Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump is already a danger to our military

If you think that having a Russian spy ship, an AGI, off our coast is no big deal you obviously don't have a clue about security when it comes to naval matters. The same can be said of a Russian fighter buzzing a destroyer.
Let me discuss the Russian AGI off the east coast as I have experience in such matters. Why? Because I served on SSBNs during the last part of the Cold War and one of my collateral duties involved keeping track of those guys.
The AGI and Trawlers Russia uses have multiple purposes. The primary is to monitor Naval activities like Submarines entering and leaving port, their mainly concerned with Strategic assets, Ballistic Missile Submarines. They wait of the home ports of Trident subs and wait just outside the boundary between our national waters and international water for a Sub to leave or enter port. They then listen electronically and acoustically to gather as much information as they can. The information they gather is passed on to their intel guys for evaluation to try and find ways of breaking encryption or finding our Submarine when they submerge. This information goes to their attack Submarines you then tail, as quietly as they can, our Submarines.
If they are tailing a Trident Submarine they have effectively neutralized a strategic asset. If during a time of war, or if Russia wanted to attack first they would have their attack Submarines take out our Trident Submarines which are the most important part of the nuclear triad and what Russia fears most. If they plan it right, they could take out a Trident Submarine in such away it would look like an accident. That is until the wreckage is found and compared to acoustic recordings. Trident Submarines patrol in such a way that no one knows exactly where they are except those onboard who navigate the ship. Radio transmissions from a Trident sub are restricted to a minimum, basically emergencies. The Sub itself constantly receives radio broadcasts but does so in a way as not to reveal its position, it just listens. I will leave it at that. Now if there is now emergency beacon deployment the loss of a Submarine could go unnoticed for sometime, during that time a Russian Sub could clear datum and nobody would know it was even there. This is just one danger.
Another is Russian Trawlers and AGIs will purposely put themselves in the way of Navy ships and Submarines. This is to harass the crews and to see if they can provoke a response. They will even risk collisions because they know that a collision will damage a Submarine or Ship that would then have to return to port for repair. Don't think they would? I have seen them do just that. Many times another US Navy ship or Coast Guard vessel is used to keep the AGIs clear but the Russian skippers still try. They would like nothing more than to sideline one of our Subs for month while it is repaired. They would gladly trade an AGI or trawler to damage a Submarine. I have known air assets scrambled to drive off AGIs. They don't like being buzzed by low flying jets either.
Why are they doing this if they have Trump in their back pocket? They are testing their man to see how far he will let them go, and judging by Trump's response that is pretty far. When a man is worried more about why he didn't win the popular vote than Russian assets harassing our Navy you have to wonder what is wrong. First, setting aside the fact he is a traitor, it shows how unsuited for the job he is. Second, it shows he doesn't give a crap about the men and women under his command because he didn't do anything really to show he is looking out for them. You want to feel low? Consider how you would feel if you were put in a dangerous situation and your CO could careless. If you don't think a Submarine colliding with something is dangerous you obviously failed physics. Even a Submarine put putting around has quite the inertia to overcome just to stop, now imagine that tonnage stopping in a short distance. Things and people go flying on the inside and people get hurt, some have even died. I never have been in a collision on a Submarine but I have been in a situation that had people thrown across the compartment, not fun.
So yeah, Trump is putting our people at risk because of his actions and you don't know just how much. What do you expect from a man who has a pee-pee party tape, or worse, being held over his head? Do you expect he is going to stand up to the man blackmailing him?