Sunday, March 26, 2017

The American government machine is broken and The 4th estate may have helped break it.

The American Government is broken and the 4th estate may have contributed

I am a former Navy Electronics Technician who still loves troubleshooting broken electronics, computers, machines or anything that matter. It is like solving a puzzle, a mystery. When I come across something broken I cannot sleep until I have discovered the fault and a solution to fix the problem. With equipment it is easy to find the fault although sometimes it takes time. With things like politics it takes time and is far from easy but the same troubleshooting methods apply.
Imagine when Donald Trump won the election and how that would affect someone who goes nuts when things don't go right, when the machine is obviously broken.
I have not been able to sleep at night because I know the American government is broken and I am someone who has to know why. The American government is a machine and like any machine it can breakdown from time to time. The founding fathers knew this and established a system of “self repair” providing all parts of the government aren't trashed too. You know the executive, legislative, and judicial branches form a limiting circuit to keep each other from going to far on the power scale. Now this is a good system but it is not perfect so the founding fathers provided a feedback loop that is made up of the people and the press. ( that is why we have the first amendment.)
Normally when something goes wrong in government the press will report on it to the people who will then let the elected representatives know they need to get their act together and fix the problem. This feedback loop becomes extremely valuable and effective when our political system enters “ election mode” things start to really happen. Now if the system is still not running right the feedback loop enters repair mode during the election cycle and the faulty circuit, gear, or other mechanism is replaced by the people with a part they think can get the system running again. Now what if there is something wrong with feedback loop and election cycle repair mode? What if someone hacked into the system and tweaked one of the circuits so that it sent out “ bad signals” to the people side of the feedback loop? Could this be done? Yes and it was done. Remember the Russian Cable guy from “Seinfeld”? It wasn't him, it was a Putin the repair man and his Technicians. So what part of the system did they mess with? The press. Covertly and overtly by manipulating the media through hacks, fake news, and leaks. Now there is more than one circuit to the press subsystem. Each news outlet whether TV, Print, internet, Radio, large, or small is a separate circuit. The press circuits very in how much they impact the feedback loop according to how large the audience is, so if you want to screw up the system you go after a big circuit, one easily accessed through the backdoor. Russia political repair company chose a few circuits but the most notable and biggest was Fox News. Fox News has a large passionate conservative audience and an owner who likes money and power, Rupert Murdoch. With a little willing dealing and money thrown around you have tweaked the Fox News circuit into spilling out all the crap and fear you want the audience to hear. ( am I saying Murdoch is a traitor? No, but he and Fox News sure are pro-Russian all of a sudden!) now you have a large audience receiving the bad signals and it spreads out to people who don't watch Fox News but are influenced by people who do, and also people who follow Alex Jones and Breitbart. All of a sudden you have a number of broken, or just plain evil, press circuits spouting bad info to the people who are in the election cycle. The people circuits are overwhelmed and enough are influenced by the bad info that during the election cycle they select a big orange and very broken main gear to drive the government machine and numerous other bad little gears to go along too. Now we have have a machine that is broken, really broken, with the remaining good gears and circuits trying to repair the machine before it catches on fire. What is making it hard for the remaining good gears and the non-contaminated people circuit is there are still bad circuits like Fox News that needs to be fixed or shut down. ( I so hope that the FBI finds Rupert Murdoch and Fox News aided Russia in spreading false news to influence the election. If they do, they can put Murdoch on trial, convict him, strip him of his citizenship, deport him, and shut down Fox News. I would love to see a few Fox News people on the unemployment line, especially Sean Hannity.)
So to compensate for bad press circuits bringing down the system the good circuits like The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and all others have to work extra hard to minimize the bad and fix the system or we will be stuck in a self destructive negative feedback loop.