Why? My Christian values and those taught to me by my parents. Trump is equivalent to merchants in the temple. Jesus once said that the religious leaders of his day were the children of Satan, the father of lies, and there is no bigger liar than Donald Trump. I feel sorry for those who think Trump is the savior of Christianity in America, they are lost sheep following the wolf to the pit. Yes, I am a Christian but don't expect me to judge or condemn someone because of a life choice because that is not my job, I am charged with spreading Christ’s words of forgiveness and acceptance. Remember, Christ ate with sinners and chastised the religious leaders of his day. Do you think some “Christians” are perfect in their teachings today? If they are spreading hate and condemnation then they are far from Christ’s, God's word.
Now let me present my case for not respecting Donald Trump, one of the most deplorable people to ever walk this earth. I will start from religious freedom and the first amendment, I have a segue from the last paragraph. While I am a Christian, I am a firm believer in religious freedom and the separation of Church and state. Why? Because I don't want someone telling me I have to worship God in their way and no other. I accept that there are other religions on the earth and each person is entitled to freely worship as they choose. I choose to be Christian and as such I believe there is one God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. Others have their opinion and beliefs they are entitled to and I don't hold it against them. Trump has pretty much used Islam as a patriotic rallying cry to gain followers who are ignorant of the religion and whose only exposure to it is from those who hate the religion. Yes, the ignorant leading the ignorant like the blind leading the blind. Trump tapped into this passion and every time an terrorist act occurred he spouted off about “radical Islam” and his followers labeled every Muslim a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. Yes, Trump uses fear of the unknown because ignorant people are fearful of that which they don't understand. Trump turned Islam into a boogie man that is hiding in a closet waiting to kill everyone and his followers gobbled it up. You know what is more dangerous and is hiding in plain sight, right wing extremists, alt- right nut jobs.
Maybe I should use this time to show another thing Trump has used to scare people. This one is also based on ignorance and discrimination, The illegal immigrants. Trump took this from the Nazi playbook, find someone to blame for economic and social problems and pin the tail on them. To Trump and his supporters immigrants from Mexico and the rest of Latin America are criminals and job stealers and thousands and thousands are sneaking across the border everyday. First, for the last four years or so there has been a reversal in the flow of immigrants from Mexico. Second, most immigrants from Mexico are looking for a better life, honest work that most US citizens feel is beneath them. Third, a wall will not stop drugs from entering the country, especially if the Coast Guard’s budget is cut to build Trump’s monster. Fourth, have you considered the increase in Eastern Europeans and Russians and there links to organized crime? It has increased. Where is that wall?
Ah, yes, Trump the Law and Order candidate. There is no law that Trump will respect if he believes he can get away with breaking it. Do you think Trump was just saying his supporters wouldn't care if he shot someone on 5th Avenue in New York? No, he was also bragging about how he can do anything he wanted because he has connections. What connections? Anyone he could pay off or butter up. Unfortunately Trump conned many in Law Enforcement that he was there savior and that democrats where their enemy. Trump is far from being Law Enforcement’s savior, no he wants to turn it into what law enforcement is in Russia, useful thugs. Our Law Enforcement is probably the best in the world, but like any organization they are not perfect. 95-98% of Law Enforcement officers are straight up great people wanting to serve their community the best way they can. The problem is that 5 , more like 2%,  that are the bad apples for whatever reason. Over the last few years there has been an increase in racial tensions between the black community and law enforcement, and many times it involves someone from the 2% bad apples, or just bad luck. The thing is when a few do something bad they can give the whole organization a bad name. It goes both ways. What Trump did was say Black Lives matter were anti cop. Are they? Maybe some bad apples creeped in which Trump and his followers ammunition to make the whole movement look like it was ant-cop, but like law enforcement the majority are good people who want answers and accountability for what they see as a problem. You know what a real leader would do? Hold a summit and have both sides calmly discuss the matter to formulate a plan of training and community relations to find a common ground peaceful solution. No, Trump and his kind stoked the fire. If Trump had it his way he would do away with rules and fill the ranks of law enforcement with thugs he can use to do his bidding just like Putin. Luckily we have Law Enforcement people who see through Trump. By the way, most if not all the money Trump has given to Law Enforcement agencies did not come from his pockets but from other people via Trump’s supposedly now shutdown foundation. Trump doesn't consider Law Enforcement worthy enough for his own money. The only person worthy enough for Trump's money in his opinion is himself.
