Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trumper's reason for Trump compared to reality (Hindsight is 20-20)

Reminding Trump supporters of their stupid statements and arguments for voting Trump and not for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton will start WWIII  -crazy orange koolaid tan Trump is trying to do that right now by blowing the North Korea threat out of proportion. Enjoy the radioactive fallout.

Trump is pro law enforcement -lol, he is a crook who never donated his own money to law enforcement but others. He wants to punish law enforcement agencies by cutting off their federal funding if there state or city is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Yeah, that is keeping police welfare in mind, punish them for others policy.

He is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. - uh no, he wants to build a wall that the majority of Americans don't want built, including his own party, and have you pay for it. Good Luck with that.

Hillary Clinton will raise taxes and increase the national debt. -Trump wants to cut corporate taxes and offer Americans more tax deductions. Guess what? It will triple the national debt and put the average American on the hook for increased taxes because most Americans will not be eligible for the deductions Trump is proposing. Tax breaks for corporations have never added one new job to the economy or trickled down to the workers as businesses just add it to their own profits.

Trump is going to improve the economy -uh no, prepare for the bottom to drop out if Trump stays in office. He has cited companies adding jobs since he took office but each company he cited had released plans to hire those people way before the election. Now it seems hiring is slacking off.

Hillary Clinton will be under constant investigation -lol, your president is under investigation for treason with the evidence mounting every day. Heck, he is trying to find an excuse for military action every day to deflect. And Hillary Clinton is not under investigation by the FBI or congress but Trump is and the GOP controls congress. Lol

Trump tells it like it is -let me correct you on that statement. "Trump lies" see accurate and to the point.

Trump is a true patriot -everyone can agree that the founding fathers were "true patriots" and they wrote a constitution to ensure an independent and free nation for the people by the people. Trump colluded with a foreign power to win an election, very unpatriotic. Trump writes executive orders that are found to be unconstitutional, very unpatriotic. Trump's wife had to remind him to put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem, lol. ( you can stand at attention it is just as good) Trump's Administration keeps using a flag with only 39 stars for multimedia stuff online. Wtf?

Trump is a Christian -his actions have proven otherwise. Unless you consider discriminating against other races and religions as a Christian act, but if you do that you are not much of a Christian. You are probably a white robe and hood wearing straight up racist. Maybe you should check that closet of your just to be sure.
That is enough for now. I decided to be nice for today.