Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump on the Russian blog repost from 2016

Trump on the Russian plan. Here we are a little over a month away from electing our next president, and things are looking bright and dark. The bright side would be choosing the highly qualified former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The dark part? Well, we are dwelling in the penumbra ever since the Grand Old Party nominated Donald Trump as their candidate for president, a man not fit to run for dogcatcher. (And not just because of bone spurs in his heels) Yes, Trump and the Alt-Right are darkening this election cycle, and if they win or lose, we will still face darker times. How can we face darker times if Hillary Clinton wins? I will tell you it will have nothing to do with the Policies Secretary Clinton has purposed; it will be the workings of Donald Trump and his Alt-Right which has not just festered it has become an abscess that will rupture spreading toxin through the body of our Nation.
Since early 2016 I have researched Donald Trump and his Russian connection. Why? Because when a man running for the presidency of the Unites States praises Vladimir Putin and says he would not come to the aid of our NATO allies should they be threatened by Russia a red flag went up in my mind. NATO is way more valuable than Trump gives it credit. I could spend a whole blog explaining why but that is a matter for another day. As for Trump’s praise of Vladimir “I give my enemies polonium as a going away gift” Putin? Putin has offed more reporters and others than the mafia offed during prohibition. Putin has ambitious plans for his country, but his methods are those of your despicable dictator.  While looking into Mr. Putin (Trump’s man crush) I found a few sources that provided some fascinating insight, not just into Putin but the political methods he uses to advance his agenda in Russia and abroad. I studied a few papers published by The Chatham House Organization Royal Institute of International, the Russian political scientist Aleksandr Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics and Houston Institution senior fellow John B. Dunlop’s review of Dugin’s book and others. Since this is just a blog and I will not be quoting directly, I will not be citing references. If you feel, I have plagiarized any work let me know in the comments below.
When Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin in May 2000, he seemed to be a smart and reasonable leader who would collaborate with the West. Things seemed great, no more Cold War with a Russia western countries could work with, primarily to combat terrorism. As things went on in world and nations that were either part of the Warsaw Pact or part of the former USSR started to grow closer to the West and NATO, Putin changed, or rather he stopped hiding his real feeling, becoming anti-western, Russian-centric, and tough on dissidents who opposed him. He and his cronies manipulated the Russian economy for their benefit. The government cracked down on a free press; opposition leaders wound up dead in Russia or other countries. It is fairly obvious the death were not coincidental or accidental, I mean how does a person get poisoned by the radioactive element in Britain? Impossible unless it was a deliberate action carried out by a state like Russia.
Mr. Putin began creating a false narrative about how the West, especially America, was creeping in on Russian Nationalism threatening the Russian way of life. This activity spread to ethnic Russians living in the Baltic states of the former USSR and those in the Ukraine. Like Hitler before WWII Putin uses the “marginalization” of ethnic Russians in territories he covets. He feeds the fears and manipulates through his state sponsored media and political groups that are pro-Russian. Mainstream media is said to be full of lies by Russia discrediting it in the eyes of many who lean towards Putin. The Russian Intelligence elements stir up political and social unrest any way they can to push communities with a large ethnic Russian population to taking action. Once disorder occurs in places targeted with Russia’s new social-political war machine, Putin steps in claiming to do so in the name of ethnic Russians that have been disenfranchised by the nation they reside. A good example of this is the Crimea annexation and the territories of Eastern Ukraine.
So social or political issue is beyond being exploited by Putin and the Kremlin for the purpose of expanding power. Putin appeals to ultra-nationalists and racists to use to subjugate and eliminate any and all groups that oppose him.  This is not new in our history but its use in this age is very disturbing and extremely more dangerous than in days past, why? The internet can spread racist ideas at the speed of light. Russia is using its political and social scientists like A. Dugin to conduct a war of ideologies in countries it believes pose the greatest threat to Russian expansion and a new world order with Russia, headed by Putin, at its head. We know America is the power that keeps Russia from expanding its power base and that is a good thing considering Putin’s history. No one can believe a world with Russia as the chief power would be good for anyone.
How is Russia using the methods created by Putin’s advisors such A. Dugin in America today? If I have to answer that one, then you probably a Trump supporter. Just Kidding. Seriously, Putin has found either an unwitting or a willing puppet in Donald Trump. (With Trump’s behavior I believe he could be a very willing creature) Mr. Trump has used the False Narrative to accomplish two things with his supporters. First, he has built himself up, in the eyes of many, as a successful businessman, a billionaire, smarter than other people in finance. (Yes, I laughed when I wrote that.) Something that Trump uses to inflate his already bloated self-image further is to say he started with a small loan from his dad, uh no. The second part of Trump’s false narrative is he makes false claims that the US economy is in the toilet, unemployment is at ridiculously high rates, businesses are leaving the country, and other nations are taking advantage of us. Oh, I forget he also brings up the national debt that he pays zero taxes to help bring it down. Yep, he has created quite the BS of False Narratives. Why do his followers believe this? A few reasons actually. One- Fox News, the only news source most of the Trump Train, (it figures a closed minded bunch would pick something that is limited by the rails it has to travel) has criticized President Obama’s Administration never giving him credit for pulling the country out of the recession left to us by the last Bush administration. Fox plays over and over Trump’s claims and interviews Trump surrogates who repeat and try to justify the validity of those claims. (Since Fox News is Trump propaganda central facts are irrelevant there) Speaking of the Great Recession, that is another reason Trumpkins believe their Orange God of lies. Though we are eight years displaced from the Recession, it is fresh in the minds of some, either for the severe losses suffered or the fact they lost the only job they were qualified for during the financial collapse. Is this Obama’s fault? No, but it seems Trump’s followers have that bad habit of transference.  When you consider the facts, facts, not the ones Trump pulls from his butt (he has to, his head is there) Trump’s Narrative concerning the economy is a bunch of bull!