This brings me to another part of my why I don't respect Trump and why I think he is the biggest traitor to America since Benedict Arnold. Think about what Trump likes to say about himself. He likes to be unpredictable. Unpredictable and instability are closely related. In business if you had a CEO who was unpredictable investors would bail because they would figure the company is not stable enough to risk putting money into and guarantee a return. Keep in mind Trump's business in privately owned and most major banks won't touch him with a ten foot pole. Why? Because wherever Trump goes instability is sure not far behind. Why is this important? Russia, specifically, Putin knows this and formulated a plan using Trump, unfortunate for them Trump won. Putin wanted to destabilize America and other countries because he hates that when he tries to Expand Russian power he is put in check. Putin's solution was to have his political science people formulate a plan to weaken and country or organization that stood in Russia's way. Using a blueprint laid out by Aleksandr Dugin in his book “The Foundations of Geopolitics” Russia started a coordinated plan of using the internet to increase social pressures in America and Europe to create divisions that would threaten the stability of anything in his way. And as a side note Putin has used the Syrian civil war and Isis to further put social and economic pressures on Europe, but that is another topic. During the 2016 campaign Donald Trump played to the alt-right crowd just enough were he wouldn't alienate too many people. When it looked like Trump was going down that is when Trump started using the dog whistle knowing that if he lost he could at least stir up social unrest and fulfill his primary job for his master, do enough damage to America to take it off the world stage in order to get its own house in order. Some how the plan changed, probably when Trump and his people convinced the GOP to change their view on Putin and Russia. When this happened Trump decided he could win if the game plan was changed and that is when he sent people to Russia to convince his blackmailing master to help him win. Russia was already doing damage to Hillary Clinton and was happy as things were going but when Trump sent his envoy of evil with the message that the GOP was seeing things his way, they got greedy and figured they could not just cripple America for a short time but have sanctions lifted with a freehand in Eastern Because Trump was going to neuter NATO and let Putin keep the Crimea and maybe all of the Ukraine. There was one problem, Trump as usual claimed he was more successful than he really was in convincing the GOP into getting completely behind him. With false hope and expectations Putin shifted his program into getting Trump elected and not just using him to cause social unrest in Europe. The Russian Troll and Bot network went into high gear pushing out fake news to discredit Hillary Clinton and the democrats along with using hacked DNC emails to create a split between Bernie Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters. ( it was an easy sell because Berniecrats already bought into totally free college education so selling the turd polish was easy. Yes, Bernie supporters you were conned, not once but twice.) voting machines in some states were hacked but we won't know if they had any effect on the outcome because it seems the GOP took measures to block that legally. Swing states were targeted with anti-Clinton propaganda and mainstream media was discredited by Trump who used facts that were contrary to reality concerning crime and the economy. Note to Trump morons, if you believe that the country was the worst it has been since the Great Depression I think you need to retake history and stop watching Fox News. Anyway the Traitor Trump won the election and America got kicked In the crotch by Russia.
Here is why I say Russia screwed up. They changed their plan, which in some ways is lucky for America but in others bad for the World as a whole. See if Clinton was elected then Putin was guaranteed to see a politically divided America with the government bogged down with the GOP trying to impeach Hillary Clinton and the democrats trying to stop them. Another thing Putin expected and would have added to through subversion is civil unrest. Yep, Trump’s racists striking out in frustration, Trump’s hardcore supporters trying to use the second amendment in an attempt at removing Hillary Clinton from taking office or remove from office. They would use Trump's claim with bogus Russian created propaganda to say the election was rigged and Hillary Clinton wasn't legitimate so using their second Amendment right they would fix it. Do you know one reason Russia hacked voting information from states? So they could copy reporting formats in case Hillary Clinton and provide bogus reports that would say Trump won but the reports were changed to Hillary Clinton. Now think of what would have happened if that were to have happened. Civil Unrest like you have never seen all because Donald Trump sold out to Russia either because he was blackmailed or just chose to do so for his own gain, I am betting it is a little of both.
