Friday, April 21, 2017

Trump has no respect for America so I have none for him, my rant.

Donald Trump has no respect for the average American let alone the United States of America.

I want to put a disclaimer here. This is a rant and I am just letting of steam so the heck with spell check and typos. Further this is an emotional post and though I am angry I will not recommend or condone violence under any circumstances.
I am angry! Why? Because I am just a disabled veteran that is quite lucky to be where I am now because I served my country and now I find the country that I love is led by someone with out a sense of duty, honor, and the only service he considers is for his ego and wallet. We have a president who wants to take healthcare away from in need and give those bathing in riches a tax break. We have a president who thinks his lies are fundamental truths that should not be questioned. We have a Con in Chief and not Commander in Chief. We have a president who thinks the use of nuclear weapons is an option and not something to use as a last resort. A president who is so limited in intellect he will call any science voodoo. A president who would try to put a square peg in a round hole, and when it doesn't fit he will angrily tweet as if he could hammer the peg in with ignorant words. Above all we have a President who is more than likely a traitor who sold the US to the most dangerous man on earth and now that the deal is coming to light he is like a cat desperately trying to bury the most vile turd in the the litter box, but no matter how deep down he puts it the stench will remain. Yep, if America were a rental there is no way we could get a damage deposit back, our odiferous dilemma has permeated the flooring and drywall. We will need decades of airing out in a free democracy.
Yes, I am a comparing Trump to cat crap. Is that being disrespectful of the president, after all I am a veteran? I have all the respect for the Office of the President of the United States of America, I have no respect for the man who currently occupies it. Actually I have never had any respect for Donald Trump. Why? My Christian values and those taught to me by my parents. Trump is equivalent to merchants in the temple. Jesus once said that the religious leaders of his day were the children of Satan, the father of lies, and there is no bigger liar than Donald Trump. I feel sorry for those who think Trump is the savior of Christianity in America, they are lost sheep following the wolf to the pit. Yes, I am a Christian but don't expect me to judge or condemn someone because of a life choice because that is not my job, I am charged with spreading Christ’s words of forgiveness and acceptance. Remember, Christ ate with sinners and chastised the religious leaders of his day. Do you think some “Christians” are perfect in their teachings today? If they are spreading hate and condemnation then they are far from Christ’s, God's word.
Now let me present my case for not respecting Donald Trump, one of the most deplorable people to ever walk this earth. I will start from religious freedom and the first amendment, I have a segue from the last paragraph. While I am a Christian, I am a firm believer in religious freedom and the separation of Church and state. Why? Because I don't want someone telling me I have to worship God in their way and no other. I accept that there are other religions on the earth and each person is entitled to freely worship as they choose. I choose to be Christian and as such I believe there is one God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. Others have their opinion and beliefs they are entitled to and I don't hold it against them. Trump has pretty much used Islam as a patriotic rallying cry to gain followers who are ignorant of the religion and whose only exposure to it is from those who hate the religion. Yes, the ignorant leading the ignorant like the blind leading the blind. Trump tapped into this passion and every time an terrorist act occurred he spouted off about “radical Islam” and his followers labeled every Muslim a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. Yes, Trump uses fear of the unknown because ignorant people are fearful of that which they don't understand. Trump turned Islam into a boogie man that is hiding in a closet waiting to kill everyone and his followers gobbled it up. You know what is more dangerous and is hiding in plain sight, right wing extremists, alt- right nut jobs.
Maybe I should use this time to show another thing Trump has used to scare people. This one is also based on ignorance and discrimination, The illegal immigrants. Trump took this from the Nazi playbook, find someone to blame for economic and social problems and pin the tail on them. To Trump and his supporters immigrants from Mexico and the rest of Latin America are criminals and job stealers and thousands and thousands are sneaking across the border everyday. First, for the last four years or so there has been a reversal in the flow of immigrants from Mexico. Second, most immigrants from Mexico are looking for a better life, honest work that most US citizens feel is beneath them. Third, a wall will not stop drugs from entering the country, especially if the Coast Guard’s budget is cut to build Trump’s monster. Fourth, have you considered the increase in Eastern Europeans and Russians and there links to organized crime? It has increased. Where is that wall?
