Friday, May 26, 2017

Louise Mensch has gone too far by accusing people in US military of hacking for Russia

I understand many people follow Louise Mensch of Twitter and read her blog because she has pushed information on the Trump Russia conspiracy. I understand people are looking for information that will show Donald Trump is about to be brought down for working with Russia. People want hope.
The thing is that Mensch is not doing what she is doing for anyone's benefit but for her own or whoever she works for now. Mensch latest claim in a tweet reply to Michael Flynn Jr. Accuses member of the military of hacking for Russia. According to Mensch, General Flynn assigned Russian hackers to DARPA. There is a problem or two with Mensch's accusation that I want to address here.
The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is part of the Department of Defense but it is not military. DARPA is headed by a civilian. The job of DARPA is to develop new technologies to aid the military. When DARPA was founded years ago as ARPA one of its first projects was to develop a system of communication between military and research entities like colleges for sharing of information, the result was ARPANET. ARPANET would eventually become the Internet. Since its beginning DARPA has developed or aided in the development of other technologies used by the military. DARPA is technologies development and not an intelligence agency, although they do provide new technologies for intelligence gathering at times.
General Flynn was an intelligence guy while in the military rising to the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency before President Obama fired him. The Defense Intelligence Agency is exactly what its name suggests, an intelligence gathering Agency. While the DIA is part of the DOD like DARPA they are separate agencies. The military has a chain of command structure that is strictly adhered to at all times. People in charge of one command or Agency are in charge of the personnel under them. If a head of one agency wants something from another agency they have to go through the chain of command to do so, meaning they would need to communicate through the person or Agency in charge of both agencies involved. So Flynn could not just place anyone at DARPA he wanted because it is a separate agency and he would have to go through his higher ups to do so. Somehow I don't see the head of the Joint Chiefs or the Secretary just saying, "Hey DARPA, Flynn wants you to give these guys positions in your organization."  And as for his brief time as National Security Advisor? Yeah, that would be way out of line because he would have to go through the Secretary of defense.
So why is making such wild accusations that threaten to undermine the credibility of the US military?   We can only guess. She may have thrown out DARPA because it developed the internet and she maybe under the belief that DARPA handles all military internet operations and is an intelligence agency. She could be doing what others claim she told Milo she would do, and sow chaos in liberal media by spreading fake news. She could be doing it for financial gain or fame. But for whatever reason she is doing what she is doing it is undermining the integrity of news agencies and now the military. As a veteran, I do not take kindly to people accusing our military personnel or civilians working for the military of being spies, hackers for Russia. To me that is an attack on an institution that is most American though others disagree.
If Mrs. Mensch is in possession of information that proves there are Russian hackers within the US military it is a matter of national security that should be brought to the attention of the FBI and DOD. Why hasn't she done so? Probably because it is untrue. Keep in mind Mensch was pro Brexit in her country and a right wing nationalist which is equivalent to the MAGA movement her inthe the US. Mensch worked for News Corp owned by Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News. So why would she suddenly change? Now add this with her affiliation with Milo Yiannopolous and you will have part of the picture. Louise Mensch is not trying to help America in the search for truth in regard to the Trump Russia scandal, she is trying to muddy the waters. The one thing she was correct on, she has been wrong most of the time, was most likely given her to establish credibility to gain followers. If you want to catch fish you need good bait and not an empty hook. Now that Mensch has hooked a few she will slowly reel them in and before they know it, it will be too late. Mensch can walk away and head back to the U.K after she's done, the people she conned will be left here to deal with the turmoil she leaves behind.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thinking only men commit mass killings and terrorism is a big mistake.

please read previous post.
I ended up in a debate with a group of women on Facebook regarding men and violence. The belief shared by this group is that all mass killings and terrorist actions are conducted by men. If the intelligence and anti terrorism community operate just on that belief we are screwed. I know for a fact that they do not, or at least most do not.
I am someone that doesn't believe in absolutes when it comes to human behavior. Why? Because we are complicated. To say all people of a particular gender, race, religion or any other group is guaranteed to act a certain way all the time is wrong. To take on such a narrow outlook leads to sexism, racism, and stereotyping. What is funny about the group of people taking the stance that men are responsible for violence is that if you were to make a similar comment about women they will come at you with the "sexist " guns a blazing. You see to them women are equal to men but share none of the same faults.
It is a given that men have committed more violent acts than women, but that is not the same thing as saying men are responsible for violence. When it comes down to it, women can be as brutal as men. I was pointing out that it would be a mistake to believe women would never commit and act of terrorism or mass killings. Every time I tried to get the point across that it is the philosophy, the belief system, that determines the if a person would commit an act of terrorism I had the recent Manchester attack and 9/11 thrown at me. I am a student of history and I know of  incidents in the past where women committed acts of terrorism so I pointed this out. What happened? I was told to go back and read up on history. Apparently they need to do that. Maybe I made the mistake of using examples from the '60s and '70s. Yes, I used female Vietcong, the Red Army Faction that had women members who conducted terrorist acts. I even pointed out female suicide bombers in the Middle East. No, to them it's an all male terrorism club and men are responsible for violence. No logical point would get through the "men have to stop violence." When logic meets the immovable illogical wall the best move is to walk away. It became very apparent that these women did not like men and blamed men for all the worlds problems. My answer? Eye roll, sigh, unfollow and block. I have no room for people who claim to be open minded but turn out to be as closed minded as the people they claim are closed minded.
I am correct that it is a mistake to think women do not commit acts of terrorism. Women have done so in the past and will do so in the future. The problem is women are more likely to be overlooked as terrorists and therefore trusted by the people they are targeting. In Iraq, Syria, Turkey and other places women have carried out suicide attacks. In 2004, Debra Zedalis of the Army War College wrote a paper that examined the female suicide bomber and their danger. ( I sent the leader of the Twitter Discussion a link to Zedalis's paper before I blocked her. I hope she enjoys that read.) I pray that those in charge keep the paper in mind when they plan out anti-terrorism strategies. While women have yet to conduct an attack on the scale of 9/11 and more recent attacks to say they are not capable or will not carry out such an attack will end up costing lives, tens, hundreds, or even thousands. My point was not to defend men, it was to shed light of a danger lurking under sexist ignorance.

A defining characteristic of terrorism is man? No it is philosophy

On twitter I noticed an interaction between two people discussing that terrorism and other acts of violence have something in common, men. One can look at history and point out violence and link men as the most common factor, mainly because men have dominated society for thousands of years, but does that mean men are responsible for every terrorist act because they are men? No, what defines how people treat others is their philosophy. Left alone to his own devices without external influence a man will seek to survive and live as best they can. The same goes for women. As you increase the number of people a society develops that links these people. As long as this society has plenty of resources, room, and equality it should function in a peaceful manner. Conflict occurs when a factor changes the balance of society. What are those factors? Two societies meet and compete for resources. Wether male dominated or female dominated there will be competition for resources resulting in conflict.
What about internal issues? Religion can be used to illustrate this answer. Let's take a society and put aside gender of male and female for a minute. We have a society where everyone is the same. In the beginning a religion is formed and grows with society. Eventually someone will question whether there is a god or not, if they are worshiping correctly, or say there is a different God. You will have conflict because some will resist change, others will push for change until a chasm forms in our little gender less society. As that divide increases the chances for violence increases. Would it be different if it were a society of 2 sexes with one dominant over the other? No. Philosophy is the deciding factor.
We can examine our little society sans gender and sans religion. Let us say the driving force in our society is commerce. Naturally we will see some in our society wanting to out do others. This will continue until there is an imbalance where you have the rich and the poor. The rich want more, and the poor will want to have a chance at what the rich have. Again we create a chasm that if left unchecked will grow until conflict erupts. Violence.
While it is true that men have dominated our history in leadership roles it was not there gender that led to violence but what they believed. The same thing can be said for women. It is our philosophy, our belief system that determines if we resort to violence or not. People argue that testosterone makes men more prone to act out in a violent way. Testosterone can make men aggressive but it is their mind that decides the action. So are women less likely to resort to violence than men? I think that put in similar circumstances you would be surprised. In High School I counted more girls fighting than boys and those fights were more vicious too. My first wife had a temper and would go off over the slightest thing. I had to dodge numerous items thrown at me over the course of our marriage. I even had to stop her from attacking her own mother, she bit me in the process.
Man or women we all have the capacity to commit acts of violence or peace, it is our belief system that is key, our philosophy not sex.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Warning to The Resistance, some among us are against us.