Now here is something that pisses me off. Some Veterans and active duty military bought into that Trump was their savior. They had sweet nothings whispered in their ear and smoke blown up their butt and it was instant love. My god, they were conned by a draft dodger and had other draft dodgers supporting Trump blow smoke up their rumps too. Ted Nugent? Idiots follow him because he likes guns and hunts? The man was too good to take a break from his rock career so he crapped himself to to get out of having to serve. What about Bill O’Reilly? Another idiot who didn't serve his country but acts like the ultimate patriot. These same people gave Bill Clinton hell about draft deferments yet give Trump a pass, hypocrisy at its most disgusting. I have more respect for any President even if they didn't serve in the military because along the way they served the country in some way while those like Trump only served themselves. I respect people who stood up against the draft than I do for people like Trump and crap pants Nugent because they had the balls to stand for something; Bone spurs Trump and Crap Pants Nugent wave a flag they disgraced by their own actions. And to those military and former military that still support Trump without question, you disgrace the whole of the service and those that have fallen in the name of Freedom by your continued support of a traitor who would never fight by your side despite whatever he may say. You support a coward who even now is a danger to the men and women of the military because he is unfit, a traitor, and uses the military as an instrument to deflect attention from his failures.
Trump is not just a traitor, a coward, and a walking poster child for stupidity, he is a person devoid of ethics. He screws over small business people in his dealings with them, many have went under because of Trump's “Sue me if you want to get paid” philosophy. He has more business failures than ex-wives by a factor of 2 at least. He has stiffed so many western banks and investors he is considered to be to risky to lend at all. He doesn't care who he borrows money from or who invests in his business, even if it is blood money. He probably is so invested in Russia that not only are the the sanctions on Russia hurting Putin and his minions but Trump also. Trump has loans from banks known to launder money for illegal organizations and countries trying to evade detection for funding terrorists. By the way, who do you think sells the bad guys the guns and weapons of their trade? Russia and countries aligned with Putin. Do you think it is a coincidence that AKs and RPG-7s are the common weapon for terrorists? With Terrorists attacking western countries Russia gains on two fronts but that is for another time.
This is getting long so I will end this with another reason I have no respect for Trump. Trump has no respect for women at all. He is a disgusting pig and what he says is “locker room talk” is sexual predator talk. To Trump women are not equal to men and are objects to be bought, used, and sold. Another thing, what man puts their hand on their own daughters butt when they are giving them a hug like Trump did at the RNC? My god!
Trump needs to be impeached before he damages this country, this world beyond repair. And Putin? You should not have fallen for Trump's con because you didn't get what he promised and just like the rest of us you have to worry about the big giant orange one starting a nuclear war because he has nothing better to do and needs to deflect attention from his corrupt administration. You can do the world and yourself a favor by releasing that pee pee tape or whatever you are holding over Trump now. Yes, you will be scolded by the global community but at least there will still be one. And stop listening to Aleksandr Dugin, he and Steve Bannon are two douches that want to see the world set aflame.
And to the GOP, evangelicals, and others who endorse Trump but now realize it was a big mistake. Hey no one is going to think less of you if you stand up now and say Trump needs to be impeached and put away, but they will if you keep making excuses for him and propping him up. Admit it, Trump conned you into buying a turd and no matter how much you polish it, it will never be a monument you want to be associated with or be proud to display because it will always be a turd.
This may have seemed  disconjointed, but it is a rant of why I have no respect for Donald Trump and why I am upset he is president. I hope people will choose to save this country and impeach America’s biggest mistake in years, otherwise I will be ranting for four years and praying that the next election puts a President that really cares for and Puts the American people first before themselves.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Syrian cruise missile strike was for mothers and congressional representatives

I served in the Navy for 11 years with most of that time on Ballistic Missile Submarines. I remember quite a few things about those Submarines and times on them. I also remember going through training on how to escape from a sunken submarine. I will tell you right now that escaping a modern nuclear submarine if it were to sink where it normally operates  is not really a option. Today's Submarines need deep waters to remain hidden unless they are doing something special but I won't get into that here. Yep, if a Trident submarine were to go down on patrol that would be it for the crew, no escape. Since the advent of nuclear submarines we have only lost two submarines and those two sank in water to deep for any hope of rescue; both were crushed like a beer can by the pressure before hitting bottom. Then why do we have escape trunks on submarines? For the small chance the sub sank in shallow water which would be near impossible. There is an old saying on submarines “escape trunks are for mothers and congressmen.” Meaning they give the people at home a sense of hope in case things go bad.
