Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Concern for US Submariners because of Trump.

The USS Michigan was one of the Submarines I served on during my eleven and a half years in the Navy. Back then she was a SSBN. I have a soft spot for her and her crew.

I want everyone to please pray for American servicemen and women everywhere, but especially the crews of the USS Michigan and USS Pennsylvania.
By announcing these submarines movements to the public while trying to intimidate North Korea, Donald Trump has put the crews of these two submarines in danger.
What makes a submarine an effective weapon of war is their ability to be quiet and remain undetected underwater. To ensure the submarine isn't tracked by hostile entities, Russia is the biggest threat, the comings and goings of submarines are normally kept classified even from crew member's family until 24 hours of entering port. Trust me, as a submariner (I will be one until the day I die) what this administration did is a major screwup.
Secondly, the USS Michigan has no business making a port call in Busan, South Korea, especially during increased tensions. It is a vital asset even though it now carries cruise missiles instead of Trident IIs . While the USS Michigan is more than a match for any submarine North Korea possesses, she is still at risk. North Korea has a fleet of small submarines that it uses for clandestine activities, such as laying mines. Knowing the Michigan is in Busan, it is quite possible that N. Korea could mine the harbors around Busan for when the Michigan leaves port.
Another problem is that the greatest threat to American submariners, Russia, now knows exactly where two submarines are and about when they will leave so they will try and track them. It is quite possible that, given the opportunity, Russia could attack one of these subs and sink her. We are back to Cold War rules and It is not out of the question. They could follow our submarine into deep waters and depending on how comfortable about not being detected by our submarine launch an attack that would catch our sub unaware. If the Russian sub is lucky they could sink our sub without having a shot fired at them (torpedo) . We would only find out if distress buoys deployed and if not, after failure to report which could be days or longer. The Russian sub would be miles away with only the hull and debris of our sub on the ocean floor. It would then require locating the wreckage and investigating what caused the sinking and whom if that is the case. Considering the tensions with N. Korea Russia would have plausible deniability and since investigating a sunken sub in such deep water would be difficult, they would probably get away with it. Trump would blame North Korea. Do I think Trump would be this reckless with our submarines and their crews? Yes, he did it when he used them for propaganda purposes. Also, he is insane and a traitor.