Friday, March 31, 2017

Trump back to diving America to save his own skin and Russia

In the military the push "attention to detail " because it is known that most times it is the little things that comeback to bite you and ruin your day, or end someone's life. Even in my career on submarines this was drilled into our heads because all it takes is for one person to overlook a valve or a switch to endanger the sub and its crew. I have witnessed people overlooking something and the results were not pleasant. I have seen people injured and one time when have the crew was suffering severe ear pains and at least one ruptured eardrum because someone forgot to reposition a valve and we drew a serious vacuum on the boat. I was able to equalize my ears but many were not so lucky. It did have one benefit, it cleared my sinuses of snot.
That sense of attention to detail and pattern recognition has been useful in my life outside the Navy. Now, 20 years after I left the service with disabilities following 11 years service I still find myself examining things in detail to determine if it is correct or not. This ability is the main reason the last election raised so many red flags for me. Trump's claim the US economy was the worst in years even though leading economic indicators showed the opposite was true. That unemployment was out of control and no jobs were being lost while the data showed the opposite. That America was divided like never before but it was his rhetoric that was targeted to further to try and establish that. Anything negative to be used against President Obama and Hillary Clinton, true or not was repeated over and over as if he were working to brain wash his audience. He did brainwash enough to get elected.
Even though some have figured out Trump is a born liar and now regret voting for him he still has a large audience which is in the minority but enough to cause trouble with impeaching him. Now with more and more information coming to light about Russia 's interfering in the election and Trump's more than probable collusion with them, Don the con is falling back to the same disinformation tactics used to brainwash his supporters and others. He is playing " Mr. law and Order" and " Mr. American Patriot" to the fullest to butter up law enforcement and military to help insulate himself from others finding out the truth and that being used to remove him from office.
The sad thing is just like other brainwash victims his supporters do not care if he promises something then breaks that promise, they become apologists for him thinking he knows best. How can promising to use American steel in government projects to gain the steel worker and coal worker vote then giving Russian steel makers a 40 percent cut of the pipeline helping American steel? It isn't, nor does it help with coal miners. Yes, the carbon from coal is needed to make steel, most steels anyway.
And the jobs Trump is claiming have been created by big business since he has been in office were announced by the companies over a year ago in most cases. If you read the companies' prospectus for 2016 and 2015 you will see they planned to expand before Trump was elected, that is how business works. Successful businesses make hiring increases and business expansion months, years in most cases, in advance because it takes planning. No company would say "let's hire more people now that Trump is President " and implement a plan in such a short time, big businesses, and successful little ones, do not work that way. Expansion is planned in advance after much study because otherwise the business can expand to fast and too large to find that the economic environment can not support it, then the business collapses and lots of people suffer. It is simple economic planning. Trump does not know this or care because Trump never sticks with a business long enough to care. Trump is what is known as a speculator, an opportunist, who makes deals to try an profit off the short term economic environment in  particular sector. He usually bails when it collapses and leaves someone else holding the bag. No major bank or business in the west will deal with him because they know how he operates and have been burned by him. This is why Trump has to got to other questionable sources like Chinese banks, Russian oligarchs, and others for financing his deals. You really want the future of your children and their children decided by a man who knows nothing of long term business deals because he has failed at every attempt and had to look for someone to bail him out?
What scares me is that the facts are out there, they are public record yet Trump has brainwashed people into thinking he is a real successful business man when he is just a high class used car salesman. You know what you have to risk by trying Trump? Screwing your own and your children's economic future. Warren Buffet knows Trump and so does Bloomberg and neither thinks Trump is someone to trust. These two are real billionaires that clear Trump's net worth by miles.
Summing Up Trump is a tool for Russia and now that he is in danger of being exposed he will go back to dividing America hoping his racist base and those he has brainwashed will keep him from being impeached. And if they cannot, he will do more than dog whistle to start armed civil unrest by his supporters. If he can help Russia by being president then he knows to default to his backup mission, weaken America by throwing it in turmoil.
How did I form this conclusion? Using the skills I learned from the Navy and from my family who taught me love for the country. My father served from 1953 to 1973 in the USAF. He taught me to also look out for con artists like Trump and that American's don't let other countries interfere in our business.

Has Fox News been weaponized by Russia? Fox News, an enemy of democracy.