This is a political blog so why am I talking about submarine escape trunks? Because the cruise missile strike on Syria was nothing but a “ Political Submarine Escape Trunk”, it was designed from the start to make people think we are actually doing something against Assad and helping those people in Syria suffering from his regime. Did we really do anything? Besides giving a few people a “feel good moment” we didn't do much at all. We blew ups some concrete in a desert. We didn't take out anything that would stop Syria from using the base, in fact they flew strike missions from the same base the next day. “But we demonstrated our military might”, some say. Syria and Assad are fully aware of are capabilities, all we did was put on a fireworks show for them. And despite what is coming from the White House and what Military officials say we accomplished jack squat as can be seen in the before and after action satellite photos reveal.
By the way, any aircraft that is said to be destroyed was aircraft that had already been deemed not worth repairing and that is why those aircraft were parked in a random fashion just off the mid point of the runway.
What Trump did was a show for “mother and congressional members” and his own ego. The problem is still there only with a few holes. “But they say that we destroyed their capacity to use chemical weapons.” Bull! If you can load a conventional bomb you can load a chemical one.

Welcome to Trump's wag the dog .

The strikes on the Syrian airbase didn't destroy Syria's capability to use chemical weapons or impede their ability to launch air strikes. Runways are still intact and we're used to launch strikes again today. The missile strikes damaged some buildings and some antiquated aircraft that haven't flown in months if not years. 
As long as Syria has the capability to launch aircraft they have the capability to use chemical weapons. The only way to make sure Syria cannot use aircraft for chemical weapons delivery would be to wipe out its air force completely.
For y'all who think Trump did something to make a statement, well bless your heart. You fell for "wag the dog." 
Here is what Trump has done for no other reason than to boost his approval ratings.
He had to inform Russia so they can keep their people safe and of course Russia warned Syria who removed equipment and personnel. 
We launched 59 missiles against an air strip for a very crappy return on investment. We blew up concrete, yay! 
Russia scrapped the deconfliction agreement which means any action taken by America will put US forces at risk. Further strikes to hit truly vital and valuable targets are now of the table with Russia expanding their ant aircraft role to include Syrian assets.
Now the US and allies will find it difficult to conduct operations without having Russia as a threat. You will see allies and US forces asking to have the deconfliction agreement put back in place. Tillerson will go to Moscow and negotiate to have the agreement put back in place and Putin will set lifting of sanctions as a condition. Trump will say to congress that our hands are tied and to keep our soldiers safe we need to lift sanctions. 
Welcome to "Trump wag the dog" where our military personnel have become part of Trump's ploy to lift sanctions.

If any US personnel die because of Trump's ploy then he doesn't just need to be impeached but tried for murder.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Russia is probably complicit in Syrian gas attack.

so Donald Trump authorized a cruise missile attack in retaliation for Syrian gas attack on civilians. I will not slam Trump on doing this, because If I were President I would probably do the same. Here is the thing. The US notified Russia that the attack was coming so they could pull there people out of there before the attack. Nothing wrong with that because any other administration would do the same thing. Here is what is wrong, Russian personnel were working and supporting Syrian forces at an airfield used to launch the chemical weapons air strikes. Let that sink in for a bit. Now a Russia claimed that it was not a gas attack but an air strike that hit a rebel gas factory. No.
How did Syria manage to load planes with chemical weapons while Russian personnel were all about without a Russian adviser asking, "what ya got there?" I seriously doubt that would happen.
