Monday, April 3, 2017

If Obamacare goes then Union healthcare will go next.

ok, it is 12:45 AM so I will make this quick and dirty. Remember, I am shooting from the hip here with a gut feeling. So, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
Consider that if the Republicans and their big orange leader are successful at repealing Obamacare ( Affordable Healthcare Act) that they will be sending a message to companies and organizations everywhere that providing healthcare is optional and unimportant. We know that healthcare plans can be part of negotiations between organizations and unions.  We know that the Unions have healthcare plans which employers contribute to as part of negotiated contracts. Now what happens when the government says well it is not that important to provide healthcare and by not doing so you cut costs. Companies already know that if they didn't have to fund employee healthcare they would make larger profits. Now suddenly healthcare for employees is something they can cut or eliminate. But the Unions won't let that happen. Wrong, they may be almost powerless to prevent that because reduced bargaining power. Reduced bargaining power? Have you seen the current administration in the White House? Trump is no friend to Unions despite anything he has said to the contrary. No, Trump will side with big business. As far as Trump is concerned Unions cut into profits and that is no good. Let's say that a Union goes on strike because its healthcare is to be cut. Don't be surprised to see the company start hiring non-Union employees to replace, probably permanently, union workers. Will you get any support from Trump? Will he intervene on your behalf? Heck no. Trump will say the company has a right to hire non-Union people and those same people have a right to work and should not be discriminated because they don't belong to a Union. I guarantee that the new non-Union employees will be working for less money and no extra benefits. No one from the department of labor or any part of Trump's administration will come to the aid of the Unions.
No if you're law enforcement or other government worker you cannot even go on strike so your negotiating power is really limited. Don't be surprised if federal, state, and local governments start cutting healthcare benefits to employees. So all those law enforcement agencies and organizations that supported Trump may have cut their own throats when it comes to benefits like healthcare. If you're City or county wants to save money on things they can now look at healthcare as a place to make cuts because repeal of Obamacare would set precedent. You voted for someone who is profit oriented and is known to stiff his workers, do you think he really gives a crap about you?
If Trump somehow survives without being impeached you will see a sharp increase in labor disputes across the board within two years. It will start in the private sector as contracts come up for renegotiation then the government sector as they look to cut spending. It will not be just teachers Unions, it will be other government workers, and eventually law enforcement. When it comes to law enforcement there will be a push to privatize it and allow contractors to take over, especially in corrections. It is sad, but law enforcement may have screwed themselves by endorsing Trump.
If anyone is left with an affordable healthcare plan in 4 years it will be a miracle, that is if Obamacare is repealed.