Sunday, April 23, 2017

My updated theory on the Trump Russian collusion scenario

My updated theory of Trump Russian collusion. please forgive spelling mistakes and typos as this is another late night entry written on the fly.

I have covered this before but after further thought and more information I have decided to write an updated version of my Trump-Russian theory. Hopefully the dots stack up nice and are easy to connect unlike alt-right conspiracy theories.
My dad says that accidents don't just happen they are caused to which I added the corollary that things don't just happen they are planned and there is a reason for everything. With this in mind let's look at the beginning and reason why Vladimir Putin had his people create a plan to mess with the 2016 presidential election.
In 2014 the Ukraine underwent a revolution that removed the pro-Russian government from power. Russia failed to prevent this and to make sure they held onto the Crimea with its port of Sevastopol, the home port of the Russian Black Sea port, they encouraged the people of the Crimea to separate from the Ukraine. After this action aided by Russian Troops a referendum was held and the Crimea was annexed by Russia. This, along with Russian Troops invading the Eastern Ukraine, caused an up roar in Europe and America which lead to economic sanctions be placed on Russia, especially Putin and his Oligarchy. You can imagine this would not be something well liked by a man, Putin, who is determined to build Russia into a super power. Putin, a former KGB man, is from the old school USSR way of handling people and organizations he sees as a threat, you eliminate them. Now it is relatively easy for Putin to silence dissidents in Russia by either having them arrested or killed by one of his thugs. The problem with the United States is that there is now way to eliminate it short of nuclear war so other means would be required. Putin put his people on the problem and those political science guys came up with a plan to weaken America by covertly attacking the politics of America with the goal of creating a divide so great that it would lead to civil unrest in America. What would civil unrest in America mean? Many things all of which would benefit Russia to some degree. A country in turmoil is not the place anyone wants to to do business; it is a loss waiting to happen. Money would exit so fast from the American market it would make your head spin. Those who pull their money from investing in America would look for another place to invest and I am sure Putin would accommodate them. Even American companies would exit for Russia and our government would not be in a situation to stop them since they would be busy putting down insurrection while trying to keep the country together. Countries around the globe would lose faith in America and those that see us as enemies would try and take advantage. To insulate America from attack from within and without We would have to shrink our commitment to allies until we got back on our feet, a process that would take decades. NATO would fade away leaving Russia unchecked to advance their interests in Europe anyway they saw fit. It is a very ugly Picture for the US, but a beautiful one for Putin.
How would Russia cause trouble with the 2016 election in a covert way? By using the internet and an army of Russian hackers. A network was set up to hack any and every government and political organization in America possible to mine them for information that could be weaponized and strategically deployed. Who to target? That question was probably handled by Russian sociologists, psychiatrists, and political scientists. They mapped out specific parts of our society looking for particular groups that they could manipulate, they chose the extreme right(racists), gun rights groups, religious groups, conspiracy oriented people, and anyone with passions that could be inflamed enough that they would not just protest but take up arms in the misguided belief they were doing there duty to protect America from its internal enemies. It is sad to say, but most of those groups I have listed, more can be added, align themselves with the Republican Party. I am not saying they represent the party as a whole but they are significant in number as to give the GOP a bad reputation.
So realizing there intended target for a cyber disinformation and propaganda campaign would be majority republicans it was easy to figure out who would be demonized by Russia, democrats and any liberal. What made it even easier for Russia’s planner was the leading candidate for the Democrat’s presidential nominee was Hillary Clinton. The Clinton name brings forth pure hatred from conservatives because no other reason than Bill Clinton was successful president with the exception of the sex scandal, and that Hillary Clinton is probably the most qualified candidate to run for the office of president. Republicans feared Secretary Clinton would be the natural successor to President Obama and that they could not allow so they immediately started a campaign to discredit her at every turn and if possible create a situation where she would not be eligible to run for any office, they wanted her to be a convicted felon. So from Benghazi to emails the GOP ran Secretary Clinton through the gauntlet, and though she took a beating she came out on top. What the republicans didn't know at the time is they gave the Russian propaganda and cyber war machine ammunition they would use to sew discontent in the 2016 election.