Russia, like Syria, probably gambled that Trump would not make a big deal of it and that the Russian disinformation network working in the US could convince enough Trump followers into believing it was a hoax. Apparently they left Trump out of the loop or Fox News didn't pickup the hoax thing.
Anyway you look at it, Russia has some explaining to do on why it had personnel working at a base used to carry out chemical attacks on civilians.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hit Republicans were it hurts most, big businesses' wallet

Stop fighting Republican hypocrisy and hit where it hurts them most, the wallet.
They say it is hard to fight an ideology and I have to agree. Right now we are trying to fight a war on ideological grounds with the Republican controlled elected government by pointing out their hypocrisy concerning the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court. I can tell you that you're trying to fight an elephant with a BB gun. The most you will be able to accomplish is piss the elephant off which will then run around destroying everything. I would like to suggest a different method. Cut off the elephant’s access to food.
Elephants are big creatures that require lots of food to survive. The Republican elephant is quite like the Animal in the that it needs large amounts of food, in this case money, to survive. Where does the Republican Elephant gets the food, money, it requires to live? Think about who normally owns an elephant, zoos and circuses. Zoos and circuses are businesses and if the business starts to suffer then there is less for the elephant to eat. So if you want to cut off the Republican Elephant’s food supply then you need to hurt its food supplier, big business.
It is too late to apply this strategy to stop the Gorsuch  confirmation but it is probably the best weapon to stop Trump and his Republican supporters from destroying this country.
I read where Mercedes Benz has pulled its advertisements from airing on the O’Reilly Factor because of the host’s sexual harassment of women. This is a great move to send a message that the company doesn't endorse someone who mistreats women. It is a good start and it needs to expand to companies not endorsing a news channel that has a reputation for sexual harassment but also acting as a propaganda machine for Donald Trump.
Yes, I know that Fox News isn't part of the government, but it is part of the problem America is currently facing. Fox News doesn't just cater to the conservative right, it caters to the alt- right.
What if the majority of Americans stopped buying and using services from the people who advertise on Fox? Do you think that Fox has enough dedicated viewers to overcome that profit loss? I don't think so. A great many dedicated Fox News junkies do not earn much money.
But we should not limit ourselves to Fox News advertisers, we should expand the effort to its parent company, 21st Century Fox. Yes, we need to put the financial hurt on the big Fox. Stop watching Fox shows. Write to the producers of the Fox shows you love and let them know you cannot in good conscience watch a show that contributes profits and support to Donald Trump and his Republican supporters. Hell, contact the actors who have shows on Fox and let them know how you feel. Do things that put financial pressure on the Fox empire. When I say things, I mean boycott, letter write, and protest.
Next, find all the big businesses that support Trump, Republicans, or others associated with Trump's agenda. Write them, boycott them and protest them letting them know we have the numbers and commitment to hurt their bottom line significantly if they keep supporting Republicans. Be specific on what and who you do not want them to support. Keep the pressure going and take your business elsewhere until they have had enough. Cause the biggest financial hurt possible to Trump supporting big business. I guarantee that despite what they say they love profits more than they love New York City's Orange Village Idiot.
Could this work? If we have enough true Americans left in this country it would. A true American is someone, liberal or conservative, that thinks Trump is unfit to be president and doesn't like Russia meddling in our business, unlike the Trump Train.
What would be great if it were possible would be to organize a nationwide all encompassing general strike and protest, to not just protest against Trump but all entities that support him. Let them know we don't want a Russian Puppet president nor his racist advisers running our country.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The hypocrisy of some false patriotic conservative talk show hosts.

I get such a kick out of some veterans who seem to worship at the altar of Fox News and other conservative news outlets. Can you use Fox News without the “fake” or “ pro- Russian” qualifiers? I am asking for a friend. Any way what gets me Is these veterans will slam on News outlets that report facts or lean to the democrat view. You here news anchors called all kinds of names most implying that the reporters are cowardly. Yep, for some reason there is this belief that conservative talk show hosts are all battle hardened military guys that shoot straight and won't back down to anyone, that these guys are one of them, veterans. Well I got news for you, for you who believe Bill O'Reilly, Roger Stone jr. and Alex Jones are somehow military men, they are not. None of them have served in the country’s armed services.
