Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump playing the Russian blackmail game?

Did Trump do unto others what was done to him?

We know about the dossier on Trump put together by retired British Agent Christopher Steele. We know that it alleges Trump is being blackmailed by Russia who may have compromising material involving Russian prostitutes and golden showers. ( On that note, has anyone else noticed how Melania seems kind of distant from the Donald since that revelation?) If true that means Russia has power over Trump, but this is post will not discuss that, but a what if. What if Trump used the same method for his own gain?
I am a disabled veteran with 11 years experience as a Navigation Electronics Technician on ballistic missile submarines. I received training on how to troubleshoot equipment failures using a set method. I know what is supposed to happen and compare it to what happens. If they don't match there has to be a problem. I gather the system of the failure and use what I know to try to localize the fault. I divide the circuit into smaller and smaller parts until I find the component that failed by checking the goes into with the goes out of to see when Good becomes bad. Sometimes we face intermittent errors that are hard to find so we resort to I know this isn't working right but there is not a hard failure to isolate the problem yet so lets try something different. The outside the box and speculation thing.
Now if no one speculated every now and then we would learn nothing new. Law enforcement would not solve as many crimes or even know a crime was committed if they did say “hmm something isn't right here. Maybe we should look into it.” Well that is what I am about to do.
So what isn't right? Well for one, we have the Republican Party, actually certain members, refusing to consider or look into Donald Trump colluding with Russian intelligence during the last election. Republicans have, until recently, been very firm on dealing with Russia but that seems to have changed during the RNC. Why? In the past if Republicans thought there could be a Russian Traitor in government they would stop everything and investigate, but now it is no big deal. Why?
We have seen some Republicans who seemed to oppose Trump meet with Trump and jump on the “Trump Train”, why? You would think Trump made them a deal they could not refuse. (I chose to use deal here instead of offer because, well “the art of the deal.” Maybe he did make a deal to some key republicans ( Ryan, Nunes, Chaffetz, Mitchell, Gowdy….you get the picture).
Maybe he used power or financial incentive. Maybe he took a page from the Russian playbook of compromat ( I think that is what they call it). I mean he does own hotels and has connections to some seed types who can provide him with services such as escort services. (wasn't there talk about how he recruited young Eastern European girls for modeling but they ended up working as escorts or something?) Maybe when a certain Republican congressman stayed at one of Trump’s hotel they were treated to the best suite and room service with some extra services their wives may not approve. Maybe they got more than they expected, service that went the extra mile and a video to remember the great time they had at the Trump Hotel? I am just speculating here trying to figure out how key Republicans bow to Trump when they know he is unfit for the job and is off his rocker. It doesn't add up with the current variables so there must be a few more to the formula. Maybe the FBI should check to see if Trump Tower is wired, wired by Trump. Check his hotels too. I am not saying Trump may have blackmail material on all or any Republicans. He definitely would not need leverage on all just certain ones. You remember the story about Representative Nunes getting a text or something the night before his bombshell news conference? You know, when he bailed out of an Uber he was sharing with others? Maybe he got the “you better look at this and contact me before someone else sees it? Sincerely Trump” I am not saying Trump gathered all the intel he is using for leverage. He seems to have his own source and we know it isn't from US agencies. Think Russia and the use of go betweens.
Maybe certain key republicans are being blackmailed by Trump and are protecting him to protect themselves. If they are they better hope that the FBI gets someone like Flynn to crack because that Trump wall will be coming down hard on them. Their best bet, best scenario? Do something to save their country, admit they screwed up and Trump used it to blackmail them. If they don’t it is only a matter of time before it comes out in the wash. So they have a choice, both will mean their career is over but one has prison as a possibility.
So maybe Trump is playing the Russian game.