Recently Ted Koppel interviewed Sean Hannity of Fox News where he said Mr. Hannity is a danger to America. I have to agree with Ted Koppel, Sean Hannity is a threat to America, but so is the rest of Fox News. ( except Shepard Smith who seems to be the only one on Fox to call out Donald Trump on his Fake News claims.)
Why is Fox News a danger to America? There are a few reasons that justify such an opinion of the news organization, and I will try to name a few hear. The most obvious are that despite the motto “Fair and Balanced” they are anything but, they lean so far right that Fox News is one of the Alt-Rights favorite news sources along with Breitbart. Any news story that paints conservatives in a bad light is either not covered or attacked no matter if hard facts back up the story. There is a definite feel that Fox News coverage is crafted and directed to not so much conservatives as a whole, but the ultra conservatives and the extreme hard Right. What is worse, it is also targeted to the military and law enforcement establishments in such a way that they purposely paint themselves as those establishments only friends in the media and that all other news outlets are anti-military, anti- law enforcement, and not patriotic. What is frightening is that at many military stations Fox News is the only thing on or allowed on television in common areas such as waiting rooms, it is also quite common to find Fox News being watched in workspaces. It would not be a problem if Fox News were a factual News agency and not so much an opinionated propaganda outlet. Fox News does not report facts and lets the viewer decide, they direct the viewer as to what they want the audience to think. Every News outlet whether print, television, or on the internet has opinion shows along with news shows, but at Fox, there is no distinction between the two. Why?
Fox News was started in the late 1990’s by Rupert Murdoch. Everyone knows Mr. Murdoch started with a Newspaper left to him by his father and from that Mr. Murdoch built a vast multimedia empire. Mr. Murdoch became a United States citizen in 1985 to buy 20th Century Fox and own television stations in the U.S. You have to admit that is quite an accomplishment. The thing is Fox News was from the outset intended to be a conservative news organization. Fox News was meant to be an American conservative news outlet. It can be hard to pin down exactly what are Mr. Murdoch's politics, but if you go by the fruits of his labor, he leans right. However, is this the only reason Fox News is so biased to the Right side of the political spectrum? Probably not.
Rupert Murdoch is running the show at Fox News after Roger was forced to leave because of sexual harassment scandals. Is this true? The Executive editor at Fox News and Executive Vice President is John Moody. Mr. Moody is a, or rather was a journalist. At one time Mr. Moody was the Bureau Chief in Moscow for the UPI during the late 1970’s. Considering he was 25 at the time you have to conclude Mr. Moody is someone who knows how to work the system. Is so terrible? Not at all. Now Moody is running the operations and determining what news and how Fox News will report it. It is said that Mr. Moody uses memos to control exactly how the news is reported and to make sure it is held to the conservative ideal; this goes against the “fair and balanced” claim and considering he directs the hosts of Fox News shows on what and how to say. I seriously doubt the “ No spin zone” exists on the O’Reilly Factor. It seems John Moody is not so much an executive editor as he is the director of ultra right wing propaganda.
So far we have looked at some background on Fox News and key players, now let's look at how and why it was weaponized by Russia to divide the country and elect Donald Trump. When crimes are discussed, they speak of MO, motive, and opportunity. Why did the person commit the offense and did they have the opportunity, is asked during the investigation. So what was the motivation for Russia to actively interfere in American politics and the 2016 Presidential Election? This one is multilayered but let us cover two of the more obvious reasons. First, Putin was and is still afraid of Secretary Hillary Clinton, not because he thinks she would start a war with Russia but because he knows she will not back down. Putin has been expanding or trying to expand Russian power and has played to bully and used dirty tricks to do so. Putin knows that Hillary Clinton would keep economic sanctions in place and ask for more to keep Putin in check. Putin knows that since Russia is not communist anymore, he needs a strong economy to stay in power and expand Russian power. Right now the Russian economy is in the tank, and Russian Oligarchs aligned with Putin are hurting from sanctions, so there is pressure to have those lifted, and Russia is not about to withdraw from the Ukraine or any other place so the sanctions can be lifted. America is the driving force behind those sanctions, so that is the obstacle that needs to be removed. Russia cannot go to war with America so they must use other methods. The method chosen would have to weaken America, so the threat of future sanctions are removed. Two ways to accomplish this are: have a Russian friendly administration in the White House that will not keep Russia in check, divide America in such away it will take it off the world stage for awhile and allow Russia to run wild. We have the motivation and are now going to look at the method used and opportunities.
Russia is a fascinating country when you look at the people who have governed over the years. Its history is filled with ruthless leaders, starting with the Tzars, the revolution, the USSR, and The current government. The Tzars had their secret police, after the revolution the communists did the same, after the fall of Communism people in the KGB and others used their positions to profit off the fall of communism and gain powerful positions under the guise of being democratically elected. Also, this government and previous Russian government used their intelligence community to further it foreign interests by meddling in other countries. It is a well-practiced organization(s) that do this and uses political scientists to direct where the operations should be targeted. One of those political scientists is a man named Aleksandr Dugin. Mr. Dugin is an adviser to the Kremlin on geopolitics. He can be extreme in his views. If you want to know what type of person he can be compared to Steve Bannon, in fact, they share similar views, and that is disturbing. Mr. Dugin wrote a book called the “Foundations of Geopolitics” which many claims is used to frame Russian foreign doctrine. The book covers various theories involved in world politics and then goes on how Russia can expand its power and control in different areas around the globe. One key to Dugin’s plan is to weaken America, to divide it on racial and social lines. He even discusses how to do it and which group to target with information campaigns to have the biggest impact. If you guessed he recommended targeting the left leaning liberal establishment to foment some new counter culture revolution, then you would be wrong. No, Dugin suggested targeting Conservatives and extreme right wings to cause trouble. One plan was to stir up the alt-right to put intense pressure on race relations in America if not start a race war. Second to target Conservatives with fake news about Democrats and liberals ( I am a conservative democrat) and make them look unpatriotic and an enemy. To spread fake rumors about Democrats wanting to get rid of the second amendment and take away guns. Create and spread conspiracy theories about Democrats making secret deals and having people killed to cover them up, anything that would make liberals look bad. Even the shootings of unarmed black men or even armed black men were used to stir up hate with Russian bots and trolls working on both sides. Both Law Enforcement and Black Lives Matter were targeted with fake news to drive a wedge between the two furthering the divide. These are a few things used over the last year to divide the country. The interesting thing about Aleksandr Dugin’s plan is that it does not need to have the majority to succeed, just the right audience even if they are in the majority. Why? Because the minority he recommended targeting own guns, feels patriotic, and will threaten anyone they believe is an America's enemy. So all Russia had to do was create an enemy for that minority group of “patriotic” American's to target, illegal aliens, Muslims, black people, liberals, democrats, and anyone not on the Trump Train. ( For your information there were many reports of people insinuating or blatantly stating they would march on Washington (armed) and install Trump as President if Hillary Clinton won. Notice the Democrats marched to protest but never threatened to overthrow the government. Which is the American way? I was among those threatened on the internet for my support of Clinton and opposition of Trump)
Now here is where the Fox News Channel comes back into the picture, and you can see how it hold to what Russia was trying to do. Fox News was weaponized willingly or was played for a stooge to do Russia’s bidding, but we will get back to that later.
During the racial tensions of the Black Lives Matter protests Fox News always fell on the side of law enforcement no matter the visual evidence. If the evidence suggested the law enforcement officer made a mistake, then you could guarantee that Fox News would minimize or neglect that coverage. If anything in the past suggested the person shot had a run-in with the law at one time or another Fox News would guarantee they ran they heck out of that angle and paint that person in a bad of light as possible. During BLM protests Fox News would portray the protestors as cop hating thugs. If a person spoke out to say there needs to be more training and oversight in law enforcement concerning race relations that person was automatically labeled a cop hater or anti-law enforcement. So to Fox viewers, and many are in law enforcement and the military, BLM was the enemy and wanted cops dead. What is worse, is Fox labeled other networks who showed both sides of the story as liberal anti-law enforcement propaganda outlets. ( I am a big supporter of law enforcement with family and friends in that field. I know that like any organization law enforcement represents a cross section of America. I served in the military and can tell you, that despite screening, racists do make it in and some even try to spread their beliefs. )
During the campaign much was made about jobs being sent overseas and the economy. Donald Trump would say Democrats are weak on trade and allow other countries run over the United States and take our jobs and ruin the economy. President Obama was blamed for a failing economy even though economic indicators showed the economy has been growing under the Obama administration and recovery plan. Fox News would cover the rallies and push Trump's comments as if they were true even when Fox News economic analysts knew the truth. Government numbers were questioned as being fake. Fox News promoted Trump’s bogus claims.
During the Syrian crisis which is still going on, other news outlets would talk about the humanitarian crisis and refugees; Fox News would push the view that ISIS would hide among the refugees and would be let into the United States without being vetted;  this is not true because the refugees are not allowed into the U.S. Without thorough vetting contrary to Trump and Fox News claims. Like Donald Trump, Fox News pushed for a Muslim ban. When other news organizations pointed out Trump's Ban did not cover certain countries he had economic ties to but produced some of the most notorious terrorists, Fox let it go. Saudi Arabia was the home to most of the 9/11 terrorists and is not part of Trump's ban. When a Muslim commits an act of terrorism Fox News is all over presenting a view that Muslims cannot be trusted and Islam is evil.
When a racist attack happens in the United States, which is an act of terrorism, Fox News does not address it as such just like Donald Trump, which is interesting because if a person of color commits a crime, Fox is there painting that individual in as bad light as possible.
This blog is getting long, and I still can list tons more examples in showing how Fox News does not just separate itself from mainstream media which the alt- right hates, it aligns itself with the most divisive views and if Trump shares that view they double down on it. Know what we know now, and with more information coming out daily on how Russia used fake news to damage Hillary Clinton and aided Donald Trump you cannot help but question if Fox News was part of the plan. Does Rupert Murdoch’s past and present Russian ties leave him open to Russian manipulation and that is why Fox News favors Trump and is playing down Russiagate? Is Russia using a KGB file on Fox News executive editor John Moody from his time as  Moscow bureau chief to blackmail him now? Are these the opportunities, the assets, that Russia is using and used to Weaponize Fox News? Fox News has a large viewership, but it is still the minority of the population but is the political views and makeup of that minority which makes them dangerous to America.