It is one thing to have ammunition but it is another to have a delivery system to effectively deliver it. One weapon of choice would be the internet and the sad truth that most Americans will take what they see on the internet as factual without verifying it. Now how effective is the internet? Very, but it still needed to be complemented by a more a accurate and directed weapon. What was needed was someone with name recognition, someone not of the normal establishment that Russia’s targeted audience could relate too, someone who was a show men. Russia found that person in Donald Trump. An ego maniac, a conman who had already convinced many Americans he was the ultimate businessman despite the fact he has twice the number of bankruptcies than he has wives (1 current, 2ex). I am not sure exactly when Donald Trump was recruited to help Russia only that they considered him to be a useful idiot for future use. Trump was probably considered useful for business and to help establish contacts for Russian oligarchs. It has been said Trump sought loans from Russians during during the financial crisis in 2008 to stay in business and this is quite possibly true considering his track record. We know Trump was excited about Traveling to Russia and hoped to meet Putin during the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, he tweeted as much. During that trip, maybe another, is when the pee pee Party happened that was supposedly recorded by Russian intelligence according to the Trump Dossier, if true this would cement Trump to Russia for future uses. When Trump was compromised I do not think the plan to hack the 2016 election was formed, I believe that came after 2014 as a retaliation for Sanctions imposed on Russia by America. I do think the idea of destabilizing America by stirring up civil unrest was around though, Aleksandr Dugin’s “Foundation of Geopolitics” which discusses the possibility was published in 1997. Dugin is one of Putin's political scientists that advises the Kremlin on geopolitical doctrine that would advance Russian interests by systematically destabilizing countries and organizations that stood in its way. In 2014 or 2015 Russian created its final plan to take America down a notch or two by causing political uproar and possible civil unrest.
On 16 June 2016 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president running as a Republican. Almost immediately his campaign became decisive, he let into his fellow republican candidates as if it were some WWE match. The Alt-Right embraced him and Trump did nothing to separate himself from such groups. Trump demonized illegal immigrants, Muslims, and even the Black Lives Matter movement. Democrats and even Republicans found themselves targets of Trump’s hate speech. Facts were thrown out the window in favor of Donald Trump's “alternative facts” commonly known as bold faced lies. Crime rates blown out of proportion. Muslim terrorists sneaking into the US posing as refugees. Muslim citizens called terrorists or sympathizers. Mexican’s were called murderers rapists but he was sure there were some good ones. Democrats were called anti law enforcement and baby killers. Trump demonized the democrats but when it looked like the nomination was secured he painted Hillary Clinton as the head demon. Trump supporters were already against Hillary Clinton because of the GOP lead investigations on Benghazi and emails and now they had someone screaming with them for Hillary Clinton's head. Trump held Nazi like rallies attended by a broad spectrum of the right, racist to moderates, almost all wanted Hillary Clinton's head on a platter because to them she was Satan incarnate, the anti christ. God forbid if you were a Democrat or left leaning because chances were you would end up getting a punch or two.
Trump did something that I don't think any candidate in American history has ever done, he attacked the media, specifically the mainstream media, saying they were the enemy of the American people and spread fake news. He did it over and over, he was brainwashing his followers and discrediting the press so his followers would seek news elsewhere. Where? Online places like Breitbart, Roger Stone Jr. and Alex Jones, and Fox News on cable. This combined with fake news and trolls provided by Russia trumps followers started seeing things the way Trump and Russia wanted them to, democrats and even certain republicans were the the enemy that wanted to destroy America by letting Muslims take over and letting in every Mexican immigrant and give them warfare, only Donald Trump could save the country. Now at this time Trump didn't have the numbers to win, in fact the original plan was not for him to win but to drum up so much hate in his followers that if Hillary Clinton were to win they would start an armed uprising and many threatened to do just that. Trump knew he was supposed to lose and stirred things up by saying that if he lost it was because the election was rigged.
While this was going on Russian hackers were creating fake news like saying that “shariah law was being implemented in so and so City” normally these were targeted to people in the south with the city being taken over by shariah law being located in a northern state. The fake news was constructed to target specific geographic and social areas in such away to seem believable but not so that a simple check of local news would discredit. During the Black Lives Matter protests both sides were targeted with fake news in order to stir up as much tension as possible. It is possible this Russian propaganda pushed people over the edge and led to deaths that would not have happened if the fake news was not put on line. The immigration problem was exaggerated by Russian propaganda to be made worse by a factor of ten. In reality there had been a shift with more illegal immigrants returning to their home countries than those sneaking into the US. Fake news was rampant and was not just targeted to the right, left leaning people were targeted trying to stir the passions of left wing extremists and after the release of DNC emails, Berniecrats were targeted to inflame them so they would not vote for Hillary Clinton in protest.