Ah, yes, Trump the Law and Order candidate. There is no law that Trump will respect if he believes he can get away with breaking it. Do you think Trump was just saying his supporters wouldn't care if he shot someone on 5th Avenue in New York? No, he was also bragging about how he can do anything he wanted because he has connections. What connections? Anyone he could pay off or butter up. Unfortunately Trump conned many in Law Enforcement that he was there savior and that democrats where their enemy. Trump is far from being Law Enforcement’s savior, no he wants to turn it into what law enforcement is in Russia, useful thugs. Our Law Enforcement is probably the best in the world, but like any organization they are not perfect. 95-98% of Law Enforcement officers are straight up great people wanting to serve their community the best way they can. The problem is that 5 , more like 2%,  that are the bad apples for whatever reason. Over the last few years there has been an increase in racial tensions between the black community and law enforcement, and many times it involves someone from the 2% bad apples, or just bad luck. The thing is when a few do something bad they can give the whole organization a bad name. It goes both ways. What Trump did was say Black Lives matter were anti cop. Are they? Maybe some bad apples creeped in which Trump and his followers ammunition to make the whole movement look like it was ant-cop, but like law enforcement the majority are good people who want answers and accountability for what they see as a problem. You know what a real leader would do? Hold a summit and have both sides calmly discuss the matter to formulate a plan of training and community relations to find a common ground peaceful solution. No, Trump and his kind stoked the fire. If Trump had it his way he would do away with rules and fill the ranks of law enforcement with thugs he can use to do his bidding just like Putin. Luckily we have Law Enforcement people who see through Trump. By the way, most if not all the money Trump has given to Law Enforcement agencies did not come from his pockets but from other people via Trump’s supposedly now shutdown foundation. Trump doesn't consider Law Enforcement worthy enough for his own money. The only person worthy enough for Trump's money in his opinion is himself.
This brings me to another part of my why I don't respect Trump and why I think he is the biggest traitor to America since Benedict Arnold. Think about what Trump likes to say about himself. He likes to be unpredictable. Unpredictable and instability are closely related. In business if you had a CEO who was unpredictable investors would bail because they would figure the company is not stable enough to risk putting money into and guarantee a return. Keep in mind Trump's business in privately owned and most major banks won't touch him with a ten foot pole. Why? Because wherever Trump goes instability is sure not far behind. Why is this important? Russia, specifically, Putin knows this and formulated a plan using Trump, unfortunate for them Trump won. Putin wanted to destabilize America and other countries because he hates that when he tries to Expand Russian power he is put in check. Putin's solution was to have his political science people formulate a plan to weaken and country or organization that stood in Russia's way. Using a blueprint laid out by Aleksandr Dugin in his book “The Foundations of Geopolitics” Russia started a coordinated plan of using the internet to increase social pressures in America and Europe to create divisions that would threaten the stability of anything in his way. And as a side note Putin has used the Syrian civil war and Isis to further put social and economic pressures on Europe, but that is another topic. During the 2016 campaign Donald Trump played to the alt-right crowd just enough were he wouldn't alienate too many people. When it looked like Trump was going down that is when Trump started using the dog whistle knowing that if he lost he could at least stir up social unrest and fulfill his primary job for his master, do enough damage to America to take it off the world stage in order to get its own house in order. Some how the plan changed, probably when Trump and his people convinced the GOP to change their view on Putin and Russia. When this happened Trump decided he could win if the game plan was changed and that is when he sent people to Russia to convince his blackmailing master to help him win. Russia was already doing damage to Hillary Clinton and was happy as things were going but when Trump sent his envoy of evil with the message that the GOP was seeing things his way, they got greedy and figured they could not just cripple America for a short time but have sanctions lifted with a freehand in Eastern Because Trump was going to neuter NATO and let Putin keep the Crimea and maybe all of the Ukraine. There was one problem, Trump as usual claimed he was more successful than he really was in convincing the GOP into getting completely behind him. With false hope and expectations Putin shifted his program into getting Trump elected and not just using him to cause social unrest in Europe. The Russian Troll and Bot network went into high gear pushing out fake news to discredit Hillary Clinton and the democrats along with using hacked DNC emails to create a split between Bernie Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters. ( it was an easy sell because Berniecrats already bought into totally free college education so selling the turd polish was easy. Yes, Bernie supporters you were conned, not once but twice.) voting machines in some states were hacked but we won't know if they had any effect on the outcome because it seems the GOP took measures to block that legally. Swing states were targeted with anti-Clinton propaganda and mainstream media was discredited by Trump who used facts that were contrary to reality concerning crime and the economy. Note to Trump morons, if you believe that the country was the worst it has been since the Great Depression I think you need to retake history and stop watching Fox News. Anyway the Traitor Trump won the election and America got kicked In the crotch by Russia.