Listed are links used for this a starting point for information on Dugin this is Dugin’s book on his site. You can use Google translate. It is a very long book. ivanka trustee for Murdoch’s daughters,8599,2085878,00.html Rupert Murdochs Russian billboard Murdoch sat in on times interview of Trump Russia Today article confirms Murdoch investments in Russia but did he sell? driving force behind Fox News note Moody served as Moscow bureau chief for UPI in the past. More than likely there is a KGB/ FSB file on him because of his position.

Fox News is owned by 21st Century Fox Entertainment after split of NewsCorp
Sent request to UPI for dates Moody was stationed in Moscow and why he was transferred

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hypothetical reason Nunes and Others protect Trump and some mental time travel.

I am theorizing here, speculating with what information I have at hand nothing more. Am I creating a conspiracy theory? Maybe, but not along the lines or crazy as the alt-right(out of their minds) creates.
We know for a fact that Russia did work to influence the last presidential election by hacking, releasing information, planting false news, and the use of bots on social media to stir the passions of the alt-right. ( I can attest to this because I was a recipient of harassment of numerous bots on twitter during the election. I also noted there was a sharp decline of these BOTs after the election and most originated in Russia and not in the US though they claimed to be American on their profiles) anyway let's get back to my speculation, a creation of imagination that has basis in fact. Do I need to do a disclaimer here? Screw it, sue me if you're offended or if this resembles you.
We know a former agent of British Intelligence created a dossier on how Donald Trump could have quite possibly been compromised by Russian intelligence while visiting Moscow sometime in the the not distant past. We know there are reports from allies that say Russia has been grooming Trump for years; this is not far fetched as it seems because this operation has been planned years ago. We know that many of those around Trump are so heavily invested in Russian companies, especially the energy sector, that they need to be reminded to make Checks out to Americans in dollars not Rubles. Trump's sons bragged about their Russian interests and Trump himself wants to put one of his small penis compensating Towers in Moscow. Did I just write that? Oh well.
Let's time travel in our imagination in Donald Trump's shoes to a trip to Moscow whenever that was. We are stoked because we have a chance to put up one of our monuments to our colossal ego and take advantage of the Russian energy boom and make some rubles, I mean dollars. (See it is hard to keep Track) Our jet touches down and we are greeted by one, two, or more of Putin's men, uh Oligarchs, I mean Russian businessmen. We are swept away to Moscow's best hotel but it is nothing compared to one of our over compensating for our small penis towers, I mean hotel. Why is Trump so worried about his small hands and penis? Ah well, we are just along for the ride in his mind. It's a good thing he has such a small IQ so we all can fit.
Our Russian hosts want to have dinner socialize and have some drinks, We don't drink but We get a high from people praising me for my intelligence and business acoo... a koo...uh, business smarts. But what is that word someone on TV once used? It sounds like ack you man, anyway they are praising me and my big head his inflated enough We could overshadow the world.
Wow! Look at that young thing, and that one and that one! Damn good thing Melania isn't along for the ride or we won't be able to sample the local fair. What did the interpreter say to us? Oh, we can have anyone or everyone we want? All of them! Send them up to our room. They are clean? Can't be too careful after all dating in the 80s was our Vietnam after all. Well let us head up to the room so we can see what these women look like in the buff. Hmmm, How do we ask them to shower us with gold? Ok we will jump ahead in our mental time travel trip to the next morning.
Man are we are dragging today and it isn't because of jet lag if you know what we mean? What did the interpreter say? Oh the Russian energy big wigs have someone they want us to meet, someone from the government and they have something to show me at breakfast. Oh great, a business breakfast. Hmm, We wonder what the Russian government guy wants to show me? Maybe it is a surprise and my buddy Putin will be there, We hope so. We so want to be best friends with Putin, bigly!
Ah good, breakfast and our guests are here. That's not Putin. Oh well he has a laptop, maybe we will video chat with Vlad the magnificent. Hey, what the hell? Who recorded this? You recorded that golden shower we received from those women? They were prostitutes? We to do what or you will show this everyone? Run for President? Oh crap, We guess Wewill run for President. What else? Divide America? But how? Oh you will help and give money? Sure just tell us what to do? Man, we should use this blackmail thing in our hotels, it will come in handy.
And by the magic of imagination we are back to the present free of the big giant Oompa Loompa head. We aren't done with our mental time travels yet, there are still two more trips we have to make. Don't worry it won't be to the land of Trump.
We arrive at the hotel. Wow, Trump knows how to make a person feel welcome. ( ok, I lied. It is the land of Trump but not his head, so that is a plus.) we are just a mere Member of the House of Representative from California but Trump makes us fill like a King. This trip is looking up! I sure wish the wife could have joined us. ( If you haven't guessed the destination of this Trip it is Rep. Nunes' Noggin ) Dinner, drinks, a little mingling. Wow, this trip is better than We thought it would be. She is one beautiful lady, We think she has the hots for us. Too bad we're married or else...what? Out of sight out of mind and no one will know? One time won't hurt, but not our room. Let's ditch our aide, good now we're safe.
Let's jump ahead in time to a time when Rep. Nunes takes a ride in an Uber with some colleagues. Wow, long day. This Russian thing is going to be a bear. We are not sure the president will come out of this without being impeached but we cannot say this to anyone including the people we are with right now. Ah, we got a text. God please don't be Schiff, he is driving us nuts. It's a pic, it's a pic of us and that lady from the Trump hotel. She said that flash was nothing..Oh my if someone sees this we are ruined. Who sent this? Bannon. We need to come to the White House to discuss this new intel. We have got to get out of this Uber ride. We will say something important has popped up and will get another ride home.
Ok we are back to now in our imagination mental time travel. Thank God, I felt so limited in those to minds, didn't you? Anyway these mental trips were just to illustrate a possibility and to provide some entertainment in these trying times. Also to show that someone should look into the real reason Nunes acted the way he did and find out what truly motivated him. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The American government machine is broken and The 4th estate may have helped break it.

