Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hit Republicans were it hurts most, big businesses' wallet

Stop fighting Republican hypocrisy and hit where it hurts them most, the wallet.
They say it is hard to fight an ideology and I have to agree. Right now we are trying to fight a war on ideological grounds with the Republican controlled elected government by pointing out their hypocrisy concerning the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court. I can tell you that you're trying to fight an elephant with a BB gun. The most you will be able to accomplish is piss the elephant off which will then run around destroying everything. I would like to suggest a different method. Cut off the elephant’s access to food.
Elephants are big creatures that require lots of food to survive. The Republican elephant is quite like the Animal in the that it needs large amounts of food, in this case money, to survive. Where does the Republican Elephant gets the food, money, it requires to live? Think about who normally owns an elephant, zoos and circuses. Zoos and circuses are businesses and if the business starts to suffer then there is less for the elephant to eat. So if you want to cut off the Republican Elephant’s food supply then you need to hurt its food supplier, big business.
It is too late to apply this strategy to stop the Gorsuch  confirmation but it is probably the best weapon to stop Trump and his Republican supporters from destroying this country.
I read where Mercedes Benz has pulled its advertisements from airing on the O’Reilly Factor because of the host’s sexual harassment of women. This is a great move to send a message that the company doesn't endorse someone who mistreats women. It is a good start and it needs to expand to companies not endorsing a news channel that has a reputation for sexual harassment but also acting as a propaganda machine for Donald Trump.
Yes, I know that Fox News isn't part of the government, but it is part of the problem America is currently facing. Fox News doesn't just cater to the conservative right, it caters to the alt- right.
What if the majority of Americans stopped buying and using services from the people who advertise on Fox? Do you think that Fox has enough dedicated viewers to overcome that profit loss? I don't think so. A great many dedicated Fox News junkies do not earn much money.
But we should not limit ourselves to Fox News advertisers, we should expand the effort to its parent company, 21st Century Fox. Yes, we need to put the financial hurt on the big Fox. Stop watching Fox shows. Write to the producers of the Fox shows you love and let them know you cannot in good conscience watch a show that contributes profits and support to Donald Trump and his Republican supporters. Hell, contact the actors who have shows on Fox and let them know how you feel. Do things that put financial pressure on the Fox empire. When I say things, I mean boycott, letter write, and protest.
Next, find all the big businesses that support Trump, Republicans, or others associated with Trump's agenda. Write them, boycott them and protest them letting them know we have the numbers and commitment to hurt their bottom line significantly if they keep supporting Republicans. Be specific on what and who you do not want them to support. Keep the pressure going and take your business elsewhere until they have had enough. Cause the biggest financial hurt possible to Trump supporting big business. I guarantee that despite what they say they love profits more than they love New York City's Orange Village Idiot.
Could this work? If we have enough true Americans left in this country it would. A true American is someone, liberal or conservative, that thinks Trump is unfit to be president and doesn't like Russia meddling in our business, unlike the Trump Train.
What would be great if it were possible would be to organize a nationwide all encompassing general strike and protest, to not just protest against Trump but all entities that support him. Let them know we don't want a Russian Puppet president nor his racist advisers running our country.