Here is why I say Russia screwed up. They changed their plan, which in some ways is lucky for America but in others bad for the World as a whole. See if Clinton was elected then Putin was guaranteed to see a politically divided America with the government bogged down with the GOP trying to impeach Hillary Clinton and the democrats trying to stop them. Another thing Putin expected and would have added to through subversion is civil unrest. Yep, Trump’s racists striking out in frustration, Trump’s hardcore supporters trying to use the second amendment in an attempt at removing Hillary Clinton from taking office or remove from office. They would use Trump's claim with bogus Russian created propaganda to say the election was rigged and Hillary Clinton wasn't legitimate so using their second Amendment right they would fix it. Do you know one reason Russia hacked voting information from states? So they could copy reporting formats in case Hillary Clinton and provide bogus reports that would say Trump won but the reports were changed to Hillary Clinton. Now think of what would have happened if that were to have happened. Civil Unrest like you have never seen all because Donald Trump sold out to Russia either because he was blackmailed or just chose to do so for his own gain, I am betting it is a little of both.
Now here is something that pisses me off. Some Veterans and active duty military bought into that Trump was their savior. They had sweet nothings whispered in their ear and smoke blown up their butt and it was instant love. My god, they were conned by a draft dodger and had other draft dodgers supporting Trump blow smoke up their rumps too. Ted Nugent? Idiots follow him because he likes guns and hunts? The man was too good to take a break from his rock career so he crapped himself to to get out of having to serve. What about Bill O’Reilly? Another idiot who didn't serve his country but acts like the ultimate patriot. These same people gave Bill Clinton hell about draft deferments yet give Trump a pass, hypocrisy at its most disgusting. I have more respect for any President even if they didn't serve in the military because along the way they served the country in some way while those like Trump only served themselves. I respect people who stood up against the draft than I do for people like Trump and crap pants Nugent because they had the balls to stand for something; Bone spurs Trump and Crap Pants Nugent wave a flag they disgraced by their own actions. And to those military and former military that still support Trump without question, you disgrace the whole of the service and those that have fallen in the name of Freedom by your continued support of a traitor who would never fight by your side despite whatever he may say. You support a coward who even now is a danger to the men and women of the military because he is unfit, a traitor, and uses the military as an instrument to deflect attention from his failures.
Trump is not just a traitor, a coward, and a walking poster child for stupidity, he is a person devoid of ethics. He screws over small business people in his dealings with them, many have went under because of Trump's “Sue me if you want to get paid” philosophy. He has more business failures than ex-wives by a factor of 2 at least. He has stiffed so many western banks and investors he is considered to be to risky to lend at all. He doesn't care who he borrows money from or who invests in his business, even if it is blood money. He probably is so invested in Russia that not only are the the sanctions on Russia hurting Putin and his minions but Trump also. Trump has loans from banks known to launder money for illegal organizations and countries trying to evade detection for funding terrorists. By the way, who do you think sells the bad guys the guns and weapons of their trade? Russia and countries aligned with Putin. Do you think it is a coincidence that AKs and RPG-7s are the common weapon for terrorists? With Terrorists attacking western countries Russia gains on two fronts but that is for another time.
This is getting long so I will end this with another reason I have no respect for Trump. Trump has no respect for women at all. He is a disgusting pig and what he says is “locker room talk” is sexual predator talk. To Trump women are not equal to men and are objects to be bought, used, and sold. Another thing, what man puts their hand on their own daughters butt when they are giving them a hug like Trump did at the RNC? My god!
Trump needs to be impeached before he damages this country, this world beyond repair. And Putin? You should not have fallen for Trump's con because you didn't get what he promised and just like the rest of us you have to worry about the big giant orange one starting a nuclear war because he has nothing better to do and needs to deflect attention from his corrupt administration. You can do the world and yourself a favor by releasing that pee pee tape or whatever you are holding over Trump now. Yes, you will be scolded by the global community but at least there will still be one. And stop listening to Aleksandr Dugin, he and Steve Bannon are two douches that want to see the world set aflame.
And to the GOP, evangelicals, and others who endorse Trump but now realize it was a big mistake. Hey no one is going to think less of you if you stand up now and say Trump needs to be impeached and put away, but they will if you keep making excuses for him and propping him up. Admit it, Trump conned you into buying a turd and no matter how much you polish it, it will never be a monument you want to be associated with or be proud to display because it will always be a turd.
This may have seemed  disconjointed, but it is a rant of why I have no respect for Donald Trump and why I am upset he is president. I hope people will choose to save this country and impeach America’s biggest mistake in years, otherwise I will be ranting for four years and praying that the next election puts a President that really cares for and Puts the American people first before themselves.