The American Government is broken and the 4th estate may have contributed

I am a former Navy Electronics Technician who still loves troubleshooting broken electronics, computers, machines or anything that matter. It is like solving a puzzle, a mystery. When I come across something broken I cannot sleep until I have discovered the fault and a solution to fix the problem. With equipment it is easy to find the fault although sometimes it takes time. With things like politics it takes time and is far from easy but the same troubleshooting methods apply.
Imagine when Donald Trump won the election and how that would affect someone who goes nuts when things don't go right, when the machine is obviously broken.
I have not been able to sleep at night because I know the American government is broken and I am someone who has to know why. The American government is a machine and like any machine it can breakdown from time to time. The founding fathers knew this and established a system of “self repair” providing all parts of the government aren't trashed too. You know the executive, legislative, and judicial branches form a limiting circuit to keep each other from going to far on the power scale. Now this is a good system but it is not perfect so the founding fathers provided a feedback loop that is made up of the people and the press. ( that is why we have the first amendment.)
Normally when something goes wrong in government the press will report on it to the people who will then let the elected representatives know they need to get their act together and fix the problem. This feedback loop becomes extremely valuable and effective when our political system enters “ election mode” things start to really happen. Now if the system is still not running right the feedback loop enters repair mode during the election cycle and the faulty circuit, gear, or other mechanism is replaced by the people with a part they think can get the system running again. Now what if there is something wrong with feedback loop and election cycle repair mode? What if someone hacked into the system and tweaked one of the circuits so that it sent out “ bad signals” to the people side of the feedback loop? Could this be done? Yes and it was done. Remember the Russian Cable guy from “Seinfeld”? It wasn't him, it was a Putin the repair man and his Technicians. So what part of the system did they mess with? The press. Covertly and overtly by manipulating the media through hacks, fake news, and leaks. Now there is more than one circuit to the press subsystem. Each news outlet whether TV, Print, internet, Radio, large, or small is a separate circuit. The press circuits very in how much they impact the feedback loop according to how large the audience is, so if you want to screw up the system you go after a big circuit, one easily accessed through the backdoor. Russia political repair company chose a few circuits but the most notable and biggest was Fox News. Fox News has a large passionate conservative audience and an owner who likes money and power, Rupert Murdoch. With a little willing dealing and money thrown around you have tweaked the Fox News circuit into spilling out all the crap and fear you want the audience to hear. ( am I saying Murdoch is a traitor? No, but he and Fox News sure are pro-Russian all of a sudden!) now you have a large audience receiving the bad signals and it spreads out to people who don't watch Fox News but are influenced by people who do, and also people who follow Alex Jones and Breitbart. All of a sudden you have a number of broken, or just plain evil, press circuits spouting bad info to the people who are in the election cycle. The people circuits are overwhelmed and enough are influenced by the bad info that during the election cycle they select a big orange and very broken main gear to drive the government machine and numerous other bad little gears to go along too. Now we have have a machine that is broken, really broken, with the remaining good gears and circuits trying to repair the machine before it catches on fire. What is making it hard for the remaining good gears and the non-contaminated people circuit is there are still bad circuits like Fox News that needs to be fixed or shut down. ( I so hope that the FBI finds Rupert Murdoch and Fox News aided Russia in spreading false news to influence the election. If they do, they can put Murdoch on trial, convict him, strip him of his citizenship, deport him, and shut down Fox News. I would love to see a few Fox News people on the unemployment line, especially Sean Hannity.)
So to compensate for bad press circuits bringing down the system the good circuits like The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and all others have to work extra hard to minimize the bad and fix the system or we will be stuck in a self destructive negative feedback loop.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump playing the Russian blackmail game?

Did Trump do unto others what was done to him?