Trump has tried to play the false narrative with a portion of America that will not fall for his BS, the Black Community. Trump has said black people are worse off now than they have ever been in history. Are you kidding? Smart big orange headed racist Oompa Loompa must have failed history.
An interesting and very evil tactic Aleksandr Dugin recommended for Russia was to foment racial unrest in the America. He suggested stirring up the white supremacists and other hate groups to cause problems across the nation. (Dugin was a little extreme suggesting Russian special forces should conduct terrorist operations on American soil and frame various other groups to further civil unrest) So far we have witnessed attack minorities blaming them for the problems faced by this country. This message was not intended for anyone but his white nationalist supporters and those with racial bias. It should be noted that the only time Trump tries to reach out to minorities is when poll numbers show he has a chance to win, even then his attempts to bridge the gaps have been half-hearted and racist in nature. Trump goes only far enough to not turn off his core supporters, the very racist Alt-Right.
Going back to Trump’s false narrative, among his core followers he has maligned the Mainstream Media to such a degree it is not considered trustworthy, and this poses a major dangerous problem. Trump has repeatedly stated the election will be rigged and since his core believes the MSM is corrupt there is no effective way to show to that rigging a general election is virtually impossible. On top of this, he has called for his mainly white base to “monitor” polls in areas that have large minority populations. This cannot be considered anything other than a dog whistle for his supporters to intimidate black people at the polls. We had already seen Trump’s racist try instigate trouble such as when Tristan Rettke (a diehard Trump supporter) donned a Gorilla mask and tried to hand out bananas at a Black Live Matter demonstration on the campus of East Tennessee State University. One could feel a book, a large book, with the offensive actions Trump’s supporters have committed online and off.
Trump has even targeted those he believes will help him by playing on patriotism and community service. (which is odd because he is not patriot and God knows he will never do service for a community unless there is something in it for him) Trump has used the recent shootings of unarmed black men to gain support from Law enforcement entities by taking a stance that the Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a terrorist organization and that liberals are anti-law enforcement. Black Lives Matter is not a terrorist anti-law organization; they want social change, so the few people in law enforcement who are racially biased are removed from positions where that bias could be dangerous. They also want a change in training standards to stop the belief “Black men are the most dangerous” from being passed down to new officers joining the force. I support law enforcement, and I know the majority are excellent it is the few that give them a bad name that needs to be addressed. As for the military and patriotism he claims, he is fake, and the fact that many follow him is because of the false narrative he created. It does not help that Fox News seems to be the only news channel allowed on the TV in many military installations.
Trump has sown the seeds into his follower's minds that the election will be rigged and Russia is providing the water and fertilizer for it to not just sprout but blossom. How? Using two methods.
First, the hacking of the DNC and release of emails by Wikileaks that showed the DNC chair at the time had a bias against Bernie Sanders running as a Democrat. Though suggestions were put forth, no action seems to have been implemented. Still, this has put doubt in the public's eye. Recently Russia has tried to hack the voter systems of many states, though nothing was manipulated it still is a cause for concern. Those who support Trump do not care about facts they just know what Trump tells them. Trump says to his supporters no one knows who hacked the DNC computers or the voting systems in various states; he puts forth China, Korea, or a 400 lb fat man sitting on his bed, but always defends Russia and Putin. What his supporters hear is “It was probably a liberal trying to rig the election. So now we are faced with a mainly racist group that distrusts mainstream media who know for sure the election is rigged.
I want everyone to consider the group Donald Trump has targeted the most with his message and sees his ideology as one with his or her own, the Alt-Right. For a refresher and for those who do not know I will name a few groups that make up part of the Alt-Right and a few others to be weary of around election time. Neo-Nazi, White Nationalists, White Supremacists, preppers (extremists), Gun owners who believe the 2nd Amendment give them the right to overthrow the government is corrupt or tyrannical, Gun owners under the false belief Hillary Clinton wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment, extremist pro-life groups, Christian groups with extreme views, (I am a Christian, but I disavow Trump and Christian Groups that share his philosophy), people that believe they are the ultimate patriot that share Trump’s views, anarchists, and more. These all pose a danger to our political process, and Trump loves them all pretty much.
Why would Trump want to cause chaos before or post election? For his puppet master, Putin, who knows that if America is in turmoil because of racial and political processes then it would be less able to come to the aid of NATO or the Ukraine if Russia were to invade. Russia is already taking actions to divide the EU, shore up its military in the Ukraine, and throw away various treaties. Putin is preparing for action and the closer we get to Nov 8, the bolder his actions will be. Even North Korea is preparing to act to take advantage of the turmoil of the upcoming election.
It may seem paranoid to some people when you suggest that a political candidate could be under the control of Russia but with Trump’s actions it is just common sense to be suspect.