Friday, March 17, 2017

Bernie Sanders is not the answer. He is a political opportunist and used car salesman

I read something that has upset me. What I read was a quote of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont saying "The Democratic Party is a sinking ship." Well if it is Senator Sanders helped torpedo it.
In the past Senator Sanders may have been a champion of Social Causes today, and may talk the talk today, but like others in politics he has been bitten by the power bug and has changed. What has he changed into? Many words and comparisons apply here but the two main ones are: "Used Car Salesman " and "political opportunist."
First, why do I say he is a "used car salesman ?" Because he sold his supporters free college which is not possible. Colleges are like any other institution and requires money to operate. That money has to come from somewhere, but where? The obvious answer would be a tax increase on a portion of the population or the whole. It would most likely be both and here is why. Without reform the cost of attendance and cost for operations will only increase. Heck they still will increase with reform because that is how things work. If you increased corporate taxes and that of the rich it would eventually not keep up pace with increased costs then a new source of moneys would be required. I mean you can't expect to tax the rich and corporations near 100%. The time will come when the middle class would be taxed at a higher rate and that won't fly. Who wants to pay taxes for someone who may just waste taxpayer's money partying? And what will corporations do? Take their business elsewhere or find ways to make up for the loss of money by increased tax. Cut down on the number of people the employ, increase prices for goods and services, cut out charitable giving, including endowments for colleges. Free college is a noble idea but the actual implementation is not practical.
Senator Sanders knows this and despite what he says, or his plan says, it cannot be done. The best thing would be tuition reform and national service for tuition. He promised you a Rolls Royce but what you are getting a "Yellow Le Car." (Seinfeld reference)
The political opportunist. Yes, he is and members of the Democratic National Convention were right in looking at him as an outsider. What they were wrong in doing was plotting to sabotage him or use his ethnic background against him. What they should have done was tell him he could not run as a democrat just for the election and use their resources. He calls himself an independent then let him run as one. How many Democrats worked hard for their party only to have an outsider come to take advantage of their work? Don't tell me he has been an ally of the Democratic Party. He only has done so for his benefit, he's a politician. Don't say he raised money for the DNC because the damage he has done outweighs any contribution. What damage? We have a President Trump for god's sake. Senator Sanders wanted to use the assets of the DNC for the Presidential election, nothing more. A political sponge, political parasite, or political opportunist. Any of those terms will fit. I am not saying Senator Sanders is a bad guy overall, what I am saying he is not as altruistic as he would have people believe.
And you Berners who believe they did the right thing with protest votes and smarter than those who came before? You are blooming idiots who fell for fake news like Trump Supporters. You were played. You are like children who if you can use the cardboard box to play your way destroy it so no one else can use it. In short, you are immature.