We know about the dossier on Trump put together by retired British Agent Christopher Steele. We know that it alleges Trump is being blackmailed by Russia who may have compromising material involving Russian prostitutes and golden showers. ( On that note, has anyone else noticed how Melania seems kind of distant from the Donald since that revelation?) If true that means Russia has power over Trump, but this is post will not discuss that, but a what if. What if Trump used the same method for his own gain?
I am a disabled veteran with 11 years experience as a Navigation Electronics Technician on ballistic missile submarines. I received training on how to troubleshoot equipment failures using a set method. I know what is supposed to happen and compare it to what happens. If they don't match there has to be a problem. I gather the system of the failure and use what I know to try to localize the fault. I divide the circuit into smaller and smaller parts until I find the component that failed by checking the goes into with the goes out of to see when Good becomes bad. Sometimes we face intermittent errors that are hard to find so we resort to I know this isn't working right but there is not a hard failure to isolate the problem yet so lets try something different. The outside the box and speculation thing.
Now if no one speculated every now and then we would learn nothing new. Law enforcement would not solve as many crimes or even know a crime was committed if they did say “hmm something isn't right here. Maybe we should look into it.” Well that is what I am about to do.
So what isn't right? Well for one, we have the Republican Party, actually certain members, refusing to consider or look into Donald Trump colluding with Russian intelligence during the last election. Republicans have, until recently, been very firm on dealing with Russia but that seems to have changed during the RNC. Why? In the past if Republicans thought there could be a Russian Traitor in government they would stop everything and investigate, but now it is no big deal. Why?
We have seen some Republicans who seemed to oppose Trump meet with Trump and jump on the “Trump Train”, why? You would think Trump made them a deal they could not refuse. (I chose to use deal here instead of offer because, well “the art of the deal.” Maybe he did make a deal to some key republicans ( Ryan, Nunes, Chaffetz, Mitchell, Gowdy….you get the picture).
Maybe he used power or financial incentive. Maybe he took a page from the Russian playbook of compromat ( I think that is what they call it). I mean he does own hotels and has connections to some seed types who can provide him with services such as escort services. (wasn't there talk about how he recruited young Eastern European girls for modeling but they ended up working as escorts or something?) Maybe when a certain Republican congressman stayed at one of Trump’s hotel they were treated to the best suite and room service with some extra services their wives may not approve. Maybe they got more than they expected, service that went the extra mile and a video to remember the great time they had at the Trump Hotel? I am just speculating here trying to figure out how key Republicans bow to Trump when they know he is unfit for the job and is off his rocker. It doesn't add up with the current variables so there must be a few more to the formula. Maybe the FBI should check to see if Trump Tower is wired, wired by Trump. Check his hotels too. I am not saying Trump may have blackmail material on all or any Republicans. He definitely would not need leverage on all just certain ones. You remember the story about Representative Nunes getting a text or something the night before his bombshell news conference? You know, when he bailed out of an Uber he was sharing with others? Maybe he got the “you better look at this and contact me before someone else sees it? Sincerely Trump” I am not saying Trump gathered all the intel he is using for leverage. He seems to have his own source and we know it isn't from US agencies. Think Russia and the use of go betweens.
Maybe certain key republicans are being blackmailed by Trump and are protecting him to protect themselves. If they are they better hope that the FBI gets someone like Flynn to crack because that Trump wall will be coming down hard on them. Their best bet, best scenario? Do something to save their country, admit they screwed up and Trump used it to blackmail them. If they don’t it is only a matter of time before it comes out in the wash. So they have a choice, both will mean their career is over but one has prison as a possibility.
So maybe Trump is playing the Russian game.

Russia psychoanalyzed the USA and now they are screwing us, Bigly!

Russia psychoanalyzed the USA and now they are screwing us, Bigly!

