Monday, May 1, 2017

Donald Trump, let me educate you on US Nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump, I feel you need to be educated on the United States Strategic weapons. Despite the change from Strategic Air Command to Global Strike Command our nuclear force is a deterrent one, not one to be used by you when you feel like throwing a fit. How do I know this? My father served from 1953 to 1973 as part of SAC. I didn't follow my father's footsteps to the Air Force but into the Navy where I served on Strategic Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs) from 1986 to 1997. Both my father worked in the Electronic Navigation field a very important part when it comes to launching missiles or dropping nuclear bombs. The military did not just train us in electronics but the importance of our primary mission, deterrence. Surprised that our primary mission was, and for those who serve now, is not delivering nuclear weapons? Yes, launching or dropping nukes is secondary and if we had launched or dropped nukes we would have failed in our primary mission which is to act as a strategic deterrent from Russia attacking us. It did not mean that we failed as a unit or individuals, but that deterrence failed. You know why we have never failed in the past? Because top to bottom, from the President on down to the E-1 standing watch on the planes of a submarine or helping with maintenance in the Air Force, we were more that competent in our jobs, we were professionals, and with the exception of you, our service men and women still are.
No one in the right mind wants to launch a nuclear weapon, ever. We know, that if it comes down to it  , the use of nuclear weapons will not just effect our enemy but the whole world. Now that being said, if the situation required those of us involved with launching or dropping nukes would do so if required because we know that there must be a serious reason for their use. Well, that was until you took office. Now, I am sure there are men and women on Trident submarines or attending missile silos that cringe every time an EMA (Emergency Action Message) or whatever is in use is received. Before we knew we were out there to keep Russia (USSR) from attempting a first strike, now everyone has to worry that you may decide to use nuclear weapons or put the US in a situation where they have to be used. Right now you are using North Korea as an excuse to try and use nukes as a preemptive strike measure. You know as well as I how far away North Korea is away from launching a nuclear war head with the range, reentry capability, and accuracy to strike the United States. Even when the achieve the range capability the accuracy will have a CEP (Circular error Probable) in tens to 100s of miles as to not be effective for a first strike. As for North Korea attacking South Korea or Japan? Even, Kim Jung Un knows it would be suicide and there would be no way China would approve of such an attack, not to mention the reality of having the US turning the whole of North Korea into a smoking while with a few Tridents. You want to keep Kim Jung Un in line you don't threaten him with a preemptive strike because that just gives him propaganda material; you tell him that America will turn his country into a smoking hole if he attacks. This puts him in bad light and not the US. See you are a bully with no political skills whatsoever. If you father had not been rich the chances are you would be in prison right now for murdering someone after losing your temper, or be in a mental institution.
You may occupy the Office of President of the United States of America, but you're not Presidential material. You are thin skinned, uneducated, and have no concept of how the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to work. You say that how congress runs is a problem and archaic, I got news for you, it runs like it is supposed to by being a check to a president who is unfit or tries to abuse the office.
Now let's get back to Nuclear weapons and add you being unfit to the equation. My father and I were part of a program called "The personal reliability program " PRP, it is the program that ensures that personnel working with and around nuclear weapons plus related subsystems are mentally, physically, financially, and morally fit. Why? Because there is that much at stake and you do not want someone with mental problems, physically unfit, broke, or morally compromised working on nukes. The problem with the system is that is it is not all encompassing as it doesn't apply to the president, we all just have to pray that the man with the football is not unfit, as you don't just seem to be, but are without a doubt unfit.
Nukes are never to be the first option, it is sad that they can be the final option, never the first. But since you have no concept of reality you will never grasp the concept of deterrence. You have commented you love war, no one within sanity loves war. War is ugly, it is hell. It generates widows, orphans, disabled, and dead. I am not a pacifist by far, I believe that there are times you need to defend yourself or others, but I know that you are better off being strong while not having to use that strength. But since you do not see this but only see war as a means to an end even though other methods are available, you are unfit to be a commander in chief.
And on a final note. You're also unfit because you're a traitor and this will proven. I not only believe this but I bet that at first you were not suppose to win. No, Russia just blackmailed you into running so you could stir up unrest in America to weaken it from the within. That is why you appealed to the Alt-Right because Russia knows those are the people most likely to take up arms against the government so they had you stoke that fire. You even worked to discredit the media and push the actual "fake news" propaganda generate by Russia as away to gain more alt-right leaning people. But around the time of the Republican National Convention you convinced many major republicans to share your view of Putin and Russia. Manafort was assigned to you by Russia to guide you and to evaluate if helping you "actually" win  the election was of more value than just stirring up armed civil unrest in America. Somehow you and Manafort decided it was possible after convincing the RNC and that is when you sent an emissary to Russia to sell them the new plan. Why? Because to carry out the old one would have meant the end of your business and also you would never been allowed to show your face in America again. No, you wanted to win to save your business. Russia shifted from not just using their cyber warfare Guys from not just trying to still up civil unrest but to bring Hillary Clinton down to a level where it was possible for you to win. Now, how and why did Russia strategically target those swing states for you? Was there actual meddling with the voting machine tallies? I know that the original plan called for using the information Russian hackers acquired from certain states databases to be used in the event Hillary Clinton won. Russia knew that if they could copy the reporting formats that in the event Hillary Clinton won, they could release a version that showed you had more votes but someone changed them to favor Hillary Clinton. But since you had Russia shift the plan that wasn't required. Any way you cut it, win or lose the election you committed treason and the facts will come out. Yes, you will try to stir up your racist followers when the impeachment starts and they will cause trouble, but in the end you will be impeached and then tried for treason. Only your resignation and a pardon from Pence will save you from prison but I don't think he would want to risk pardoning you and taint himself with the smell of treason.
In summation, you are psychologically unfit to be President and thank God for the Constitution which allows you to be impeached, or even be found unfit with the 25th Amendment. Maybe if the cabinet invoked the 25th Amendment and found you mentally unfit it would save you from impeachment and Prison.