 Well it seems like The Resistance has been infiltrated by agents of Chaos, one of those agents goes by the name of Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch on twitter and runs the Yes, Mrs. Mensch a former member of British Parliament and member of the Conservative Party. Not a bad resume really, but let's look at Mrs. Mensch's position on recent issues facing the U.K. Now what would be an U.K. issue that is aligned with the Trump Train / Make America Great Again movement? Ah yes, Brexit. Britain voting to leave the European Union. Nasty bit, that. So what was Mrs. Mensch position on Brexit? Well she wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times saying Britain would be better off leaving the EU. Link Below.

In an interview with Joe Barnes of the Daily Express, Mrs. Mensch said the U.K. Could run the table on EU negotiations. Link Below.

When it became apparent that Russia interfered this is what Mrs. Mensch had to say about the issue via twitter. "Yes Russia hacked the Brexit petition too because they like protest. Helps the winning side if Losers "cry" so Russia invents that."

It seems that Mrs. Mensch is okay with Russian hacking as long as it helps her side. So why is she all over the Trump-Russia saga acting as some weird avenging Valkyrie? I mean, if you look at her past positions and her views it is readily apparent her views align more with the center-right leaning right. Why the change of heart? Well, I don't think she has. I believe what she is doing is a job. She has worked, and maybe still works for Rupert Murdoch via News Corp. We know News Corp loves to sling Fake News and is very right leaning. Mensch could be stirring the pot in an effort to discredit news outlets other than Fox News by creating fake news which can be picked up by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post only to have that information turn out to be false. If that happens it damages the credibility of those news outlets. But you say she was right about certain things. Maybe it was part of the con, providing actual inside news to bait the trap? Later, it will be Fake News to ruin MSM credibility. Who knows.
Another possibility, Mensch could be taking financial opportunity. If you go to her blog there is a donation button at the bottom. See link below
But why would she back the Democrats side and not the Right left? Because there are already a ton of Right Wing people blogging about Trump, plus the information coming out is against Trump. What she is doing is mining bits of Information and selling it to The Resistance under the guise of needing money to continue the effort. She saw a market where there was a need and set up shop. I know she is not selling the information but she knows with what is going on people want information and will pay, donate, to keep that information flowing even if it is suspect.
I want to remind people that Mensch was wrong about the dockets for Grand Juries in Virginia and New York, the docket numbers were for unrelated cases. Quite a few attorneys pointed this out. Mensch and Claude Taylor have been claiming the first arrests "are coming this week" for a few weeks now, no arrests. Then there is the thing about the Supreme Court notifying Trump that impeachment proceedings have begun. The system doesn't work that way. The House starts the Impeachment proceedings and draws up articles of impeachment after a majority vote they are sent to the Senate. The Trial, based on charges outlined in the Articles of Impeachment, is conducted by the Senate with The Chief Justice of SCOTUS presiding if the President is the one being impeached.
The report saying the Marshal of the Supreme Court notified Trump on Air Force One of impeachment and warned him about pardoning people involved is a crock of crap and would constitute overreach by the judicial branch into powers enumerated to congress by the constitution.

No matter how much we want this to be over and to hear news that justice is being served we, the Resistance, cannot spread or fall for fake news. When we resort to using the tactics of those who put Donald Trump in power we are undermining everything we stand for and moving are goal further away. It is my Opinion that, based on Louise Mensch's past record and associations, she is willfully spreading false stories to sow chaos amongst the Resistance and the effort to save Democracy in America.

Time for a lesson in government "impeachment 101"

I read a few things on Twitter today that leads me to believe some people "In the Know" are not so much "in the know" of how the constitution works which quickly torpedoes their credibility. Here is an example. This is a link to Louise Mensch blog. Please read the come back here.

Since you are reading this sentence, I assume you followed the link, read the blog, and your back here. Or maybe you said "screw it." Anyway let's look at two things. Impeachment of the President and the Supreme Court of the United States. After that we will examine Louise Mensch ( @LouiseMensch ) and Claude Taylor ( @TrueFactsStated )

While writing the Constitution our founding fathers decided to put a safeguard in place just incase and elected or other government official turned out to be a rotten egg; that thing we know as impeachment. In their great Wisdom founding fathers entrusted the power of impeachment to The legislative branch because this is the branch that is more of a representation of the population and the States as an entity.
The Impeachment process starts in the House of Representatives which draws ups articles of impeachment. A simple majority is all that is needed for impeachment. These articles of impeachment are essentially an indictment, charges.
The Articles of Impeachment are sent to the senate which then conducts a trial to determine if the person being impeached is guilty of what they are accused of in the Aricles of Impeachment. If found guilty they person is normally removed from office. In the case of the President being impeached, The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the trial. It should be noted that impeachment is not a criminal trial. A person can still be tried in criminal proceedings after they have been impeached for the crimes that led to impeachment.

The Supreme Court does not initiate the impeachment process as it is not a power assigned to it by the constitution. Also the Supreme Court is not legal counsel for the president because it is a separate branch of the government. The Marshal of the Supreme Court is essentially a bailiff in charge of security and policing of the Supreme Court facilities. To say that the Marshal of the Supreme Court discussed anything with the President about impeachment and pardoning of people linked to the Trump-Russia investigation is problematic at best. First, SCOTUS would be committing overreach of hits authority by stepping on the "Constitutional toes of Congress." Second, notification of Impeachment Proceedings would be done by Congress who have no need for SCOTUS to do this. Third, the President has legal counsel to advise him on laws and procedures. Since the SCOTUS has to decide cases brought against the government, including the president, for them to act as legal counsel in anyway would be considered a conflict of interest.
This is not the first time that I and others have noticed things that Louise Mensch reports in her blog that don't fit into SOP. I do not understand why Mensch and Claude Taylor continue to report things that cannot be true and are contrary to how government functions. It has been said they are the left wing counterparts to the right wing fake news during the election. Are they? I don't know. I know Louise Mensch was a Member of Parliament in the U.K. and has knowledge of her countries government's proceedings but she does seem to know America's. She has worked for publications in the U.K. owned by News Corp. News Corp is owned by Rupert Murdoch who own Fox News which is knowned for pushing right wing conspiracy theories. Could Mensch still be on the Murdoch payroll? I cannot say. Considering her background I would be highly suspect of things Mensch reports as fact.
Claude Taylor is a photographer, at least his Twitter bio says so. He claims to be a veteran of 3 presidential campaigns and the Bill Clinton White House. From information gathered on the internet this seems true though it appears his role at the White House was as a minor functionary. What I don't understand is how Taylor would confuse the powers of two different branches of government considering he worked in the White House. It is possible he maintains some D.C. Connections but I doubt they are significant enough to garner such "inside information."
So why this claim about impeachment proceedings starting and the Marshal of the Supreme Court story that is flawed in its nature? Attention? Possibly. Spread fake news? Possible again. We know Russia targeted both right and left during the election with fake news. But why fake news now? To muddy the waters by having a major news outlet pick up these claims only to have them proven false later. Such an maneuver would cast further doubt on liberal media. Want to find out if Mensch is purposely spreading "fake news"  you need to find out if she is still being paid by News Corp or someone connected to Rupert Murdoch.
All I can say that spreading such news undermines the press, the free press.
By the way. I am a disabled veteran of 11 years service on Submarines in the US Navy. I have no secret connections with information on the Trump - Russia case. I am a trained troubleshooter of Electronic Systems that applies that skill to other aspects of my life. I recognize patterns and speculate. I weed out the far fetched and illogical. I form hypotheses on matter and test them by what history reveals. Do I generate conspiracy theories? Not really, I do the "what if" thing and connect the dots that stack up in a logical order. I offer things to consider, nothing more. What do I think of Trump-Russia? It is not fake news. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence for probable cause. I believe the final picture maybe more disturbing than people think right now. Right now we are seeing the tip of the iceberg and there is a heck of a lot more beneath the surface.
Please forgive spelling errors and typos as I am writing this at 1:30 AM.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump is not the best thing for Christianity in America, he is the worse.