We know for a fact that Russia did interfere in the 2016 election and they worked to benefit Donald Trump and damage Secretary Clinton. Even as I write this there is an investigation into how much if any involvement the Trump Campaign had in Russia’s operation. I will not get into the FBI investigation (I think Trump and his collection of racist misfit toys are guilty as hell), I will instead look into how Russia was so successful in doing so.
As the title say, “Russia psychoanalyzed the USA.” This operation took more than just hacking to accomplish, it required knowing who to target with leaked information and disinformation along with finding a stooge to use. We all know the stooge Russia backed, the big orange balding liar know as Donald Trump. They knew he is an egomaniac, had the exposure from “The Apprentice”, was considered a successful businessman because of his cultivated image ( which differs from reality “, and his appeal to certain groups. They knew he was a salesman. Trump is a used car salesman playing at big business, he is a con.
But who should Russia target with their version of political warfare and “not so lethal bug ignorant weapon” Donald Trump? Well here is where you need to look at what Russia wanted to accomplish, and what they want is a weak divided America and not the strong “Make America Great Again” Trump sold his supporters. So guess who Russia targeted, had Trump target with his divisive message, his key supporters. They people who hate Muslims and fall for news (fake) saying Sharia law was being instituted in certain cities in America with large Muslim populations even though the constitution does not allow for the implementation of “any” religious laws. They targeted the same people saying “Obama” is a Muslim even though he is a Christian. They targeted the overtly racists and the closeted ones who did not like having a black man as president. They stoked the birther conspiracy ( and if Trump is impeached you can expect more fake birth certificates and other stuff from Russia to cause chaos.) They targeted Gun rights groups with fake news about taking away guns. They targeted sovereign citizens. They targeted hate groups, you name it they targeted extreme right leaning groups to the extreme. They even targeted law enforcement and military groups. Why? I will get to those two groups later.
And liberals do not think you were not targeted, because you were. The DNC leaks were targeted to Berniecrats.
How did they know to target these groups? Because they have been studying America for ages and with the advent of the internet it made it easier for Russian political scientists to look into the deep dark recesses of the American psyche. They monitored forums, Facebook pages, and other social media to gain an understanding of America’s dark underbelly, because everyone knows the underbelly is the weakness easiest to exploit. After a while it went from monitoring to interacting with these groups and being on the internet no one would know they weren't American but Russia, the anonymity of the internet became the mask of the Russian bear. Soon these online Russian operatives were feeding the Americans they were conning information calculated to cause the most damage politically and to stir passions. Even before Trump started calling real news fake, the Russians had already sowed the seed and it grew so the right leaning groups were calling everything positive from the Obama Administration fake news and fake news damaging to democrats as real.(. Pizzagate is an example and even though disproved, far right types still believe it). Obamacare was labeled socialism and the democrats were said to be socialists trying to destroy America. For the extreme right, democrats became an enemy to America.
On September 11, 2001 America was victim to the worst terrorist attack in history, the twin towers came down killing 2,977 innocent people and injuring thousands more. It was an act of what Trump calls “ Radical Islam” and that attack is embedded into our collective memory for all time. Most of us know it was not an attack that represents all Muslims but those who have a distorted view of Islam.  But there are those in America that believe all Muslims are evil and celebrated the attack. Since that time we have taken part in military actions in countries know to support terrorism and our military faced “ Islamic extremists” who killed our troops. Russia saw this and in forums and other places they used this to stoke the anti-Muslim crowd.  Why? Because it divides Americans.
Recently we had numerous cases of black men and women being killed by police officers which further divided America between those who wanted it to stop and those who say black lives matter was anti law enforcement. I am not here to debate that but to say that issue was used to stoke fires. Yes, law enforcement you too were targeted by Russian psychological political warfare machine. On your forums you probably heard an increase of how black lives matter wants to kill cops, black men or more dangerous, and read other forum members discussing their experiences or another's of how black men are stronger and more violent, Super predators. The thing is you do not know if these were actual law enforcement officers or someone playing as law enforcement to stoke the fire. Yes, Russia did plant people into your circle and you may have noticed those same people stopped posting after the election. Why? Because their job was done and they weren't getting paid anymore. No, Russia just wanted to use your concern for fellow officers to help divide and conquer. ( Russia was not counting on a Trump win as much as it was civil unrest (the armed type, not just protests))
And for Black Lives matter, you were targeted to by people posing as black who tried to stoke the fire anyway they could hoping that it would cause race riots. We all were being played from the outside by the Russian Political Science and psychological war machine.
Remember fake news that said black lives matter was blocking hospitals? Guess who generated that? Someone trying to start a race war. Who would benefit from that? Russia.
I could go on and write a book on this if I had the time, maybe someone will look into this and do so in the future. I hope so, so it will prevent a repeat of this. I know I did not cite sources, this is a blog about my own analysis of what I have read over the last year and what I observed.
The key to my analysis is a book written by, Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian political scientist who acts as an adviser to Putin and the Kremlin. The book is called, “Foundations of Geopolitics.” The book lays out a game plan for every region of the world and how Russia can expand its power while weakening those countries that stand in its way, like America. Russia would not do anything to strengthen America because it knows a strong America would hamper its expansion an keep sanctions in place. No, Russia wants to weaken America economically and politically so it has no leverage over other countries to impose sanctions on Russia. It wants NATO destroyed that is why they are working to split Turkey from American influence.
Russia lucked out when Trump won. They expected they would divide America enough to cause civil Unrest and force the US off the world stage while it got it own house in order. What happened? Their political / psychological war machine was a little more successful than they expected, just enough to give Trump the electoral college vote. This may have set back Russian expansion timetable, because if they acted too soon it would have show their card, plus they have not finished using their  poliPsych warfare machine to weaken Europe enough. And Russia is using the Syrian war because the influx of refugees puts extra political pressure on the leaders of Europe and they are using that to their advantage. Now let's cut to it.
Why target so many groups when they are the minority? ( yes, Trump supporters you are the minority) Because Russia was not trying to elect Trump as much as they were trying to start something close to a civil war in America. The Russian intelligence knows that there are groups in the United States who threaten to take up arms if things don't go their way so they try and stoke the fire to make it boil over. By doing what they did they have put a crack in America, let's keep them from widening it. As the Russian-Trump picture becomes clearer expect more exaggerated and divisive claims from Donald Trump and his cabinet. (Remember, Bannon would love nothing more than destroy the America the constitution guarantees) expect information leaked from Russia that will try to show President Obama was unAmerican or anything that makes Democrats look bad. We are fighting a new war, a cyber political psychological war CyPolPsych warfare or PoliPsych warfare.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trump needs to explain why his campaign contacted Russian assets being investigated.

Rep. Nunes, who heads the House Intelligence committee was wrong by briefing Trump on The Russian-Trump campaign investigation, but he may have did everyone a favor except Team Trump. By Donald Trump saying he feels " somewhat vindicated " he acknowledges that he and his team were caught by US intelligence who were monitoring Russian intelligence assets. Let that sink in a minute. Rep. Nunes said that the President and some of his team may have been "incidentally " intercepted while the FBI and other US intelligence assets were looking into Russian interference with the US election. In order for this to happen, Trump or someone on his team had to have contact with someone, Russian asset, being monitored by the US. Trump wasn't being monitored or having his phone tapped, it was the Russians who were being tapped and monitored and by chance Team Trump was caught talking to the Russian assets. Summing up Team Trump walked into a counter intelligence investigation. Trump needs to explain why he was communicating with Russian Intelligence assets being investigated by FBI and NSA. Trump wasn't wiretapped the people he and his team contacted were.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why Russia under Putin is a threat to World peace and unity.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 it ended an era. The Cold War that dominated geopolitics since the end of the Second World War seemed at an end. No more would the war to stop Soviet Aggression be fought via client states and radical organizations. Peace at last, at least where it concerns the west verses Soviet Expansion. Like others the United States watched and encouraged the change in Russia hoping a true democracy would replace a repressive government only to see those in power divide the assets of the former Soviet Union amongst themselves. One person who worked for the Soviet intelligence organization, KGB, saw an opportunity and used connections to rise become a leading political power in Russia and eventually its leader. Vladidimir Putin used the knowledge he obtained from his days with the KGB, and the FSB which replaced it, to make alliances and eliminate opponents. Mr. Putin even appointed his successor to act as a placeholder prime minister until he could once again take the reigns.
Not happy with the shrinking power and influence of Russia, Putin began planning ways of making Russia a Superpower like the former Soviet Union but found the United States and her allies standing in the way. The US was not trying to keep Russia from playing a part in World affairs, it just wanted Putin to play by the rules and respect democracy. The problem is that Putin is former KGB and was taught not to trust anyone, especially the US. So Mr. Putin defaulted to his training using old KGB methods to obtain what he wanted. One thing he wanted was to annex the Ukraine into Russia because he and other Russians think the Ukraine should not be Sovereign because it is a natural part of Russia, unfortunately for him most Ukrainians and the world don't share this view. Putin gambled that he could manipulate the political situation in the Ukraine and lost. Following the revolution in the Ukraine that ousted his puppet in that country he undertook more drastic actions by sending in Russian special forces acting as separatists to stir up trouble. In doing this he took he Crimea and annexed it into Russia with a rigged election. His "separatists" still occupy parts of Eastern Ukraine and have shot down a Malaysian Airliner that over flew the area.  When the US under President Obama stood up to Putin by slapping sanctions on him and the Russian Oligarchy, Putin became angry and wanted revenge. Putin wanted to not just revenge he wanted to weaken the US, to isolate it so he could continue unopposed in expanding Russian power and influence so he turned to his advisors in the Geopolitical Community to create a plan for political warfare against the United States and her allies. In Europe he has set up a campaign to take down the European Union by fanning Nationalism and hate against Muslims. Do you think Putin wants to end the Syrian war when he knows that the influx of refugees into Europe and the threat of terrorism works to his advantage by putting strain on the EU? No, he will keep that fire going as long as it is useful to him.
In the United States he played a Trump card by fanning nationalism and racism in the US by interfering in an election and aiding a man that is probably in collusion with Russian intelligence for one reason or another. What does he want? A weakened US that alienates its allies and whose only influence is isolated to that of the Americas. He wants to drive a wedge between us and other countries we have as allies. He wants the US to take on China to weaken both countries so Russia can reign supreme in world affairs. Why do you think Trump is threatening war with North Korea? To stop its nuclear program and protect our allies? Heck Trump already made it clear he would not come to Japan's aid if attacked. No Russia would like the US to attack North Korea and would not mind if Trump targeted North Korea's nuclear facilities with a nuke or two. He is gambling that China would not retaliate on NK's behalf using Nuclear weapons but conventional. China may have a nuclear arsenal but its capabilities are lacking and it is extremely outgunned by the US so it would not risk nuclear annihilation for North Korea. What it would do would be to throw world trade in turmoil by closing of the South China Sea and attacking American allies in that region, along with Japan and North Korea. Putin would love this.
Trump supporters claim Russia did the US a favor by helping elect Trump but they are very mistaken. Why? Because no country will act in such away that it will do something for the benefit of another country without gaining leverage over that country. Putin doesn't want America Great, he wants it weak, divided, and poor.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Bernie Sanders is not the answer. He is a political opportunist and used car salesman