 Bill O’Reilly and Roger Stone Jr. are both of the age that they could have served in Vietnam, but I bet they both received student deferments just like their F├╝hrer. What is funny is that these two would most likely go after a democrat who received deferments during Vietnam. As for Alex Jones? I have seen clips of him flying off the handle during his show, and considering his love of conspiracy theories, I don't think he would be able to pass a psychiatric examination to enlist if he wanted.
But for some reason these are the guys who love to champion the conservative cause and always talking how they love the military and support them. Funny? You love them so much but not enough to walk in their footsteps. I am a veteran and I have more respect for a conscience objector or someone who says that they didn't think the military was the right choice for them than someone who tries to wrap themselves in the flag and make it look like they would answer their countries call if asked. Well here is one for you. We now have an all volunteer service and it has been so since the 1970s so they know they will never be asked.
If the truth be known that the three I listed and others like them would crap themselves if they had to face combat. Bill O'Reilly, don't try to use The Falklands war, El Salvador, and North Ireland to say you have seen combat, that dead horse has been beat enough. And another thing, seeing photographs of an atrocity doesn't mean you witnessed it. By O'Reilly’s logic everyone who checked out The Civil War collection would be a Civil War veteran.
Why do these guys bug me and why am I upset at Veterans who worship them? Hypocrisy. It is because these people and the veterans will slam on Bill Clinton's student deferment during Vietnam and will worship the big orange draft dodger that is posing as president. The same people will make stupid statements about how a president should have military experience yet elect a man whose military experience consists of how to use utensils at a  formal dinner and how to make his bed.
I am not saying that people need to serve in the military to be president or report on military affairs, I just hate the posers with their fake patriotism and bravado. If it were to come to trusting my life to someone in a combat situation or casualty situation I would not choose a person like O'Reilly, Stone, or Jones. Why? They are blowhards who talk a big show but disappear when things start to go down. They also seem to fly off the handle over the littlest thing. I do think it would be funny to see how they would react on a submarine at depth when suddenly the power goes out because the reactor scrammed. Or on the planes when you lose hydraulics running deep doing high speed ops. I would just hate to be the guy relieving them at the end of the watch because I guarantee that will be one wet seat from them peeing and crapping themselves. You see, on a submarine there is no where to run during a casualty like fire, flooding, or other emergency. On a submarine you have to keep your head and save yourselves because there is no emergency services but your fellow crewmen.
Somehow I don't think there are two many conservative talk show hosts that one could depend on because they seem to be too self centered.

If Obamacare goes then Union healthcare will go next.

ok, it is 12:45 AM so I will make this quick and dirty. Remember, I am shooting from the hip here with a gut feeling. So, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
Consider that if the Republicans and their big orange leader are successful at repealing Obamacare ( Affordable Healthcare Act) that they will be sending a message to companies and organizations everywhere that providing healthcare is optional and unimportant. We know that healthcare plans can be part of negotiations between organizations and unions.  We know that the Unions have healthcare plans which employers contribute to as part of negotiated contracts. Now what happens when the government says well it is not that important to provide healthcare and by not doing so you cut costs. Companies already know that if they didn't have to fund employee healthcare they would make larger profits. Now suddenly healthcare for employees is something they can cut or eliminate. But the Unions won't let that happen. Wrong, they may be almost powerless to prevent that because reduced bargaining power. Reduced bargaining power? Have you seen the current administration in the White House? Trump is no friend to Unions despite anything he has said to the contrary. No, Trump will side with big business. As far as Trump is concerned Unions cut into profits and that is no good. Let's say that a Union goes on strike because its healthcare is to be cut. Don't be surprised to see the company start hiring non-Union employees to replace, probably permanently, union workers. Will you get any support from Trump? Will he intervene on your behalf? Heck no. Trump will say the company has a right to hire non-Union people and those same people have a right to work and should not be discriminated because they don't belong to a Union. I guarantee that the new non-Union employees will be working for less money and no extra benefits. No one from the department of labor or any part of Trump's administration will come to the aid of the Unions.