First, I want to apologize if people who call themselves Christian have given you a negative view of being a Christian. They are wrong and by supporting Trump they have driven a wedge between those people who may have turned to Christ and Christ.
I am a Christian and I base my actions on the teachings of Jesus the Christ, but I am not perfect and freely admit I am a sinner. I don't condemn people for that is the way of Christ. If you look at the Gospels you will see that Jesus went to the sinners who needed him. He treated them with respect as he taught them. He turned no one away. As for the Jewish leaders and teachers of the day he found that they were not teaching redemption and forgiveness but condemnation unless you maintained a strict adherence to the law and in doing so they strayed from what God truly wants, to save the ones he created from evil. People of the time became overly concerned with laws that they believed kept them in God's favor that they forgot their fellow man. How can one be expected to respect the Lord if they cannot respect those here on earth. Every little thing that was a possible violation of the law was held against the people. Jesus taught that the most important thing was to love each other. This is not to say he condoned sin, no he condemned the sin and not the sinner, for the sinner he offered forgiveness.
It seems that we have people calling themselves Christian who think you condemn people and at no time grant them the opportunity for salvation. These so called Christian's wish death on those they see as sinners which is 180 out from what Christ taught. Christ healed sinners, he didn't say "Oh you sinned and I hate you so you will suffer death now." No, he called everyone to him so they could be saved.
Now these same people who want sinners to die without the slightest chance of salvation decided to throw there support of someone who is the complete opposite of Christ. A man that condemns anyone who doesn't agree with him, a man you steals, a man who lies, a man who thinks he doesn't need to ask forgiveness. After all Donald Trump has done they still bow to him like he is a new Golden Calf. Why? Because these so called Christians have lost their way in the wilderness because they forgot "Christ's teachings " and made Trump the way back when he will, in fact, lead them further astray where they will damn themselves.
What is happening to people looking at Christians here in America? They aren't seeing the beauty of salvation but the ugliness of hate. They see people using the Bible to justify their hate for others. This is not Christian, it is just wrong.
I will give you advice if you are considering turning  to Christ. First, don't think Jesus is condemning you at all, he is here to save. Second, read the Gospels before you read anything else from the Bible, and when you are done, read the Gospels again and again. Note Christ's words, the feeling and the overall concept of forgiveness and how to treat others. Pay attention to when Jesus answers the questions of the religious leaders of the time and how he corrects them. Why? Because many religious leaders of today are now acting the same as those back then. Christ's teachings, his words are the most valuable part of the Bible and they will help you when you read other parts of the Bible. You see, man put together the Bible, but Christ's words and teachings are pure. If you look at Christ's words you can actually go back and read the Old Testament and see the things he is correcting. Yes, man did try and sneak there own wishes and desires into the Bible with laws that even the religious leaders of Christ's time on earth and now could not stick to.
I recommend starting with the Gospel of John because one verse in particular describes Christ's purpose. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" if you read the next verse you will see why I say that Christians who condemn others in Christ's name are wrong. John 3:17 "Christ came into the world not to condemn the world but the world through him would be save" I paraphrased a bit but it reflects the meaning correctly.
And if you want to call me a religious nut job that doesn't believe in science you are wrong. God had to create things somehow so why not through the "Big Bang" and man through evolution. It is sad that some Christians don't understand that science and religion aren't mutually exclusive. They do not understand that we did not evolve from monkeys and apes but share a common ancestor.
Anyway, by backing Donald Trump and condemning everyone for anything these so called Christians, these evangelicals are not doing Christ's work but the opposite.

Trump is a danger to everyone in US, especially the military

When I woke this morning I was feeling a little under the weather but after reading Trump leaked Intel to the Russians during a meeting at the White House I am just sick. I cannot believe that a President of the United States would do such a thing. Now I am worried about what else he or others in his administration has leaked to the Russians, a hostile entity.
We only know what the press reports. What about other things Trump may have given Russia? I mean how do we know if he has sent them secret information on American capabilities and forces via curriers or through the internet or not? If he is compromised as suggested by many intel sources Putin can ask for anything, including the disposition of are military forces including our Trident Submarines. We cannot say that Trump is stupid enough to do such a thing because every day he lowers the stupidity bar a notch.
Imagine how much damage this traitor has caused and the lives he has endangered. He claims to love the military but does things that shows he is full of crap. Giving any Intel to Russia puts anyone involved with gathering that information at risk. I would not put it past Russia selling what they get from Trump to the highest bidder, especially since sanctions have put a hurting on Russia financially. Trump is selling out our allies and military, the whole darn country. Republicans need to get onboard the #impeachtrumptrain.

Why vote? For you and those who you care for, plus those who cannot.

During the 2016 election I had a tough time trying to convince my son and daughter to vote. Both were under the belief that their vote didn't count. Despite everything I could not convince either and When Trump won they still defended their position saying "my vote does count because Washington is a blue state." I wanted to run my head into a wall. I seemed to have failed in teaching my children civic responsibility. You know someone who did not fail? My parents.
I was raised in Florida, a small town on the Gulf Coast where the police station was a phone booth. I am not kidding, Carrabelle Florida was home to the world's smallest police station. Anyway, my dad served in the Air Force from 1953 to 1973. He was proud of his service and taught me, my brothers, and sister that it is an honor to serve your country in some form. Three of us joined the Navy, one brother became a police officer then a paramedic, and my sister went into healthcare. So the lesson did get through. We learned to love our country and understood that our country depends on all of us, not just in service but in helping select the leaders of our government.
When my dad joined the Air Force he and other personnel at the time were promised free healthcare for life if the served and retired after 20 years. Well, the country broke that promise to my dad and countless others like him. You see, someone in Congress decided it would be a cost saving measure to force TriCare on to retired veterans and rework the whole system. So much for a promise in writing.
Now, nearly twenty years later after that screw job by our elected officials, my dad is suffering from Alzheimer's and my mother is struggling to take care of him and make ends meet financially because of people in public office wanting to save money. Now these people that decided to screw over veterans are not just any government worker, they are elected.
What am I getting at? While you may not think your vote matters in an election such as the presidential election it does so when it comes to Senators, Representatives, state and local officials. These are the ones who come up with the bills that will impact you, your family, and the people who cannot vote such as children, and people like my dad who no longer have the mental capacity to do so. They are why you should vote because they need to be heard. Even if you don't care yourself one way or the other, there are others you care about and even people you don't know that need you to use your voice for them. Voting is a civic duty, it is especially so for those in our society that depend on others because they are not able to speak up for themselves.
I think about my dad's service of 20 years and how he was rewarded later in life by having something promised to him taken away by those elected officials and I use that as my measuring stick when I vote. Why? I don't want to put in office someone who thinks breaking a promise to veterans, to any American is ok, and that money is more valuable than people. I vote because everyone counts and so does my vote.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

How the Alt Right interprets the Second Amendment in a treasonous way

How the second amendment is misinterpreted by the alt right in such a way it is sedition and treason
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The second amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.
Short and to the point when you look at it, correct? It is short but the point is not direct. Why? Because what did the founding Fathers mean by  “free state”?  Hmm, did they mean that the citizenry should possess arms to protect themselves and the country from outside threats or inside threats? Both is the correct answer, but it is not the same thing as many gun owners would lead you to believe. Every citizen has the right to be safe in person and as such have the right to defend themselves from someone wanting to do them or their family harm. And the country did not have a large standing army back in the beginning so the militia was used to provide for the initial protection from invasion. Now, we have people saying the second amendment gives them the right to take up arms against the government if they feel that government is doing something wrong. Well, they are wrong. The right to vote, to elect our officials is how we get rid of a government doing us wrong. The first amendment is how we tell a government they are doing something wrong. The second amendment is for self defense and protecting the country and its elected government, not for overthrowing it.
The constitution discusses part of the second amendment, the militia. Yes, it does. Let's look at that.
Part of Article One Section 8 of the Constitution of The United States which deals with the powers of Congress. Regarding militias
To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;
To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

So even before the Second Amendment we have discussion of the Militia and what its intended purpose is in the Constitution itself. To “Execute the Laws of the Union” so for someone to disagree with a law passed by congress and signed into law by president, to take up arms is clearly not “Executing the Laws of the Union.
What about suppression of insurrection? Protesting government policy is not insurrection; taking up arms because you don't like a policy is insurrection. So for those saying they have the right to form a militia and overthrow elected officials because you don't like them is against the constitution, pure and simple.
So we are left with to repel invasions. If America is being invaded by a foreign entity, feel free to pick up gun and defend the Country.
No with regard to militias themselves. It seems the authority to regulate militias is clearly delineated in the Constitution to Congress. In other words you can not form a group of your own and called it a militia unless you abide by the law which says that Congress is the one to organize, arm, and discipline the militia. From what I see to just make up your own group, call it a militia, and do things your own way is not in keeping with the constitution.

Now let us look at Article II Section two of the Constitution.

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

Here it specifically says the President is the Commander and Chief of the Armed and Militias when they are called up to federal service. Now if you form a militia to remove a president you are going against this article because all the President would need to say is that all militias are under federal authority. Now if you are fighting to remove the President you are disobeying your commander. Not good. Also not that this Section mentions impeachment, While it does not go the process I am pointing it out so you note the process for removing a bad government is located in our constitution and not a gun.