I read something that has upset me. What I read was a quote of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont saying "The Democratic Party is a sinking ship." Well if it is Senator Sanders helped torpedo it.
In the past Senator Sanders may have been a champion of Social Causes today, and may talk the talk today, but like others in politics he has been bitten by the power bug and has changed. What has he changed into? Many words and comparisons apply here but the two main ones are: "Used Car Salesman " and "political opportunist."
First, why do I say he is a "used car salesman ?" Because he sold his supporters free college which is not possible. Colleges are like any other institution and requires money to operate. That money has to come from somewhere, but where? The obvious answer would be a tax increase on a portion of the population or the whole. It would most likely be both and here is why. Without reform the cost of attendance and cost for operations will only increase. Heck they still will increase with reform because that is how things work. If you increased corporate taxes and that of the rich it would eventually not keep up pace with increased costs then a new source of moneys would be required. I mean you can't expect to tax the rich and corporations near 100%. The time will come when the middle class would be taxed at a higher rate and that won't fly. Who wants to pay taxes for someone who may just waste taxpayer's money partying? And what will corporations do? Take their business elsewhere or find ways to make up for the loss of money by increased tax. Cut down on the number of people the employ, increase prices for goods and services, cut out charitable giving, including endowments for colleges. Free college is a noble idea but the actual implementation is not practical.
Senator Sanders knows this and despite what he says, or his plan says, it cannot be done. The best thing would be tuition reform and national service for tuition. He promised you a Rolls Royce but what you are getting a "Yellow Le Car." (Seinfeld reference)
The political opportunist. Yes, he is and members of the Democratic National Convention were right in looking at him as an outsider. What they were wrong in doing was plotting to sabotage him or use his ethnic background against him. What they should have done was tell him he could not run as a democrat just for the election and use their resources. He calls himself an independent then let him run as one. How many Democrats worked hard for their party only to have an outsider come to take advantage of their work? Don't tell me he has been an ally of the Democratic Party. He only has done so for his benefit, he's a politician. Don't say he raised money for the DNC because the damage he has done outweighs any contribution. What damage? We have a President Trump for god's sake. Senator Sanders wanted to use the assets of the DNC for the Presidential election, nothing more. A political sponge, political parasite, or political opportunist. Any of those terms will fit. I am not saying Senator Sanders is a bad guy overall, what I am saying he is not as altruistic as he would have people believe.
And you Berners who believe they did the right thing with protest votes and smarter than those who came before? You are blooming idiots who fell for fake news like Trump Supporters. You were played. You are like children who if you can use the cardboard box to play your way destroy it so no one else can use it. In short, you are immature.

Why can General Flynn get away with consulting with Russia, a hostile entity?

I find it very disturbing that we have Retired flag officers who worked with sensitive matters regarding National Security working for foreign interests, some of those hostile to America and it gets blown off as no big deal. I am not just speaking of this administration, but past ones also both democrat and republican .
I held a Top Secret security clearance required to perform my duties while in the Navy. I was part of the Personal Reliability Program which is the program that applies to those working with or around nuclear weapons ( strategic assets) to ensure no one unfit or of a security risk works in that field. While in the Navy I could not travel outside the US without first notifying the Navy. If by chance I had contact with a Russian national or other nation that posed a threat to the US I was required to notify the Navy. When I left the service I was debriefed about certain countries I had to ask permission before I traveled to them. What shocked me was that many don't bother getting permission or notify the government and just travel to these places which is a violation of the law for all those to which that law applies. I cannot talk about specifics about my job but can only generalize, The real technical parts are classified. I cannot work as a consultant for anyone other than the government or contractors who work for the government. I can consult and work in the Electronics or Navigation fields if I want but not in the same way. I was an electronics technician who worked on the Strategic Navigation system which provided the position input to the Missile system so the Trident missiles had a good starting point and could calculate trajectory so they could strike as close to the targets as possible. This is not something I would be allowed to consult on with any foreign entity, especially Russia. Imagine if someone who did what I did in the Navy decided to consult with Iran or North Korea about their ballistic missile programs. We would be contributing to the ability of a hostile government to strike our country. That person would be vilified as a traitor and prosecuted. But we have flag officers like General Flynn who headed the defense intelligence agency opening a consulting firm then working with Russia? How much damage has that done to our intelligence abilities? Why was he allowed to even act in such away. Don't think it is as dangerous as someone working to make a hostile government's missile system more accurate and deadly? Think again. How compromised are we because General Flynn and others have played fast a loose with the system? If I pulled what he did and tried to use my knowledge to start a consulting firm and dealt with a hostile entity, I would be setting somewhere in an orange jumper answering questions from some very pissed off government officials.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump's true purpose and how he is playing everyone.

