Friday, February 17, 2017

Feeling out the political climate in the military and the danger of Trump

I observed a couple of military forums. I wanted to get a feel for how the military feels about Trump, active and former military. Those who deal with the strategic side, the big picture are worried about how screwed up Trump is. These are the people who look at what is the greater threat to the country more than just ISIS.
Those that focus or just deal with tactical issues, seem to like him. The thing is these guys, nothing against them, don't get the big picture because they concentrate just on the battle at hand, you know the fire fight.
The key is Tactics win battles but strategy wins wars. Trump and his Ilk have made ISIS into a greater threat than it actually is while playing down the biggest threat, Russia.
Russia can do more damage to America, and trust me Putin wants to, than ISIS. I am not talking about nuclear weapons here. Russia, using it political science guys have conducted damaging campaigns to not just the US but in Europe and Asia. They also want to topple the US economy and they know Trump's policies will do just that. I posted a blog on this that I need to repost that goes in depth about Russian geopolitical aspirations.
Russia is using a lesson learned from World War 2 to accomplish their goal. What is that lesson? If your adversary is controlled by a madman, you leave him in power.
Where am I going with this? There was one good reason Hitler was not assassinated during WW2, his military incompetence was one of the allies greatest strategic assets. Hitler was not a military strategist, he was a political opportunist. He was an idea man and a charismatic leader but when it came to military matters he was still a corporal trying to command an army.
You ask,"what about the early victories in Europe and the success of blitzkrieg?" The only planning input Hitler did in the beginning was to say "I want this country and that country.." it was Generals that planned the attacks, the tactics they used. The Generals learned from Germany's defeat in the entrenched slug fest that was the First World War and they did not want a repeat of that debacle. The young officers that remained in the German Army studied new tactics of the combined arms offensive, they even studied the writings of military leaders of the allies who defeated them. The result of their efforts was BlitzKrieg "Lightning War" which was very effective during the first part of the war. France and the allies were still fighting the last war, believing that a second war in Europe would be trench warfare so they were totally unprepared for what occurred next even though they had superiority with certain military assets. All this success went to Hitler's head (I almost wrote Trump's head their) and Hitler's ego, plus all of the sycophants around him convinced him he was a military genius and from that point on he took more and more control over military planning which frustrated his Generals. He attacked Russia thinking it would be a pushover but the Russians fought back harder than Hitler believed they could. Instead of retreating to fight another day he made his Generals stand and fight only to have his armies surrounded by the Russian army. When this happened the tide turned but Hitler kept control of the military disregarding what his Generals recommended. When the allies learned that Hitler was the one calling the shots for The German military they cutback their efforts to have him assassinated because they realized if he was gone then a real military strategist would take over and make the war harder on the allies.
Now we have a geopolitical war and Russia helped put a madman in office of the US president, man they know to have a large ego, whose business expertise are not as great as he thinks, a person who has had his ego stroked by syncophants, someone easily blackmailed and manipulated, and even if they could not control him they knew the man would be like Hitler and disregard every experts advice. Their man is Donald Trump. Russia studied the political climate and knew there was an element in America that disliked Obama for one reason or another so they helped generate fake news stories, hired bots to post to forums, Facebook, news sites, Twitter and other social networks to stoke the fire. They even used the the recent killings of black men by police to stir tension and made sure Trump used it. They tapped into all the hate in America they could, hacked the DNC, had Trump and other make claims of a rigged election because they knew if Trump lost his supporters would not just protest but bring guns to protest throwing the country into civil and political disarray, something that would weaken America. Some how Trump won. Now Russia had him in charge of their adversary and knew full well that if Trump implemented his policies, especially the economic ones, that within a year or so the American economy would be shot to hell and the civil situation worse because Trump supporters would blame some other people just like Hitler did and so did his supporters. They had their version of the little corporal calling the shots for America. The funny thing is Hitler was a corporal while Trump was a cadet at a military school.
I am praying Russia miscalculated the resilience and intelligence of the American people as a whole. I am praying our level headed leaders in the military and government can counter Trump's stupidity. I am praying that the GOP wakes up to find they are being led by a "military school cadet" and a liar.
So far seeing what the strategic people think of Trump gives me hope. Now is the time for the experts, the high ranking officers to come forward to say they have no faith in Trump and that he poses a danger to our servicemen and women along with nation. If you know a Flag officer talk to them, have them get in touch with Congress, especially the Republican members, to tell them how unfit and dangerous Trump is. Pardon any misspellings and typos.