Since the ratification of the constitution many things have changed, including what America considers the milia. By law the National Guard of each state is considered the militia. And it is so because it was designated that by Congress which fulfills Article I Section 8 regarding militias.
So no, the Second Amendment does not grant people the right to take up arms against the government if you don't like it. This is not to say the Second Amendment is negated and there is no need for it. No, every American has the right to defend themselves and their family. And, if things go bad and America ends up being invaded by a foreign power, you can defend your country and fellow Americans from invaders.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two different ways Trump could be screwed and how he will screw the GOP

Let me see if I have this right. Throwing out the James Comey firing for a moment they are two things Trump can possibly charged with at the moment that would end his administration. First, if it is proven he colluded with the Russians we can say would definitely be charged with something close to treason. Even if it is not proven that Trump did not collude with Russia during the election but did act in a capacity to help Russian Oligarchs launder money he could be, probably will be, charged with a felony. Knowing now that Trump's finances and that of his family is being looked at for ties to Russia  , we may not have to rely on the collusion investigation alone. This gives us double the chances of ridding our Country of its greatest threat in a long time.
Whether Trump is impeached for Treason, money laundering, or a combination of both, it will be good for America and the Republican Party needs to see this. If they are worried that impeachment of Trump will damage their brand, I have news for them; your brand is toast already. Keep Trump in Office and expect never to hold a majority in either house or the office of president again. It is likely that if Trump was to remain for a full term then the GOP will lose the house in 2018 and then the senate in 2020 along with the White House. The GOP will fracture into different parties, 2 or 3 at the very least. You will have a Tea Party separate from the GOP composed of Radical right, moderates as the GOP remainder. There is a chance that if Trump really damages the Image of the GOP many moderates not tainted by Trump stench would leave to become independent or Democrats, or some form of Conservative party. Like other entities Trump has touched the Republican Party may die as well. Trump may have Gold gilded furniture but he does not have the Midas Touch, he has the touch of death. Let us hope he gets busted for treason, money laundering, or both. If the GOP had any sense they would want this to happen too.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Interesting experience from my sub service

As y'all know I spent eleven years in the Navy and share my experiences from that time on Facebook. I do so to draw attention to not just me but to my fellow Submariners and what we endured, or endure still, in the service of our country. One thing that many of you take for granted every day is toilet facilities. I know what some of you Veterans from other services will say, "at least to had facilities and did not have to do your business outside in all types of weather." Yes, I tip my hat to you for that, but you didn't have to worry about your your latrine attacking you with high pressure sewage.
You see my first boat, The USS Daniel Boone SSBN 629 was built in the early '60s and did not have the updated sanitary service equipment of those like the Ohio class. The Boone and her sister ships did not have pumps to discharge sanitary tanks overboard. To empty out poopoo tanks we had to blow the contents overboard. This was done by pressurizing the tank to a particular amount above outside sea pressure then open hull and backup valves. It had to be done in such away not to make noise since that would allow other subs, bad guys to find you. Too much pressure made noise, too little and sea water would flow into the tank. Now remember we did this while submerged so the outside pressure was considerably greater than normal atmospheric pressure which is what the inside of the sub is kept close to.
Since the sanitary tanks were subject to such pressure you could not use your normal toilet. On the Boone, and others like her, the toilets were stainless steel bowls more or less with a ball valve at the bottom that was operated by a lever on the side and flushing water was provided by a handwheel which had to be open to rinse the bowl during flushing while the ball valve was being opened. Yes, flushing the toilet was a two handed operation, but this was not the worst part.
Remember me saying we used  high pressure Air to empty the tanks, actually we left a little in so as not to blow out air which makes noise. When the sanitary tanks are pressurized you are not supposed to operate the ball valves because well, instead of blow or venting tanks overboard, it will vent it inboard at considerable pressure.  Normally, the auxiliary machinist mate on watch would put up warning signs not to operate the ball valve. And if that failed to get your attention the blow by from the ball valves would create a weird greenish looking witches brew in the toilet bowl. Well like how some people fail to see traffic signs a few Submariners missed the "blowing sanitary tanks" warnings. You guessed it the poor soul would open the ball valve and release a high pressure geyser of human waste, both liquid and solid. When I say geyser I am not exaggerating. I have never witnessed the unfortunate act but I have seen the aftermath. It is blown onto the ceiling, the whole stall, and much of the head, it gets everywhere. Yes, I have seen what happens after the " shit hits the fan" literally.  Back to the poor soul, the unfortunate Submariners who have made the mistake of "venting Sans inboard" they are covered head to toe. And since the crap was under pressure it goes into places you don't want it nose, mouth, and even under the eye lids. Some people even had bits of crap embedded into their skin, little poop freckles. And the odor lingers no matter how hard you scrub. I know one guy in my division who blew sans on themselves and was late to relieve the watch because of it. What is funny is how he was bragging the watch before he never did and never would. I will say this, it could not happen to a nicer guy. He was kind of a jerk on patrol and no one had sympathy for him. 
Sometimes the machinist mates would deliberately forget to hang the warning signs, normally in the Officers head or forget to close a valve leading to the sink in the officers pantry. Usually only the Junior Officers would make the mistake but they were probably the intended targets as they can be little Hitlers at times. They have a shift in attitude after blowing crap on themselves once. I don't condone such conduct but, hey, sometimes it takes getting into the shit to cause change.
There was another drawback to blowing sanitary tanks, the smell. The blow by from the ball valves stank, the venting of the extra pressure after the tanks were emptied stank. You cannot vent the excess air to sea because of noise so that air is vented through filters into the sub. Those filters aren't very efficient, smell would get through and sometimes sewage would be blasted into the filter. You know what was bad? When the cooks made pork roast in smelled disgustingly like venting sans. It didn't taste the same thank goodness.
The Boone was the only Submarine that I served on that did not have sanitary pumps, "chunk pumps. When I transferred to Trident Submariners I never had to worry about " venting sans on myself. 

This is just a bit of my own and others experience serving on submarines and what we had to deal with at sea. Trust me, sub life is an interesting life.

Open letter to GOP Trump has lost credibility and needs to be impeached

I am addressing this to the Republicans in the House and senate, and I do so respectfully.
In the opinion of the majority of Americans Donald Trump has damaged his credibility to the point he cannot be an effective leader. His constant Twitter rants and lies can no longer be ignored or written off as just a byproduct of his personality. The Office of President of the United States was created by our founding fathers to have the power of leading a government "for the people, by the people" in an orderly reliable manner. A key to this is maintaining trust, not just that of the Congress but of the American people. Except for a small group, and part of that group being made up of racists,  we the people have no trust in Donald Trump as President of the United States.
Setting aside the possibility, which is increasing daily, that he colluded with a hostile entity, Russia, to gain the Office of President, there are other reasons to say he has lost credibility to lead.
Donald Trump has attacked a core principle of America specifically set out by the constitution, free speech and Freedom of the press. He has maligned every news outlet that runs anything he may see as criticism. Real News has been dismissed as fake. People speaking on issues with an opinion different from those of Donald Trump have been personally attacked by him using twitter. This is not how a president should act, this is how a dictator acts.
With the firing of James Comey as the director of the FBI and the subsequent threats made to Mr. Comey, Donald Trump has turned the Office of President into that of a thug dictator. The subsequent shift in reasons for firing has shown that not just he, but those in his administration, will lie in such away it muddies the waters to the point it is hard to determine where the truth lies.
The contempt he has shown are close allies and his praise of dictators hostile to democracy brings into question what Donald Trump's vision for America truly is. A president who lies repeatedly, embraces autocratic rule, and threatens his political opponents with arrest and former government officials with the same, is contrary to what the founding fathers intended when they created the Office of President. What is further troubling are comments made that the Constitution doesn't work properly and may need to be changed regarding freedom of the press, speech and the workings of congress. Added with Donald Trump's comments of dissolving the ninth circuit court, it is apparent he has nothing but contempt for the oath he gave when taking office. He does not intend to preserve, protect, nor defend the Constitution, in fact he has begun an attack on it.
Donald Trump's has no credibility left with the majority of Americans, congress, and world leaders. This makes it impossible for him to govern and to represent American interests on the World Stage.
Donald Trump used the slogan "Make America Great Again" he is doing the exact opposite. America is more than just her people, it is the constitution that guarantees freedom for her people and without it there will be no America. How can you make something great again if it ceases to exist? You cannot, and Donald Trump's attack on our constitution and his loss of credibility threaten the existence of what he claims to want to make Great again. I ask you for the sake of the Republic, her people, and for democracy to use the Constitution, the very instrument he intends on destroying, to Remove Donald Trump from office and save our country.
Charles Parmele
God Bless America

