Friday, March 17, 2017

Why can General Flynn get away with consulting with Russia, a hostile entity?

I find it very disturbing that we have Retired flag officers who worked with sensitive matters regarding National Security working for foreign interests, some of those hostile to America and it gets blown off as no big deal. I am not just speaking of this administration, but past ones also both democrat and republican .
I held a Top Secret security clearance required to perform my duties while in the Navy. I was part of the Personal Reliability Program which is the program that applies to those working with or around nuclear weapons ( strategic assets) to ensure no one unfit or of a security risk works in that field. While in the Navy I could not travel outside the US without first notifying the Navy. If by chance I had contact with a Russian national or other nation that posed a threat to the US I was required to notify the Navy. When I left the service I was debriefed about certain countries I had to ask permission before I traveled to them. What shocked me was that many don't bother getting permission or notify the government and just travel to these places which is a violation of the law for all those to which that law applies. I cannot talk about specifics about my job but can only generalize, The real technical parts are classified. I cannot work as a consultant for anyone other than the government or contractors who work for the government. I can consult and work in the Electronics or Navigation fields if I want but not in the same way. I was an electronics technician who worked on the Strategic Navigation system which provided the position input to the Missile system so the Trident missiles had a good starting point and could calculate trajectory so they could strike as close to the targets as possible. This is not something I would be allowed to consult on with any foreign entity, especially Russia. Imagine if someone who did what I did in the Navy decided to consult with Iran or North Korea about their ballistic missile programs. We would be contributing to the ability of a hostile government to strike our country. That person would be vilified as a traitor and prosecuted. But we have flag officers like General Flynn who headed the defense intelligence agency opening a consulting firm then working with Russia? How much damage has that done to our intelligence abilities? Why was he allowed to even act in such away. Don't think it is as dangerous as someone working to make a hostile government's missile system more accurate and deadly? Think again. How compromised are we because General Flynn and others have played fast a loose with the system? If I pulled what he did and tried to use my knowledge to start a consulting firm and dealt with a hostile entity, I would be setting somewhere in an orange jumper answering questions from some very pissed off government officials.