Saturday, April 8, 2017

Syrian cruise missile strike was for mothers and congressional representatives

I served in the Navy for 11 years with most of that time on Ballistic Missile Submarines. I remember quite a few things about those Submarines and times on them. I also remember going through training on how to escape from a sunken submarine. I will tell you right now that escaping a modern nuclear submarine if it were to sink where it normally operates  is not really a option. Today's Submarines need deep waters to remain hidden unless they are doing something special but I won't get into that here. Yep, if a Trident submarine were to go down on patrol that would be it for the crew, no escape. Since the advent of nuclear submarines we have only lost two submarines and those two sank in water to deep for any hope of rescue; both were crushed like a beer can by the pressure before hitting bottom. Then why do we have escape trunks on submarines? For the small chance the sub sank in shallow water which would be near impossible. There is an old saying on submarines “escape trunks are for mothers and congressmen.” Meaning they give the people at home a sense of hope in case things go bad.
This is a political blog so why am I talking about submarine escape trunks? Because the cruise missile strike on Syria was nothing but a “ Political Submarine Escape Trunk”, it was designed from the start to make people think we are actually doing something against Assad and helping those people in Syria suffering from his regime. Did we really do anything? Besides giving a few people a “feel good moment” we didn't do much at all. We blew ups some concrete in a desert. We didn't take out anything that would stop Syria from using the base, in fact they flew strike missions from the same base the next day. “But we demonstrated our military might”, some say. Syria and Assad are fully aware of are capabilities, all we did was put on a fireworks show for them. And despite what is coming from the White House and what Military officials say we accomplished jack squat as can be seen in the before and after action satellite photos reveal.
By the way, any aircraft that is said to be destroyed was aircraft that had already been deemed not worth repairing and that is why those aircraft were parked in a random fashion just off the mid point of the runway.
What Trump did was a show for “mother and congressional members” and his own ego. The problem is still there only with a few holes. “But they say that we destroyed their capacity to use chemical weapons.” Bull! If you can load a conventional bomb you can load a chemical one.