Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fight ignorance, fight hate

It was nice to read about Muslims conducting a fund raiser to repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery today, very uplifting. This got me thinking about how great our country is and can be when we come together to aid one another, especially against bigotry. Now consider the situation.
This is from a group Trump Supporters believe is nothing but terrorists. Ignorance can be deadly, it is like a breeding ground for hate. Hate can be attributed to many things but fear is probably one of the biggest. Fear of the unknown can make a person leery of things and or people. To conquer fear you try to learn about what you fear when people refuse to seek out for themselves from the source others will fill in wrong information created from their own fear and hate begins its burn, it will grow until extinguished by truth or erupt in an all consuming holocaust that will not only destroy the individual from in whom it was set alight but innocents as well.