Thursday, April 6, 2017

Russia is probably complicit in Syrian gas attack.

so Donald Trump authorized a cruise missile attack in retaliation for Syrian gas attack on civilians. I will not slam Trump on doing this, because If I were President I would probably do the same. Here is the thing. The US notified Russia that the attack was coming so they could pull there people out of there before the attack. Nothing wrong with that because any other administration would do the same thing. Here is what is wrong, Russian personnel were working and supporting Syrian forces at an airfield used to launch the chemical weapons air strikes. Let that sink in for a bit. Now a Russia claimed that it was not a gas attack but an air strike that hit a rebel gas factory. No.
How did Syria manage to load planes with chemical weapons while Russian personnel were all about without a Russian adviser asking, "what ya got there?" I seriously doubt that would happen.
Russia, like Syria, probably gambled that Trump would not make a big deal of it and that the Russian disinformation network working in the US could convince enough Trump followers into believing it was a hoax. Apparently they left Trump out of the loop or Fox News didn't pickup the hoax thing.
Anyway you look at it, Russia has some explaining to do on why it had personnel working at a base used to carry out chemical attacks on civilians.