People think Trump is crazy or suffering from dementia, but consider that he acted in a thought out way. Over the last year he has been dogged by his connections to Russia and his strange Putin love affair and he is undoubtedly worried. He doesn't know exactly know what the intelligence community, ours and our allies have on him but he would like to know. He knows that if he tries to use overt ways to find out if there was, or now is, an investigation that targets him specifically he will draw attention and people will think it is his way of covering up the truth. ( I believe he colluded with Russia in ways we don't know yet.)  So since he cannot go in after the rabbit in the hole without risking himself he tries to smoke it out. He starts a big fire at the opening and waits. He accuses President Obama of wiretapping his phones in Trump tower with no proof knowing it will start a big fire and draw attention. He keeps pushing it, claiming he has sources so congress decides to poke around to see if the past administration or Federal agency may have tapped Trump's communications. Congress comes back and says there is no indications of Trump being under surveillance and his claim is without merit. Trump has smoked the rabbit out of its hole, or so he thinks, he now feels a little safer and can relax his guard a bit.
It also had the second effect of stirring up his racist and ignorant base who believe everything he says. Also note the timing of the Wikileaks release of CIA hacking tools. If the rabbit turned out to be a dangerous animal waiting to bite Trump in the Rump, CIA found evidence of collusion, then the revelation would have been neutralized to a small degree by the CIA be discredited for its own lack of cyber security so Trump's core followers would not trust the information. If Congress chose to impeach Trump, he is counting on his followers not just protesting but staging armed protests. Trump is rooted in and is hedging his bets so people will fear the repercussions of an impeachment. He would try to stir insurrection in the US before he gets canned by congress. It doesn't matter his followers are out numbered; he and Bannon, along with Russia know they have enough on their side to cause a world of hurt. Trump is going for all or nothing and damned those who get in his way. Why do you think he is still holding Rallies for his base, the racist mental defectives who see him as their savior?
Why do you think he sent his Taxes so Rachel Maddow would report on them? He knew that the 1040 would not show anything other than numbers and nothing more. He knew the media would pounce on it and in so doing discredit themselves in 2 ways: using leaked data. Blowing the story up to huge proportions to get ratings but end up falling flat. In the eyes of his followers he reinforced the belief that MSNBC and other news organizations are fake news.
The media and politicians are being outplayed by not just Trump, but Russian intelligence on the political warfare front, specifically a man named Aleksander Dugin. Mr. Dugin is a Russian political scientist who works for the Kremlin and shares many of the same beliefs Steve Bannon has. Mr. Dugin wrote a book, a 600 page one, called the Foundation of Geopolitics. The book is a treatise on how Russia can manipulate countries and regions to expand itself into the dominant power. Not through warfare, except to annex the Ukraine and Baltic States, but through political warfare. Besides the US he recommends breaking up the EU by starting a wave of nationalism. He is targeting NATO the same way and trying to force a wedge between Turkey and the rest of NATO. Why? Turkey controls the Black Sea which would be used to send suppliers and relief to the Ukraine if that country is attacked by Russia.
Trump is just an instrument of Russia to weaken the US. He won't make America Great, he will make it and the world Subservient to a despotic Russia.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Trump used go betweens to collude with Russia during the election

Why did Trump use so many go betweens to meet with Russia during the 2016 election? Obviously it was to not get caught, but there is another reason, The Secret Service. I am not saying that the Secret Service was used to spy on Donald Trump during the election because that is not their job. The Secret Service is to protect the candidate and to be tasked with carrying out surveillance at the same time would take away from the primary job of protecting the candidate. That being said, I don't think anyone colluding with a foreign government to subvert an election is going to meet with that government in front of a Secret Service agent or behind a closed door guarded by a secret service agent. So how do you get around it? Use go betweens. But which go betweens? We know that people involved with his campaigns and his sons but did he use others? If the truth be known, which I hope comes out soon, Trump used business associates and members of his Organization to interact with Russian intelligence and other Russian agents. I am sure he sent his people in the guise of doing business to work with Russia. He may have used his people to meet with Russian intelligence while they were conducting business in other countries or inspecting his properties. I bet if you compared his company's travel accounts and bounced them of the travels of known Russian assets you will see a large number of coincidences of both being in the same place at the same time. I am sure there would be overlaps in stays to try and avoid suspicions but it is obvious they are connected. If you want to really connect Trump with Russia and collusion then bounce his families' and trusted employees travels to the travels of influential Russians and assets.
Now let us consider another Trump asset to communicate with Russian intelligence. Trump's private jet. What communications to Russian assets took place on his jet? What is the setup of communication equipment of his jet? Since he likes to stay in contact during his travels he probably has a good communication and information system on his jet. A system that uses crypto to ensure privacy? I am certain of it.
We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways Trump secretly communicated with Russian assets. When the complete story is out there it will reveal an iceberg bigger than the one that sank the Titanic, one that will hopefully sink the Trump administration and the Republicans who decided to voyage on the Trumptanic ( of Russian registry). Who will be caught without a life jacket?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Helping Trump

I decided that for once I will try to help President Trump. We all know how there is a big concern about his business conflicts of interest. I have a solution. For the duration of his term the housing administration should sign a $1 a year lease for all Trump's US properties. Once this is done the buildings can be used for low income housing or as detention facilities for immigrants awaiting deportation. At the end of Trump's term he can take the property back in an "as is" condition. I am sure his sacrifice would be appreciated.