No if you're law enforcement or other government worker you cannot even go on strike so your negotiating power is really limited. Don't be surprised if federal, state, and local governments start cutting healthcare benefits to employees. So all those law enforcement agencies and organizations that supported Trump may have cut their own throats when it comes to benefits like healthcare. If you're City or county wants to save money on things they can now look at healthcare as a place to make cuts because repeal of Obamacare would set precedent. You voted for someone who is profit oriented and is known to stiff his workers, do you think he really gives a crap about you?
If Trump somehow survives without being impeached you will see a sharp increase in labor disputes across the board within two years. It will start in the private sector as contracts come up for renegotiation then the government sector as they look to cut spending. It will not be just teachers Unions, it will be other government workers, and eventually law enforcement. When it comes to law enforcement there will be a push to privatize it and allow contractors to take over, especially in corrections. It is sad, but law enforcement may have screwed themselves by endorsing Trump.
If anyone is left with an affordable healthcare plan in 4 years it will be a miracle, that is if Obamacare is repealed.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

an open letter to Mark Cuban

I respect you Mark Cuban, but you are wrong.

Mr. Cuban, I have read your Twitter thread about how you think that Donald Trump was unwittingly used by Russia during the 2016 election. I have to disagree with you on this assumption. You provided reasons for why you believe what you do, but some of the traits you listed about Mr. Trump are what makes him the perfect target for blackmail by Russia. While Trump may not have sought out Russia with the plan to use them to his advantage during the election he was most assuredly a knowing participant. This can be proven by Donald Trump's rhetoric during the campaign. He shot from the hip not using prepared speeches so what he said was from his own mind and it is not a coincidence that it aligns so well with Russian propaganda and objectives.
You are correct that Trump does not have the attention to detail and the intelligence to come up with and carry out such a plan on his own. Even Russian intelligence knows this and that is why they provided him with handlers and had Trump recruit those closest to him to help. It is not uncommon for people being used by intelligence agencies to recruit family and friends to aid them in espionage. John Walker recruited his son. (Walker is despised by the Navy, especially by Submariners.)
I am quite familiar with Russian recruit methods when it comes to spies. I served in the Navy from 1986 to 1997 on Ballistic Missile Submarines. My job required me to have a Top Secret clearance because I handled intel and other classified material. I was also part of the Personal reliability Program for people who worked on or around Nuclear Weapons and Strategic Systems. The military does not just give you a clearance, they train you on procedures for handling material and how not to be compromised by foreign agents. Not all spies volunteer to betray their country, some are recruited because they did something that if known could ruin their career. We were instructed to never put our self in such a situation and to be on the lookout for traps. During the Cold War Russia would use various assets and methods to try and compromise people in the submarine force or other highly sensitive field. Catch someone in adultery, a homosexual relationship, using drugs, being in the wrong place, you get the picture. Who fell for those traps? People with personality traits similar to Donald Trump, big ego, loud mouth, and thinks they are smarter than they usually are. It is these types that like to spout out how important their job is, especially in places they should not, the very places staked out by intelligence agents looking for someone to compromise. Donald Trump is not the brightest bulb, but he is a little smarter than you give him credit. And as people in the south say, “He lacks the common sense god gave a piss ant.” He does know how to blow smoke and con people, he even has a knack for self preservation. All traits that are useful for someone playing both sides. No, Donald Trump isn't an unwitting stooge, he knows what he is doing and is now worrying that others know. He is even using old Russian tactics to try and discredit the truth, not for The masses, but his followers. While Trump would like every person to believe his version of Russian tampering he knows the only people he needs to focus on is his loyal followers. He know he just has to make false accusations to keep his core from even considering the truth. He knows his people are the minority but he has convinced them, and continues to do so, that they are really the majority and the media is lying. Why? Because he knows he has enough numbers to cause chaos if he is impeached. Donald Trump's assignment given to him by Russia was not to when the election but to divide the nation in such away it would require the US to pull off the world stage and let Russia expand its power. In away, Trump and Russia screwed up in reverse when he won. Now there is more attention to what went down during the election and that is something Russia does not want. Russia risks having there methods of meddling in others politics being exposed and more sanctions. Putin and Russia cannot afford more sanctions and maintain control because when the Russian people start suffering they become a danger to Putin's regime. It his very likely that even more Russian’s behind this operation will end up dying of mysterious causes. I believe Aleksandr Dugin maybe among those names. Dugin is a political scientist and adviser to the Kremlin. It is said he is Putin's favorite philosopher so to speak. His book, “Foundations of Geopolitics” is a blueprint for what Russia is doing now to take down the US and other political powers so they can reshape the political globe so they are the strongest nation.