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump's destination if impeached or resigns

I know this is premature and with my luck someone will screw up the investigation an Trump will slip through the cracks. I say "my luck" because I feel it unfair to hang the "pessimist" label on all of America. Anyway, I have been Dreaming of D-Day 0 or "the first day with zero Trump's in the White House. I have been picturing how that day will go down. Will Donald Trump go out like Nixon? Something tells me Trump would not use the V sign. He is so classless he would give the finger to everyone. Or will he do something stupid ( my money is on stupid) and run to exile in Russia acting like the American president in exile pushing for his Trump Train of moronic Misfit Toys to overthrow the government of America and return him to power? Who knows?
This is what I recommend happen the day Trump is removed from office. Tell him Air Force One will fly him to Mar A Lago so he can have some dignity. Instead of Air Force One, yes I know it would not be called Air Force One at the time, have it rerouted to a special resort for those individuals America is extremely interested in, Guantanamo Bay. The Orange jump suits will match his skin. He can relax in the tropical sun until everything is ready for his trial for treason. And to make sure he is not alone send some of his closest buddies with him, including Sheriff Clark who wants to send Americans there. Sheriff Clark is American so 2 birds one stone, Americans sent to Guantanamo Bay, wish granted.
Now if Trump wants to leave Washington D.C. using his own jet, have the Air Force give him a fighter escort. Guess where? You know me so well! Guantanamo Bay were guests are provided free eye protection from the sun in the form of a sack over the head.
See, it is a great fantasy, a beautiful picture with a lot of Orange and just the right amount of Tropical green, we'll camouflage. Of course there are two other scenarios of him leaving office but one requires him to serve out a full term and lose the reelection bid, ugly. But the other one is kind of cool. The 25th Amendment is invoked and Trump is removed from the Oval Office in a straight jacket and sent to a padded room all his own. Uh, insanity is a preexisting condition so that won't be covered but he is a Billionaire, so who cares.
We can only hope. Resist

Trump is an idiot when it comes to Military equipment. Ok, he is just an idiot.

I recently read an article where Donald (Moron) Trump commented on the electromagnetic launch system on the Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carriers. He doesn't like it and wants to use steam catapults that prior Aircraft Carriers use. Here is the problem, The Gerald R. Ford class was designed around the use of the electromagnetic catapults.
The thing with steam catapults is that they require a massive amount of piping and other equipment which takes up space, not to mention bulkheads would have to be changed to facilitate routing of the piping. It would mean a redesign of the entire carrier to accommodate the changes. You cannot just throw in new piping here and there, you have to have the room and you have to balance the weight distribution.
Another drawback to steam catapults is that they require a lot of maintenance and people to maintain. The Gerald R. Ford class was designed to need fewer people to operate because of less need of catapults maintenance and more automation. A change to a steam catapults system would require increased manning and berthing space. Another redesign.
The electromagnetic catapults have advantages over the steam system in that it is a more controlled system. This new control over the catapult puts less strain on the aircraft and pilot. The reduced size stress put on the aircraft means less maintenance and longer service life. The pilots themselves would be subject to less force and possible injury. The new system means the carrier can launch aircraft once considered to delicate to be launched by the hard to regulate steam catapults. Yes there are some bugs to work out but that is true for all new class of ships.
Back to the steam catapults for a bit. The steam system uses steam which his generated by the carriers nuclear reactors. The Gerald R. Ford doesn't have to generate as much steam and those reactors were designed accordingly. Replacing the electromagnetic magnetic catapults with steam ones would require different reactors; another redesign.
Naval engineering is not the same as building a hotel, you cannot just decide to change something and expect someone to erase this and add that. No, it is complicated and only a moron would think you could shift the Gerald R. Ford to steam catapults without having to redesign the complete vessel. Trump is that moron.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Please Republicans, put the country first.

First forgive any errors in the post as I am one finger typing because I burned a few fingers on a lawnmower today. Now with that disclaimer out of the way let's get on with the show.

An open letter to all Republicans, especially in congress.
I want to ask you, nay, plead that you put the country first and appoint a special investigator / prosecutor to investigate the Trump Russia connections.  I am a disabled veteran of 11 years service in the Navy on Ballistic Missile Submarines. I am the son of a 20 year Air Force veteran that served on B-52 bombers as part of SAC during the Cold War. From an early age I was taught to put country above all matters of politics. Why? Because it isn't the politics that makes this country great, it is the ideal set forth in the Constitution and that is what makes this country great; it is our freedom and are protection from those who would do us arm whether the be from inside our borders or a broad. This is where my loyalty lies for it is America.
Over the last two years this country has been put through the ringer and it seems we will have to endure more pain before this national malady is resolved. Whether this fever breaks or lead to our demise is dependent on how soon a corrective remedy can be prescribed. Right now, the House and Senate are the attending physicians but our condition requires more attention and bitter medicine that many do not want to swallow. The fever is rising higher day by day and we can refuse the bitter pill no longer. We take our medicine no matter how distasteful or face a future of painful convulsion until the disease snuffs out the light of democracy in our country.
I do not envy the choice that you have to make. It has to be painful to even contemplate that the Republican Party, your party, unwittingly put a man who could possibly be the biggest traitor in our history in the Oval Office. But to choose to ignore the possibility that Donald Trump conspired with the Russian government to aid him in his election would be committing the biggest mistake that would put an end to democracy in this country. I ask that you put party and pride aside and swallow that bitter pill for the sake of this Country.
I know there are difficulties ahead and you may have to put differences aside an stand alongside Democrats until the question of whether Donald Trump or his team colluded with Russia during the election is finally answered, truthfully and without a doubt. This is the time for bi-partisan solidarity to save this country. We need the truth, we need the medicine to save our country.
I believe you may find out something very unsettling about some of your colleagues in the investigation. There maybe those among your own number that may have aided Donald Trump in his actions some unknowingly, others in full knowledge of what they were and are doing. But that is something you will have to face along with the rest of us.
Before I end this letter I want to make one more request as a concerned citizen, one that served this country faithfully. I ask that you convince Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to recuse himself any matter concerning the Trump Russia investigation. Since Senator McConnell's wife is part of Donald Trump's Administration and serves at his pleasure, this situation could be used as leverage on Senator McConnell. In my opinion there is is clearly a conflict of interest here. It should also be considered, and I am sure it has been considered by Senator McConnell, that if the investigation leads to Donald Trump's removal from office, a new President may choose to appoint others to cabinet positions to start fresh. I am sure Senator McConnell knows of this possibility and may use his position to protect his spouse's job.
Please, put the country first above all else in this matter.
Thank you for your time and may God Bless America.
Sincerely, Charles Parmele

Mitch McConnell should recuse himself in Trump Russia investigation.

ok everyone, or at least the few people interested in my political rantings, this will be short and written on the fly? Why? Because I am down to typing with one finger because I burnt the crap out of a couple working on my lawnmower. Good news is a found the short that caused the burns, yes!
Anyway, senate majority leader should recuse himself from anything dealing with Trump Russia investigation, an should most definitely not make a decision on the appointment of a special investigator / counsel. Why? His wife is a Trump appointee and we have learned from the firing of FBI director Comey Trump will get rid of anyone who displeases him. While Trump cannot fire Mitch McConnell, he can fire his wife who is Trump's Transportation secretary. How can McConnell not take this into consideration when making a decision that impacts so heavily on the president? Consider also that a new president would most like want a whole new cabinet to separate themselves from any Trump associations if Trump is charged and impeached for his involvement with Russia. This is another reason why I say McConnell cannot make and should not make the final decision on the appointment of a special investigator / counsel. McConnell should recuse himself from anything dealing with the Trump Russia investigation as he is too close to it. Considering that he could be basing his decision on his wife's employment instead of the safety and wellbeing of this country, and to preserve his own interests, an investigation of not only McConnell's conflict of interest regarding Trump, but one of obstruction of justice should also take place.
This was short and to the point. Please RT this blog and I ask you to also write your Senator to pressure McConnell into appointing a special investigator or to recuse himself from the Trump Russian thing all together. And if you could write to the Senate select Committee on Ethics and ask that Senator McConnell be investigated for conflict of interests in regard to his wife being a Trump cabinet member and the majority leader being in a position to prevent the Trump Russia investigation from receiving proper attention and therefore denying justice to the people of America. The website is

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New book chapter 1 rough draft

