Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trump needs to explain why his campaign contacted Russian assets being investigated.

Rep. Nunes, who heads the House Intelligence committee was wrong by briefing Trump on The Russian-Trump campaign investigation, but he may have did everyone a favor except Team Trump. By Donald Trump saying he feels " somewhat vindicated " he acknowledges that he and his team were caught by US intelligence who were monitoring Russian intelligence assets. Let that sink in a minute. Rep. Nunes said that the President and some of his team may have been "incidentally " intercepted while the FBI and other US intelligence assets were looking into Russian interference with the US election. In order for this to happen, Trump or someone on his team had to have contact with someone, Russian asset, being monitored by the US. Trump wasn't being monitored or having his phone tapped, it was the Russians who were being tapped and monitored and by chance Team Trump was caught talking to the Russian assets. Summing up Team Trump walked into a counter intelligence investigation. Trump needs to explain why he was communicating with Russian Intelligence assets being investigated by FBI and NSA. Trump wasn't wiretapped the people he and his team contacted were.