Sunday, April 2, 2017

an open letter to Mark Cuban

I respect you Mark Cuban, but you are wrong.

Mr. Cuban, I have read your Twitter thread about how you think that Donald Trump was unwittingly used by Russia during the 2016 election. I have to disagree with you on this assumption. You provided reasons for why you believe what you do, but some of the traits you listed about Mr. Trump are what makes him the perfect target for blackmail by Russia. While Trump may not have sought out Russia with the plan to use them to his advantage during the election he was most assuredly a knowing participant. This can be proven by Donald Trump's rhetoric during the campaign. He shot from the hip not using prepared speeches so what he said was from his own mind and it is not a coincidence that it aligns so well with Russian propaganda and objectives.
You are correct that Trump does not have the attention to detail and the intelligence to come up with and carry out such a plan on his own. Even Russian intelligence knows this and that is why they provided him with handlers and had Trump recruit those closest to him to help. It is not uncommon for people being used by intelligence agencies to recruit family and friends to aid them in espionage. John Walker recruited his son. (Walker is despised by the Navy, especially by Submariners.)
I am quite familiar with Russian recruit methods when it comes to spies. I served in the Navy from 1986 to 1997 on Ballistic Missile Submarines. My job required me to have a Top Secret clearance because I handled intel and other classified material. I was also part of the Personal reliability Program for people who worked on or around Nuclear Weapons and Strategic Systems. The military does not just give you a clearance, they train you on procedures for handling material and how not to be compromised by foreign agents. Not all spies volunteer to betray their country, some are recruited because they did something that if known could ruin their career. We were instructed to never put our self in such a situation and to be on the lookout for traps. During the Cold War Russia would use various assets and methods to try and compromise people in the submarine force or other highly sensitive field. Catch someone in adultery, a homosexual relationship, using drugs, being in the wrong place, you get the picture. Who fell for those traps? People with personality traits similar to Donald Trump, big ego, loud mouth, and thinks they are smarter than they usually are. It is these types that like to spout out how important their job is, especially in places they should not, the very places staked out by intelligence agents looking for someone to compromise. Donald Trump is not the brightest bulb, but he is a little smarter than you give him credit. And as people in the south say, “He lacks the common sense god gave a piss ant.” He does know how to blow smoke and con people, he even has a knack for self preservation. All traits that are useful for someone playing both sides. No, Donald Trump isn't an unwitting stooge, he knows what he is doing and is now worrying that others know. He is even using old Russian tactics to try and discredit the truth, not for The masses, but his followers. While Trump would like every person to believe his version of Russian tampering he knows the only people he needs to focus on is his loyal followers. He know he just has to make false accusations to keep his core from even considering the truth. He knows his people are the minority but he has convinced them, and continues to do so, that they are really the majority and the media is lying. Why? Because he knows he has enough numbers to cause chaos if he is impeached. Donald Trump's assignment given to him by Russia was not to when the election but to divide the nation in such away it would require the US to pull off the world stage and let Russia expand its power. In away, Trump and Russia screwed up in reverse when he won. Now there is more attention to what went down during the election and that is something Russia does not want. Russia risks having there methods of meddling in others politics being exposed and more sanctions. Putin and Russia cannot afford more sanctions and maintain control because when the Russian people start suffering they become a danger to Putin's regime. It his very likely that even more Russian’s behind this operation will end up dying of mysterious causes. I believe Aleksandr Dugin maybe among those names. Dugin is a political scientist and adviser to the Kremlin. It is said he is Putin's favorite philosopher so to speak. His book, “Foundations of Geopolitics” is a blueprint for what Russia is doing now to take down the US and other political powers so they can reshape the political globe so they are the strongest nation.
Trump knew what he got into and did so willingly, he just needed direction from Russia and that is why certain people were planted in his campaign. Russia just made a mistake choosing Manafort.
Also, I cannot believe you met with Steve Bannon. That is like meeting with the devil. In case you did not know it, Bannon and Dugin are cut from the same cloth and share a  very similar philosophy.