Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anti-Sharia marchers are ignorant of the constitution.

The dumbest thing I have seen this weekend has to be the Anti-Shariah law marches. Why? Because it shows those taking part have no clue about the Constitution and that they fall for Alt-right fake news.
First, the first amendment. Yes alt right militia morons there is more Amendments than the second Amendment. The same amendment that allows you to march and to display your racism is the same one that undercuts your reason for your March of Ignorance. The First Amendment prevents the government from sanctioning any religion or implementation of religious laws so you can quit worrying about Muslims taking over and forcing you to abide shariah law. Cannot happen, will not happen despite what you read on Breitbart or heard on Infowars. The courts will not allow the Ten Commandments be posted in government facilities so why would they allow shariah law? By the way, part of Shariah Law is made up of the Ten Commandments, so in a way you are under Shariah law, enjoy.
Now let's address your falling for fake news saying Shariah law was being implemented in some city, according to articles you read on line. The articles are normally targeted to people in the south saying that Shariah is being implemented in Detroit or other city. And who can forget that President Obama was going to implement Shariah Law and destroy America because he was a secret Muslim. All those articles were proven false but since you believe your idiot Breitbart and InfoWars you remain ignorant. Keep drinking that Orange Koolaid and worship at the altar of Fox News and Donald Trump. By the way, If you weigh the statistical possibilities of Shariah law being put in place and Russia having a tape with Trump and Russian prostitutes, the gold shower tape clears the bar in high heels while your bogus Shariah worries don't get off the ground.
I bet you want to call me a libtard, socialist, anti-American or whatever,  Feel free. I have to tell you something first, I am a 11 veteran of the USN submarine service. I am a disabled veteran. I am pro second Amendment but I do believe that the mentally should not own guns and many of you racist paranoids should not either. I am Christian and have been one since a child. I was raised in the south and taught to love my country.  I know the constitution front to back and the history behind it. I have a cousin who is Muslim and therefore I learned a little about Islam, more than you marching for racism morons. Have I upset you yet? Feel free to leave your childish comments. And yes, I voted for  Hillary Clinton instead of your fake spray tan god, Donald "I work for Putin and love golden showers" Trump.