Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump's true purpose and how he is playing everyone.

People think Trump is crazy or suffering from dementia, but consider that he acted in a thought out way. Over the last year he has been dogged by his connections to Russia and his strange Putin love affair and he is undoubtedly worried. He doesn't know exactly know what the intelligence community, ours and our allies have on him but he would like to know. He knows that if he tries to use overt ways to find out if there was, or now is, an investigation that targets him specifically he will draw attention and people will think it is his way of covering up the truth. ( I believe he colluded with Russia in ways we don't know yet.)  So since he cannot go in after the rabbit in the hole without risking himself he tries to smoke it out. He starts a big fire at the opening and waits. He accuses President Obama of wiretapping his phones in Trump tower with no proof knowing it will start a big fire and draw attention. He keeps pushing it, claiming he has sources so congress decides to poke around to see if the past administration or Federal agency may have tapped Trump's communications. Congress comes back and says there is no indications of Trump being under surveillance and his claim is without merit. Trump has smoked the rabbit out of its hole, or so he thinks, he now feels a little safer and can relax his guard a bit.
It also had the second effect of stirring up his racist and ignorant base who believe everything he says. Also note the timing of the Wikileaks release of CIA hacking tools. If the rabbit turned out to be a dangerous animal waiting to bite Trump in the Rump, CIA found evidence of collusion, then the revelation would have been neutralized to a small degree by the CIA be discredited for its own lack of cyber security so Trump's core followers would not trust the information. If Congress chose to impeach Trump, he is counting on his followers not just protesting but staging armed protests. Trump is rooted in and is hedging his bets so people will fear the repercussions of an impeachment. He would try to stir insurrection in the US before he gets canned by congress. It doesn't matter his followers are out numbered; he and Bannon, along with Russia know they have enough on their side to cause a world of hurt. Trump is going for all or nothing and damned those who get in his way. Why do you think he is still holding Rallies for his base, the racist mental defectives who see him as their savior?
Why do you think he sent his Taxes so Rachel Maddow would report on them? He knew that the 1040 would not show anything other than numbers and nothing more. He knew the media would pounce on it and in so doing discredit themselves in 2 ways: using leaked data. Blowing the story up to huge proportions to get ratings but end up falling flat. In the eyes of his followers he reinforced the belief that MSNBC and other news organizations are fake news.
The media and politicians are being outplayed by not just Trump, but Russian intelligence on the political warfare front, specifically a man named Aleksander Dugin. Mr. Dugin is a Russian political scientist who works for the Kremlin and shares many of the same beliefs Steve Bannon has. Mr. Dugin wrote a book, a 600 page one, called the Foundation of Geopolitics. The book is a treatise on how Russia can manipulate countries and regions to expand itself into the dominant power. Not through warfare, except to annex the Ukraine and Baltic States, but through political warfare. Besides the US he recommends breaking up the EU by starting a wave of nationalism. He is targeting NATO the same way and trying to force a wedge between Turkey and the rest of NATO. Why? Turkey controls the Black Sea which would be used to send suppliers and relief to the Ukraine if that country is attacked by Russia.
Trump is just an instrument of Russia to weaken the US. He won't make America Great, he will make it and the world Subservient to a despotic Russia.