Saturday, April 8, 2017

Welcome to Trump's wag the dog .

The strikes on the Syrian airbase didn't destroy Syria's capability to use chemical weapons or impede their ability to launch air strikes. Runways are still intact and we're used to launch strikes again today. The missile strikes damaged some buildings and some antiquated aircraft that haven't flown in months if not years. 
As long as Syria has the capability to launch aircraft they have the capability to use chemical weapons. The only way to make sure Syria cannot use aircraft for chemical weapons delivery would be to wipe out its air force completely.
For y'all who think Trump did something to make a statement, well bless your heart. You fell for "wag the dog." 
Here is what Trump has done for no other reason than to boost his approval ratings.
He had to inform Russia so they can keep their people safe and of course Russia warned Syria who removed equipment and personnel. 
We launched 59 missiles against an air strip for a very crappy return on investment. We blew up concrete, yay! 
Russia scrapped the deconfliction agreement which means any action taken by America will put US forces at risk. Further strikes to hit truly vital and valuable targets are now of the table with Russia expanding their ant aircraft role to include Syrian assets.
Now the US and allies will find it difficult to conduct operations without having Russia as a threat. You will see allies and US forces asking to have the deconfliction agreement put back in place. Tillerson will go to Moscow and negotiate to have the agreement put back in place and Putin will set lifting of sanctions as a condition. Trump will say to congress that our hands are tied and to keep our soldiers safe we need to lift sanctions. 
Welcome to "Trump wag the dog" where our military personnel have become part of Trump's ploy to lift sanctions.

If any US personnel die because of Trump's ploy then he doesn't just need to be impeached but tried for murder.