America Ailing
Charles Parmele

The contagion
Characters this scene
Sergei Bugayev Secretary of the Security Council of Russia (SCRF)
Oleg Churkin Director Federal Financial Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation

Sergei Bugayev, the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, watched patiently as a man sitting across the coffee table read through they file Bugayev had given him 15 minutes earlier. Typically Bugayev would never have conducted such a meeting at his dacha, but the sensitivity of the matter and the need to maintain a separation from official channels demand an out of the way secure location. Bugayev could have handled the business of informing the Director of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation with a memo ordering the director, Oleg Churkin, to ignore the financial transaction of the individuals in the file but he did not want to keep his old friend in the dark. And besides, he figured Oleg Churkin knowing the whole of the plan would come in handy despite the president’s feelings to the contrary.
“My God, is this seriously being considered?” Churkin asked letting his hand holding the file drop to his lap.
Bugayev nodded, “Most definitely Oleg. In fact, it is beyond the consideration phase; it has been approved. The President wants to implement this plan immediately.”
Churkin looked at the papers in his hand and shook his head. “This has not been presented to the security council, how can you say it has been considered? This is the first I have heard of it. Sergei, this is a serious matter. I know we have conducted operations in American politics in the past but nothing on this scale. Has the president considered the repercussions if it is found out? America does not take kindly to other nations meddling in their politics even though they interfere in other countries’, including our own.”
The old secretary smiled. “Oleg, my old friend, you worry too much. As for consideration? We all agreed to go along with the plan that our American Problem Commission recommended as a way to overcome the crippling economic sanctions America has imposed on us for tending to our lost sheep. Do not worry about our involvement being exposed, because by the time it happens America will be in no condition to do anything but work to preserve itself. No, Oleg, we have nothing to fear. We will knock America down and then take our rightful place as the political and economic leader of the world.”
“I hear a bit of comrade Dugin in that last statement. I even see similarities to his 1997 book, but no one has ever considered implementing his recommendation for America, they were considered too risky. Why now? What has changed? As I recall you said that Dugin was mad to recommend such an operation in the United States at the time.”
Bugayev nodded in agreement. “Yes, it was too extreme at the time, but things have changed. We now can infiltrate America without leaving the motherland. We can use social media, false news, and even a political candidate to accomplish our goal. We have the capability to muster those assets in a way that divides America, not just on racial lines, but on political, philosophical, and religious lines. We can cause distrust and hate in America like it has not seen since its own Civil War. While Americans fight Americans, we can lead the World. America will fall, we will be the only nation in a position to save the world economy.”
“What of China? Britain? Germany, Japan, or France? I am sure they will not stand by and let Russia step in to fill America’s shoes.”
Bugayev waved away Churkin’s last comment. “We have taken that into account. Europe is already feeling the strain of Syrian refugees pouring into each country not to mention the growing anti-Muslim movement. With a little push here and there we can stoke those fires to our benefit. Asia is another tinderbox with the South Sea and North Korea issues. It will not be long before it erupts in flames. No, no one but Russia will able to lead the World back to peace and prosperity.”
“I see, but for America, you mentioned a candidate. What candidate would take such a derisive stance to accomplish the goals of this plan? To do so would be political suicide. No politician in America could fill the role you would want them to play. America will not support a candidate associated with...What do they call them?”
“Hate Group,” Bugayev answered. “No, they would not. And it is true that no politician would throw away their career in taking on the position that would aid our plan. But we do not need an American politician, all we need is someone America looks up to and respects to accomplish our mission. We do not require the candidate to win the election. We just need someone to fan the passions of America, Someone to discredit the media, someone to destroy the Average American’s faith in their elections and government.”
“They do not have to win? I cannot imagine anyone running for President of America who would not try to win. Such a person would be a fool to throw away such money, and no one, democrat or republican would endorse such a person. It seems you will have a problem in finding such a person before the next election which is what? To year away?”
Bugayev smiled. “We already have a man in mind, and that is where you come into the picture. The man is Eric Peters, the investment guru.” Bugayev used the moniker Erik Peters had given himself in his book about how to make it big on Wall Street. “Mr. Peters is not as wealthy as he claims, so we will have to prop him up by directing business his way. By the time the 2016 Election comes around, Peters should have the assets necessary to fund his own campaign, something that will appeal to the ordinary American. To do so, we will be using Yuri TKachenko. TKachenko will do so under the guise of having Peters form a partnership to develop a few properties in Greece, Turkey, and the Ukraine. TKachenko is the best choice since he has not been singled for sanctions and the fact he is considered favorable to the Ukraine.”
Churkin handed the file to Bugayev and stood to leave. “I take it you want to make sure that TKachenko’s finances do not draw unneeded attention from my people?”
Rising from his chair, Bugayev took the file from Churkin and placed it on the coffee table. “Yes. We do not want an overzealous deputy looking where they should not.”
“Well then, I should return to Moscow and set up protocols to ensure TKachenko is not caught up accidentally in an investigation that could reveal anything that would compromise the operation.”
Bugayev walked Churkin to the door. “It would be greatly appreciated by the president, Oleg. I would ask you to stay for dinner but I know you have much to do, and Olga is visiting her sister in Moscow so..”
“Say no more, Sergei. I have endured your cooking once before, and I do not think my stomach could take another such meal” Churkin never understood why a high ranking official as Burgayev did not employ house staff like others of his rank., but that was Burgayev.
Just as they reached the door, Bugayev stopped Churkin. “One more favor, Oleg. Discuss this matter with no one.”
“I understand. Although I think everyone knows you cannot cook Sergei.”
Bugayev smiled as he closed the door, partly because of Churkin’s last comment, but mostly because of the thought that America would be brought to its knees.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Trump recruits like Russia Recruits spies

I want to talk about something that is going on that I and many others feel is quite odd. For some reason there are members of the Republican Party in congress who are more concerned about how the media found out about the possibility of our President colluding with a hostile entity, Russia, than finding out if the President is a Russian pawn. Wow! In a million years I never would have thought the GOP would side with a possible Russian traitor over their own country, but nevertheless, here we are. Why is the question? First, not every Republican feels that we should just move on and forget the Trump-Russia issue, some are concerned like Senator John McCain. Why not others like Sen Cruz, Rep. Chaffetz, and pretty much every Republican of some importance? Maybe they are compromised? Conspiracy theory? Yes, but this one has basis in past cases where a person compromised by a foreign entity actually recruited others by either finding willing people or leveraging them to aid in treason. First case in point, John Walker, Jr.
It want to say off the bat that I have a particular loathing of John Anthony Walker, Jr because I am a former Submariner and one thing Mr. Walker did was endanger the lives of every American submariner through his actions, but let's discuss Walker’s spy Ring. Mr. Walker was a long term spy who willingly betrayed his country for financial gain even after he left the military and lost access to classified material to provide to the Soviet Union. He did this by recruiting Jerry Whitworth a student in a Navy Radio Operators course instructed by Mr. Walker. How was Whitworth recruited? One can speculate, he could have been willing, or he could have been coerced. Like John Walker I spent time as an instructor teaching others in my career field, Navigation Electronics, how to work on equipment. I know that as instructors we can be seen as intimidating to junior personnel. I also no that sometimes students cheat and you have to be watchful at all times during testing. What happens if a student is caught cheating? In the military it is a very serious thing that can end your career. Could Mr. Walker possibly have caught Mr. Whitworth cheating on an exam and used that as leverage? Maybe, I don't know, but I could see it being done. I never cheated on an exam because of two things, honor and the fear of what would happen if I did.
Whitworth was initially told by Walker that the information was to be given to an ally, Israel, only to find out it was going to Russia. Despite this revelation Whitworth kept providing information to Walker. Why? We know later the Whitworth had a guilty conscience and anonymously wrote several letters to the FBI to try and cut a deal if he were to be granted immunity if he gave up the others in the spy ring. Why did he keep on going? Even spying for an ally is illegal so right there Walker had leverage on Whitworth.
Walker recruited his brother and his own son into his little spy ring. Did he leverage them too? Possible, but I doubt it. What I established here is there is precedent of one person committing an act of espionage to recruit others in doing the same, normally close friends or relatives. If you look at how Donald Trump and his family operate it would be hard not to assume that if Donald Trump colluded with the Russians that they were involved. History favors that family members tend to involve other family members and I can cite more cases that support this but let us look at how Donald Trump could use his assets along with other entities assets to gain leverage on someone.
During the election there was an incident where Donald Trump threatened to expose dirt on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz because of some political ad that reflected badly on Melania Trump. After a little exchange there was nothing but a picture released that wasn't very flattering of Heidi Cruz, with Trump saying, “No need to spill the beans the images are worth a thousand words.” I doubt the picture is what Trump was talking about. It is possible that there is something that Trump and his team know about Heidi Cruz and was used and now is being used to manipulate Senator Cruz. Senator Cruz is quite possibly compromised by Donald Trump, via his wife or his own actions. Trump probably hired someone to dig up dirt to use, not just the normal stuff one candidate would use against another, but stuff that would be considered off limits by others. What else can explain Ted Cruz shift in his behavior? And the way he did Trump's bidding at the Clapper / Yates hearing suggests he was desperately trying to prove something to his master. What and why? Loyalty? I guess as far as a compromised person can say they are loyal. Why? Fear of failing and having embarrassing information released by someone. I am sure Trump would use a secondary channel and not risk putting forth the information himself. Plausible deniability.
But what of Rep Chaffetz behavior and Rep Nunes behavior? Nunes jumped on that phone call he received to go to the White House so fast you would think someone was holding a family member hostage. We all know how that turned out. Why would Nunes be so stupid? Panic, like someone who is under the gun, politically. What might Trump have on Nunes? Who knows, maybe Nunes chose the wrong hotel to check into, like one owned by Trump? And for Chaffetz? He is bouncing all over the place you just don't know what he is up to. Not running for reelection, foot surgery that would take him away from his duties but he makes sure to show up for a vote on Trump Healthcare Bill of death? Not to mention that about the same time Chaffetz announces he won't seek reelection there is a puff piece done on his wife and their marriage. You know, the same kind you see done on Hollywood couples that shows how happy in-love they are six months before they separate and divorce. Weird.
Trump is a dirty business man and he has sure brought that to the White House. He has picked up pointers from mobsters and Russians and I am sure he uses those dirty tricks. He is surrounded by people who are sleazy. To not consider that Donald Trump and his cronies aren't playing dirty to get a few senators and representatives to do his business would undermine any investigation into Donald Trump working for Putin, and that is what it really is. Trump is Putin's compromised puppet who controls his own puppets. If you elect a tabloid loving president then you can expect he will use tabloid tactics.

