Friday, March 31, 2017

Trump back to diving America to save his own skin and Russia

In the military the push "attention to detail " because it is known that most times it is the little things that comeback to bite you and ruin your day, or end someone's life. Even in my career on submarines this was drilled into our heads because all it takes is for one person to overlook a valve or a switch to endanger the sub and its crew. I have witnessed people overlooking something and the results were not pleasant. I have seen people injured and one time when have the crew was suffering severe ear pains and at least one ruptured eardrum because someone forgot to reposition a valve and we drew a serious vacuum on the boat. I was able to equalize my ears but many were not so lucky. It did have one benefit, it cleared my sinuses of snot.
That sense of attention to detail and pattern recognition has been useful in my life outside the Navy. Now, 20 years after I left the service with disabilities following 11 years service I still find myself examining things in detail to determine if it is correct or not. This ability is the main reason the last election raised so many red flags for me. Trump's claim the US economy was the worst in years even though leading economic indicators showed the opposite was true. That unemployment was out of control and no jobs were being lost while the data showed the opposite. That America was divided like never before but it was his rhetoric that was targeted to further to try and establish that. Anything negative to be used against President Obama and Hillary Clinton, true or not was repeated over and over as if he were working to brain wash his audience. He did brainwash enough to get elected.
Even though some have figured out Trump is a born liar and now regret voting for him he still has a large audience which is in the minority but enough to cause trouble with impeaching him. Now with more and more information coming to light about Russia 's interfering in the election and Trump's more than probable collusion with them, Don the con is falling back to the same disinformation tactics used to brainwash his supporters and others. He is playing " Mr. law and Order" and " Mr. American Patriot" to the fullest to butter up law enforcement and military to help insulate himself from others finding out the truth and that being used to remove him from office.
The sad thing is just like other brainwash victims his supporters do not care if he promises something then breaks that promise, they become apologists for him thinking he knows best. How can promising to use American steel in government projects to gain the steel worker and coal worker vote then giving Russian steel makers a 40 percent cut of the pipeline helping American steel? It isn't, nor does it help with coal miners. Yes, the carbon from coal is needed to make steel, most steels anyway.
And the jobs Trump is claiming have been created by big business since he has been in office were announced by the companies over a year ago in most cases. If you read the companies' prospectus for 2016 and 2015 you will see they planned to expand before Trump was elected, that is how business works. Successful businesses make hiring increases and business expansion months, years in most cases, in advance because it takes planning. No company would say "let's hire more people now that Trump is President " and implement a plan in such a short time, big businesses, and successful little ones, do not work that way. Expansion is planned in advance after much study because otherwise the business can expand to fast and too large to find that the economic environment can not support it, then the business collapses and lots of people suffer. It is simple economic planning. Trump does not know this or care because Trump never sticks with a business long enough to care. Trump is what is known as a speculator, an opportunist, who makes deals to try an profit off the short term economic environment in  particular sector. He usually bails when it collapses and leaves someone else holding the bag. No major bank or business in the west will deal with him because they know how he operates and have been burned by him. This is why Trump has to got to other questionable sources like Chinese banks, Russian oligarchs, and others for financing his deals. You really want the future of your children and their children decided by a man who knows nothing of long term business deals because he has failed at every attempt and had to look for someone to bail him out?
What scares me is that the facts are out there, they are public record yet Trump has brainwashed people into thinking he is a real successful business man when he is just a high class used car salesman. You know what you have to risk by trying Trump? Screwing your own and your children's economic future. Warren Buffet knows Trump and so does Bloomberg and neither thinks Trump is someone to trust. These two are real billionaires that clear Trump's net worth by miles.
Summing Up Trump is a tool for Russia and now that he is in danger of being exposed he will go back to dividing America hoping his racist base and those he has brainwashed will keep him from being impeached. And if they cannot, he will do more than dog whistle to start armed civil unrest by his supporters. If he can help Russia by being president then he knows to default to his backup mission, weaken America by throwing it in turmoil.
How did I form this conclusion? Using the skills I learned from the Navy and from my family who taught me love for the country. My father served from 1953 to 1973 in the USAF. He taught me to also look out for con artists like Trump and that American's don't let other countries interfere in our business.