Monday, April 3, 2017

The hypocrisy of some false patriotic conservative talk show hosts.

I get such a kick out of some veterans who seem to worship at the altar of Fox News and other conservative news outlets. Can you use Fox News without the “fake” or “ pro- Russian” qualifiers? I am asking for a friend. Any way what gets me Is these veterans will slam on News outlets that report facts or lean to the democrat view. You here news anchors called all kinds of names most implying that the reporters are cowardly. Yep, for some reason there is this belief that conservative talk show hosts are all battle hardened military guys that shoot straight and won't back down to anyone, that these guys are one of them, veterans. Well I got news for you, for you who believe Bill O'Reilly, Roger Stone jr. and Alex Jones are somehow military men, they are not. None of them have served in the country’s armed services.
 Bill O’Reilly and Roger Stone Jr. are both of the age that they could have served in Vietnam, but I bet they both received student deferments just like their F├╝hrer. What is funny is that these two would most likely go after a democrat who received deferments during Vietnam. As for Alex Jones? I have seen clips of him flying off the handle during his show, and considering his love of conspiracy theories, I don't think he would be able to pass a psychiatric examination to enlist if he wanted.
But for some reason these are the guys who love to champion the conservative cause and always talking how they love the military and support them. Funny? You love them so much but not enough to walk in their footsteps. I am a veteran and I have more respect for a conscience objector or someone who says that they didn't think the military was the right choice for them than someone who tries to wrap themselves in the flag and make it look like they would answer their countries call if asked. Well here is one for you. We now have an all volunteer service and it has been so since the 1970s so they know they will never be asked.
If the truth be known that the three I listed and others like them would crap themselves if they had to face combat. Bill O'Reilly, don't try to use The Falklands war, El Salvador, and North Ireland to say you have seen combat, that dead horse has been beat enough. And another thing, seeing photographs of an atrocity doesn't mean you witnessed it. By O'Reilly’s logic everyone who checked out The Civil War collection would be a Civil War veteran.
Why do these guys bug me and why am I upset at Veterans who worship them? Hypocrisy. It is because these people and the veterans will slam on Bill Clinton's student deferment during Vietnam and will worship the big orange draft dodger that is posing as president. The same people will make stupid statements about how a president should have military experience yet elect a man whose military experience consists of how to use utensils at a  formal dinner and how to make his bed.
I am not saying that people need to serve in the military to be president or report on military affairs, I just hate the posers with their fake patriotism and bravado. If it were to come to trusting my life to someone in a combat situation or casualty situation I would not choose a person like O'Reilly, Stone, or Jones. Why? They are blowhards who talk a big show but disappear when things start to go down. They also seem to fly off the handle over the littlest thing. I do think it would be funny to see how they would react on a submarine at depth when suddenly the power goes out because the reactor scrammed. Or on the planes when you lose hydraulics running deep doing high speed ops. I would just hate to be the guy relieving them at the end of the watch because I guarantee that will be one wet seat from them peeing and crapping themselves. You see, on a submarine there is no where to run during a casualty like fire, flooding, or other emergency. On a submarine you have to keep your head and save yourselves because there is no emergency services but your fellow crewmen.
Somehow I don't think there are two many conservative talk show hosts that one could depend on because they seem to be too self centered.