Friday, May 5, 2017

I will not deny or apologize for being a Christian

Yes, I am a Christian and I take pride in that. I believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus, and God's Holy Spirit, the counselor. I believe Jesus died on the Cross for all of us. I believe in the teachings of Christ and that they are of kindness, mercy, love, Charity, and hope. I believe in forgiveness and accepting no one is perfect. This belief guides me in my life though I slip up at time, I am not perfect.
I believe that God created everything and did so via the Big Bang. I believe the laws of the natural world are set by God. I believe in evolution, even human evolution for it fits creation, or a method of creation at the very least.
I believe in prayer. I believe in helping my fellow man and woman no matter their color or belief system. I try to treat others the way Christ intended. I am no one's judge, I cannot be. I condemn no one for I am in no position to do so nor will I ever be in such a position.
My biggest fear is that I become a bad person so I try to do good. I do get angry at times, especially when I see someone who calls themselves a Christian turn their back on another or condemns another. I fight for what I feel is right, that means I fight for people, for equality, for justice.
I am a Christian and that is why I think the separation of Church and state should be maintained. Why? Because I do not want someone forcing me to worship in a way I feel is contrary to teachings of Christ. When I need to I reference the Bible for guidance using Christ's words. I believe the Bible in essence is God's word but over the years it has been contaminated by man. I believe that when the Bible was put together by leaders of the Church that their desires may have influenced what should be in the Bible. I believe that Paul the apostle was called by God some of his learnings from his time as Pharisee tainted his teachings, especially in regards to women.
All this and more is what I believe and I will not deny it nor apologize for it.
I write this so people will know that not every Christian is like those that support Donald Trump and his kind. I write this to show I believe in the Gospel of hope and not condemnation. I am a Christian!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Healthcare and Trump supporting "Christians" desecrate The name "Christian"

I know there are some of you who voted Donald Trump and that you have what is considered "pre existing " conditions. If you were not in a high risk pool before then you will be if Paul Ryan's healthcare bill makes it through the senate. I have seen the bill and can tell you Paul Ryan flat out lied about most of it, that is not fake news. 
Even if you have healthcare provided by your work or union, if you or someone has a pre existing condition you will likely see a drastic increase in what you pay for insurance. (That is, unless you are a member of Congress whose healthcare is exempt from the changes.) let me list some pre existing conditions.
PTSD including those who were raped
Celiac disease
Endocrine problems
Kidney disease
Pituitary problems 
Female problems (sorry I am from the south so this is what I call it)
High Blood pressure 
Low blood pressure 

You get the point? Pretty much just existing is considered a pre existing condition unless you are a republican member of congress. So if you voted Trump and have a pre existing condition you just screwed yourself. If you voted Trump because he lied and claimed he was "pro life" I want you to do two things. First, consider the new Burns and other infants who will suffer because they lack healthcare. Second, go fuck yourself you hypocrite that dares to call themselves a Christian. Jimmy Kimmel was right, no parent should have to die just because the family lacks money and healthcare. If you think that doesn't occur on a daily basis, then you are living in a bubble. And no, I will not apologize for saying it how it is. I am riled up, I consider myself a Christian, not a perfect one, but still a Christian. I think I now understand how Jesus felt when he found merchants doing business in his Father's house. I feel the same way about those who call themselves Christians but by their deeds desecrate the name and Christ himself.

Don't let Trump play you.

I am as angry as everyone else today when it comes to what the walking piece of Dog feces from Wisconsin and his fellow Republican turds did today by voting on a healthcare plan that will kick 24 million on healthcare and cost the lives of countless others. What they did was reprehensible to say the least. The thing is this is part of a bigger plan by the biggest pile of walking and talking excrement this side of the Atlantic. Or shall I be more specific and say, outside of Russia?
There is a pattern here that should be noted. Every time Trump starts feeling the heat about his Russian ties he does something to deflect attention from it. The Syrian gas attack most like orchestrated by Putin and Trump's announced attack on a Syrian airfield which was evacuated and had little damage done to it. Now Trump and Putin are buddies again. Next, the ratcheting up of tensions over North Korea's nuclear weapons program and missile development. Interesting how Trump stoked that fire to really up the Danger for South Korea then says "here use this THAAD system to protect yourself.  By the way, that will be one billion dollars." The thing is that these two things don't generate enough of a deflection. You see, they upset the public and politicians to a point but not enough to have Congress look the other way for long. What you need to do that is something that would piss off the Americans and members of Congress so their time would be occupied so they cannot take part in the big fight, the most important one, Trump's ties to Russia. No, I am not down playing the importance of healthcare, I am saying it is being used by Trump as a means to an end. Trump wants as many members of Congress tied up with this healthcare thing as possible so they will be too busy to really investigate his ties to Russia. He figures that by the time Congress gets around to it they will be, and the public, too tired to deal with a Trump Russia investigation.
Think about it. What have people been more concerned about? What have people been calling their reps in congress about? Healthcare. In normal times this would be great, but now it has quieted the "investigate Trump Russia" call a bit. Now stupid house republicans will claim that people haven't been calling as much about Trump-Russia so they must think there is no concern. Duh, people haven't been calling about Trump-Russia because they are worried about republicans killing them by taking away their healthcare.
So what happens when the heat starts building on Trump about Russia and Congress starts to lean more towards appointing a special investigator / prosecutor? Trump will try to push through another bill that will generate just as much outrage as getting rid of healthcare to keep congress and America focused on that issue so they won't be looking at his Russian ties. He will keep doing this, over and over. He knows he only has to by time to tie up loose ends and tire out those who oppose him. Trump will have you bark up the wrong tree and will use congress to do it. He is a Con artist, don't fall for it. With Trump you need not just one person to watch what he does, not two, but enough to cover both his hands, his mouth, feet, eyes, every part.
What the Resistance needs to do is organize in such away that we can use his own tactic against him. Lawyers need to keep his cabinet heads busy in the court system. Any appointee of his needs to be taken to court for any action that is considered against the constitution or not for the good of the people. His advisers need to be put on the defensive so they are protecting themselves and are too busy to give advice to Trump. Trump himself needs to be thrown off balance using the courts. Organizations should be established to aid in challenging TrumpCare, to fight a delaying action as the rest attack Trump from his most vulnerable side, Trump-Russia. I am sorry to have to tell you but we are in a war here, a political one and need to strategize accordingly. If we keep fighting on a tactical level, we will gain nothing and risk loosing everything. Strategic planning. We need to form our own "Operation Bodyguard " and "Operation Overlord" . The longer our focus is shifted from Trump - Russia the more damage Trump can do, plus it makes it harder to remove him. We cannot let him consolidate! Put Trump on the defensive anyway possible (legal and political wise) misdirect him. We need to learn some battles we will not win, pick the ones we can, fight delaying actions, have the main force strike hard, keep striking without turning away, and overwhelm Trump and his minority. We can undo crappy Trump legislation but we can only do so if we still have a country. To save the lives of our fellow citizens we have to save the country from Trump and Russia first!