Putin was setting back taking this all in watching the plan his people come up with be so successful. He had a cyber war going on with America and he was getting away with it. America on the other hand was creeping closer to exploding into civil unrest and in so doing , bringing the last super power to its knees. A perfect plan going down without a hitch until something no one expected happened. Somehow Donald Trump had convinced important people in the GOP to get onboard with him concerning Russia. Now it looked like that if Trump could win then sanctions would be lifted from Russia and that America may reconsider it support of NATO weakening that organization. Immediately an Envoy or envoys were sent to Russia to convince Putin to shift the cyber effort from creating civil unrest after the election but to help Donald Trump win. I am sure Trump made promises to do this and that for Russia and painted a rosy picture for Russia that had Trump as the American president working side by side with Russia and even helping Russia return to Superpower status. Even Putin would have to admit that if the new plan could be pulled off it would benefit Russia more than just damaging America politically, with money coming from America without sanctions interfering Russia could build a geopolitical machine unmatched and eventually eclipse America as the worlds leading power across all spectrums. Putin made the mistake and took the deal. With shifts here and there in strategy plus bringing in other Intelligence reserves in America the Russian campaign to elect Trump President of the United States of America was underway. (By the way FBI, I am betting someone in your organization was in on this and I don't think it was Director Comey, someone involved in the Secretary Clinton email investigation, someone who probably brought the attention of a certain laptop to light. I hope you look into that because having one of your own working for Russia is bad for everyone.)
Up until just before the election many people were undecided on who to vote for though it seemed that the undecided, especially in swing states were leaning to vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite what pundits said about the debates, Donald Trump came off unprepared and unstable. What changed that? The revelation of emails on a laptop of a Clinton top adviser, Huma Abedin,  supposedly found while investigating Anthony Weiner for another one of his sexual related indiscretions. Since there was an investigation conducted by the House oversight committee regarding Hillary Clinton's emails, Director Comey felt and was obligated to inform the committee about possible new evidence. I don't think it was Comey’s intent to influence the election but him just trying to be transparent. The real scandal lay at the feet of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who chose to release the letter with the intent of damaging the Clinton campaign and influence the election in Trump's favor. It worked because those people who were undecided before had a problem with Hillary Clinton's honesty and the new revelation pushed them over to Trump. Why do I see Chaffetz as the villain in this affair? One, he didn't have to release Comey's letter because the letter did not warrant it because no one at that time knew if the emails were pertinent to the closed investigation. Two, there is talk that Trump directed a large donation to Chaffetz’s campaign around the time that Chaffetz made it public. Three, Chaffetz said he will not be seeking reelection and there is talk he may resign soon. Why? He says to find a position in the private sector. I noted that there was a write-up about Chaffetz’s wife and marriage recently. It is interesting considering the timing and it is also what publicists of famous couples have their clients do when there is talk of marital problems floating around or a possible scandal, normally the couple spits up six months later. I am just speculating here.
Now we are approaching Donald Trump's 100th day in office, the worst of any president, and we are finding out just how much Russia hacked the election and all the many ties Trump and his people have to Russia, especially Russian intelligence. Like an iceberg we are only seeing a small portion of this scandal and more lies beneath the murky waters of the secret world of intelligence agencies. We can only pray we have spotted it in time or our ship of state will sink like the Titanic. I am thinking no matter what happens that Trump and those around him are sunk. Why? If a proper investigation is conducted it will find Trump and many on his team are guilty of working with Russia to influence the election, treason. If he escapes this scandal, he is so incompetent that everyone but his hardcore racist followers will call for his impeachment on other matters.
I have a couple questions that I want to know the answers to concerning this whole scandal but the main one is how Donald Trump convinced influential republicans to align themselves with his position on Putin and Russia? Did Trump use his hotels and the Russian intelligence on compromise to blackmail people? Another question is why Putin would allow Assad to use chemical weapons in Syria? Was it a test to see how much he could away with without putting Russian forces on the line? Was it a way to shift attention away from Trump's Russian connections temporarily? Trump ordered an attack on an airfield, notified Russia according to protocol, and Russian then notified Assad to also evacuate the base before the attack which resulted in minimal damage. Does Trump think that now he is President that he is safe from Putin's blackmail and doesn't care what Putin does? Has Putin figured out he screwed up by shifting his plan from dividing America to electing an unstable Donald Trump as the American President? If Trump is acting against Putin's wishes will Putin release the blackmail information or has the situation shifted that it puts him in a corner? If he releases the supposed pee pee tape he will have admitted to interfering in another Country's election and draw outrage from the international community making it hard for Russia to advance its interests.
This is my updated theory with new information taken into account. Is it fact? No it is speculation based on observation and weeding through various scenarios looking for one that has the fewest wild points when it comes to stacking and connecting the dots. Like everyone I would love to find the truth about what happened and what is going on. If and when we find out all the details, I will then compare it to my theory to see how close or far off from actual events it is. Hopefully it will be close, but I will be happy if the real truth show I was off by a mile as long as we get the Truth.
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