Thursday, May 4, 2017

Healthcare and Trump supporting "Christians" desecrate The name "Christian"

I know there are some of you who voted Donald Trump and that you have what is considered "pre existing " conditions. If you were not in a high risk pool before then you will be if Paul Ryan's healthcare bill makes it through the senate. I have seen the bill and can tell you Paul Ryan flat out lied about most of it, that is not fake news. 
Even if you have healthcare provided by your work or union, if you or someone has a pre existing condition you will likely see a drastic increase in what you pay for insurance. (That is, unless you are a member of Congress whose healthcare is exempt from the changes.) let me list some pre existing conditions.
PTSD including those who were raped
Celiac disease
Endocrine problems
Kidney disease
Pituitary problems 
Female problems (sorry I am from the south so this is what I call it)
High Blood pressure 
Low blood pressure 

You get the point? Pretty much just existing is considered a pre existing condition unless you are a republican member of congress. So if you voted Trump and have a pre existing condition you just screwed yourself. If you voted Trump because he lied and claimed he was "pro life" I want you to do two things. First, consider the new Burns and other infants who will suffer because they lack healthcare. Second, go fuck yourself you hypocrite that dares to call themselves a Christian. Jimmy Kimmel was right, no parent should have to die just because the family lacks money and healthcare. If you think that doesn't occur on a daily basis, then you are living in a bubble. And no, I will not apologize for saying it how it is. I am riled up, I consider myself a Christian, not a perfect one, but still a Christian. I think I now understand how Jesus felt when he found merchants doing business in his Father's house. I feel the same way about those who call themselves Christians but by their deeds desecrate the name and Christ himself.