Coming soon. A novel based on the 2016 Election

I have decided to write a novel based on the 2016 election. I will post chapters here as I complete them. It will incorporate a bit of my theory on possible Trump Russia conspiracy. I will not be writing about real life people and any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental, especially for that big orange blob of wasted flesh occupying the Oval Office. I cannot use is name here but will use   Some of the words others used to describe him, The Anti-Christ is probably the best.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Trump is violating or planning to violate his oath of office.

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." 
The above sounds familiar, right? It should because all Presidents up to and including Donald Trump have been required to take the oath on assuming athe Office of President of the United States of America. Trump did, didn't he? I don't know because that was the day I tried to induce a four year coma. It did not work. Anyway, you will not that these words say that the President will to the best of his ability, preserve the constitution, protect the constitution, and defend the constitution. The founding fathers meant the whole of the Constitution and not just pick and choose the ones you like. Now the Constitution is not perfect so they allowed for the amending of the constitution when required which we have done over the years. One of those Amendments was not thought out to well and was repealed by a later one. (The 19th repealed by the twenty first) But let us focus on the constitution and the first ten amendments commonly called "The Bill of Rights." 
When it comes down to determining if a law or court decision is in keeping with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights is normally what is used as the determining factor unless outlined in the Constitution itself. For over 200 hundred years it hasn't failed this country, in fact it help right wrongs done to many by the government. Now the document that we value most is under attack by a man sworn to protect it. A man who wants to change the way congress, the judiciary, and the executive branch operate because he cannot work within the Constitution because of his ignorance and personal beliefs. 
Our system was designed by our founding fathers with a set of checks and balances to ensure the government does not turn into some tyrannical state dominated by one branch. (Sorry second amendment people, the intent of the second amendment was to prevent invasion. The rest of the constitution and amendments are there to prevent a tyrannical dictator from taking over.) Now after 44 other presidents who have taken the oath we have one who wants to weaken both the legislative and judiciary while strengthen the executive branch. How is this in keeping in with the presidential oath of office? No, he is definitely not trying to preserve the constitution, he wants to gut it. His administration openly attacks the the first amendment, every aspect of it. He definitely is not defending the constitution. Now ask yourself with the evidence we have seen so far, is Trump violating his oath of office?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Donald Trump, let me educate you on US Nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump, I feel you need to be educated on the United States Strategic weapons. Despite the change from Strategic Air Command to Global Strike Command our nuclear force is a deterrent one, not one to be used by you when you feel like throwing a fit. How do I know this? My father served from 1953 to 1973 as part of SAC. I didn't follow my father's footsteps to the Air Force but into the Navy where I served on Strategic Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs) from 1986 to 1997. Both my father worked in the Electronic Navigation field a very important part when it comes to launching missiles or dropping nuclear bombs. The military did not just train us in electronics but the importance of our primary mission, deterrence. Surprised that our primary mission was, and for those who serve now, is not delivering nuclear weapons? Yes, launching or dropping nukes is secondary and if we had launched or dropped nukes we would have failed in our primary mission which is to act as a strategic deterrent from Russia attacking us. It did not mean that we failed as a unit or individuals, but that deterrence failed. You know why we have never failed in the past? Because top to bottom, from the President on down to the E-1 standing watch on the planes of a submarine or helping with maintenance in the Air Force, we were more that competent in our jobs, we were professionals, and with the exception of you, our service men and women still are.
No one in the right mind wants to launch a nuclear weapon, ever. We know, that if it comes down to it  , the use of nuclear weapons will not just effect our enemy but the whole world. Now that being said, if the situation required those of us involved with launching or dropping nukes would do so if required because we know that there must be a serious reason for their use. Well, that was until you took office. Now, I am sure there are men and women on Trident submarines or attending missile silos that cringe every time an EMA (Emergency Action Message) or whatever is in use is received. Before we knew we were out there to keep Russia (USSR) from attempting a first strike, now everyone has to worry that you may decide to use nuclear weapons or put the US in a situation where they have to be used. Right now you are using North Korea as an excuse to try and use nukes as a preemptive strike measure. You know as well as I how far away North Korea is away from launching a nuclear war head with the range, reentry capability, and accuracy to strike the United States. Even when the achieve the range capability the accuracy will have a CEP (Circular error Probable) in tens to 100s of miles as to not be effective for a first strike. As for North Korea attacking South Korea or Japan? Even, Kim Jung Un knows it would be suicide and there would be no way China would approve of such an attack, not to mention the reality of having the US turning the whole of North Korea into a smoking while with a few Tridents. You want to keep Kim Jung Un in line you don't threaten him with a preemptive strike because that just gives him propaganda material; you tell him that America will turn his country into a smoking hole if he attacks. This puts him in bad light and not the US. See you are a bully with no political skills whatsoever. If you father had not been rich the chances are you would be in prison right now for murdering someone after losing your temper, or be in a mental institution.
You may occupy the Office of President of the United States of America, but you're not Presidential material. You are thin skinned, uneducated, and have no concept of how the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to work. You say that how congress runs is a problem and archaic, I got news for you, it runs like it is supposed to by being a check to a president who is unfit or tries to abuse the office.
Now let's get back to Nuclear weapons and add you being unfit to the equation. My father and I were part of a program called "The personal reliability program " PRP, it is the program that ensures that personnel working with and around nuclear weapons plus related subsystems are mentally, physically, financially, and morally fit. Why? Because there is that much at stake and you do not want someone with mental problems, physically unfit, broke, or morally compromised working on nukes. The problem with the system is that is it is not all encompassing as it doesn't apply to the president, we all just have to pray that the man with the football is not unfit, as you don't just seem to be, but are without a doubt unfit.
Nukes are never to be the first option, it is sad that they can be the final option, never the first. But since you have no concept of reality you will never grasp the concept of deterrence. You have commented you love war, no one within sanity loves war. War is ugly, it is hell. It generates widows, orphans, disabled, and dead. I am not a pacifist by far, I believe that there are times you need to defend yourself or others, but I know that you are better off being strong while not having to use that strength. But since you do not see this but only see war as a means to an end even though other methods are available, you are unfit to be a commander in chief.
And on a final note. You're also unfit because you're a traitor and this will proven. I not only believe this but I bet that at first you were not suppose to win. No, Russia just blackmailed you into running so you could stir up unrest in America to weaken it from the within. That is why you appealed to the Alt-Right because Russia knows those are the people most likely to take up arms against the government so they had you stoke that fire. You even worked to discredit the media and push the actual "fake news" propaganda generate by Russia as away to gain more alt-right leaning people. But around the time of the Republican National Convention you convinced many major republicans to share your view of Putin and Russia. Manafort was assigned to you by Russia to guide you and to evaluate if helping you "actually" win  the election was of more value than just stirring up armed civil unrest in America. Somehow you and Manafort decided it was possible after convincing the RNC and that is when you sent an emissary to Russia to sell them the new plan. Why? Because to carry out the old one would have meant the end of your business and also you would never been allowed to show your face in America again. No, you wanted to win to save your business. Russia shifted from not just using their cyber warfare Guys from not just trying to still up civil unrest but to bring Hillary Clinton down to a level where it was possible for you to win. Now, how and why did Russia strategically target those swing states for you? Was there actual meddling with the voting machine tallies? I know that the original plan called for using the information Russian hackers acquired from certain states databases to be used in the event Hillary Clinton won. Russia knew that if they could copy the reporting formats that in the event Hillary Clinton won, they could release a version that showed you had more votes but someone changed them to favor Hillary Clinton. But since you had Russia shift the plan that wasn't required. Any way you cut it, win or lose the election you committed treason and the facts will come out. Yes, you will try to stir up your racist followers when the impeachment starts and they will cause trouble, but in the end you will be impeached and then tried for treason. Only your resignation and a pardon from Pence will save you from prison but I don't think he would want to risk pardoning you and taint himself with the smell of treason.
In summation, you are psychologically unfit to be President and thank God for the Constitution which allows you to be impeached, or even be found unfit with the 25th Amendment. Maybe if the cabinet invoked the 25th Amendment and found you mentally unfit it would save you from impeachment and Prison.