Trump knew what he got into and did so willingly, he just needed direction from Russia and that is why certain people were planted in his campaign. Russia just made a mistake choosing Manafort.
Also, I cannot believe you met with Steve Bannon. That is like meeting with the devil. In case you did not know it, Bannon and Dugin are cut from the same cloth and share a  very similar philosophy.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Trump's EPA is a danger to the seafood industry and more.

I wrote this for my family and friends who live in Franklin County Florida where a large portion of its economy depends on the seafood industry but this applies to all such places in America.

I know it's late on the east coast, and so late it is early morning but I have got to make one last post. This is to my friends and family in Florida, specifically Franklin County.
I know Franklin County and I know many of you are either dependent on the seafood industry or just love to go fishing. I want to tell you right now that Donald Trump and his EPA are about to ruin the Apalachicola Estuary. How? While people may think relaxing EPA standards are good for industry they are not for the fishing industry at all. Lifting restrictions on pollution control means that industries will not have to worry about increased pollution reaching rivers. I know most companies try to avoid polluting rivers but with relaxed standards they may not be as concerned about a slight increase in certain chemicals reaching the Flint, and more importantly, the Chattahoochee River. Both of these Rivers form the Apalachicola River. We know there is a dispute between Georgia and Florida about how much water Georgia can take from the Chattahoochee for Atlanta and other cities. When Georgia takes a lot of water there is less freshwater flowing into Apalachicola Bay and that throws the ecosystem out of whack which hurts Oyster production. Now imagine an increase in various pollutants like heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs, and even phosphorus and nitrogen based fertilizers. All of these can cause a problem that have a negative impact on wildlife. Heavy metals like mercury and lead can build up in fish making them unsafe to eat. The bigger the fish, the larger the contamination. Dioxins, PCBs and other chemicals can cause numerous problems for fish and people who consume them such as cancer, birth defects, poisoning in general. Increased phosphorus and nitrogen based fertilizer runoff can cause, actually does cause, algae blooms that are toxic which make things like oysters toxic to people. Without EPA restrictions on pollution Apalachicola Bay will become a wasteland beneath the waves. Further from the shore will be affected too. The Gulf of Mexico currently has a dead spot caused by agriculture runoff into the Mississippi River, but without regulations and restrictions you will see more pop up and the Northwest Coast of Florida will be one. Franklin County does not have beaches the size of Panama City and west of there. And though St. George Island is a tourist draw it is not a large enough of one to sustain the economy of Franklin County? What industry will Franklin County turn to when the whole fishing industry is wiped out? Logging? Not sustainable over the long haul. What other resources does it have that can take the place of the seafood industry? I love the County but without the seafood industry its economic future is bleak. I remember back in the 1980s where people were concerned that the development of St. George Island into a place with condominiums like those in Panama City would have a negative impact on Apalachicola Bay, especially the oyster beds. No one wanted to risk having increased septic system run off ruining the Bay. Heck, people were upset that Bobby Bowden had invested in the development project. As I recall he got out of it because of that.
Now Apalachicola Bay and Franklin County face a greater threat to the environment that can destroy the livelihoods of people who live there now. Can Franklin county afford to lose the seafood industry to increased pollution caused by other industries to the north? It appears it may have to because Trump and the EPA head Pruitt do not think regulations concerning the environment and pollution are good for business. Do you know what they forgot to consider in making that decision? The Florida Seafood industry like that in Franklin County and the people who depend on it to live.
And for you freshwater fisherman, there is just as much of a danger to that fishing industry too so you can say goodbye to bass fishing in a few years. You may catch some kind of fish but it will more than lively be an Asian Carp or Tilapia.