Sunday, May 21, 2017

Warning to The Resistance, some among us are against us.

 Well it seems like The Resistance has been infiltrated by agents of Chaos, one of those agents goes by the name of Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch on twitter and runs the Yes, Mrs. Mensch a former member of British Parliament and member of the Conservative Party. Not a bad resume really, but let's look at Mrs. Mensch's position on recent issues facing the U.K. Now what would be an U.K. issue that is aligned with the Trump Train / Make America Great Again movement? Ah yes, Brexit. Britain voting to leave the European Union. Nasty bit, that. So what was Mrs. Mensch position on Brexit? Well she wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times saying Britain would be better off leaving the EU. Link Below.

In an interview with Joe Barnes of the Daily Express, Mrs. Mensch said the U.K. Could run the table on EU negotiations. Link Below.

When it became apparent that Russia interfered this is what Mrs. Mensch had to say about the issue via twitter. "Yes Russia hacked the Brexit petition too because they like protest. Helps the winning side if Losers "cry" so Russia invents that."

It seems that Mrs. Mensch is okay with Russian hacking as long as it helps her side. So why is she all over the Trump-Russia saga acting as some weird avenging Valkyrie? I mean, if you look at her past positions and her views it is readily apparent her views align more with the center-right leaning right. Why the change of heart? Well, I don't think she has. I believe what she is doing is a job. She has worked, and maybe still works for Rupert Murdoch via News Corp. We know News Corp loves to sling Fake News and is very right leaning. Mensch could be stirring the pot in an effort to discredit news outlets other than Fox News by creating fake news which can be picked up by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post only to have that information turn out to be false. If that happens it damages the credibility of those news outlets. But you say she was right about certain things. Maybe it was part of the con, providing actual inside news to bait the trap? Later, it will be Fake News to ruin MSM credibility. Who knows.
Another possibility, Mensch could be taking financial opportunity. If you go to her blog there is a donation button at the bottom. See link below
But why would she back the Democrats side and not the Right left? Because there are already a ton of Right Wing people blogging about Trump, plus the information coming out is against Trump. What she is doing is mining bits of Information and selling it to The Resistance under the guise of needing money to continue the effort. She saw a market where there was a need and set up shop. I know she is not selling the information but she knows with what is going on people want information and will pay, donate, to keep that information flowing even if it is suspect.
I want to remind people that Mensch was wrong about the dockets for Grand Juries in Virginia and New York, the docket numbers were for unrelated cases. Quite a few attorneys pointed this out. Mensch and Claude Taylor have been claiming the first arrests "are coming this week" for a few weeks now, no arrests. Then there is the thing about the Supreme Court notifying Trump that impeachment proceedings have begun. The system doesn't work that way. The House starts the Impeachment proceedings and draws up articles of impeachment after a majority vote they are sent to the Senate. The Trial, based on charges outlined in the Articles of Impeachment, is conducted by the Senate with The Chief Justice of SCOTUS presiding if the President is the one being impeached.
The report saying the Marshal of the Supreme Court notified Trump on Air Force One of impeachment and warned him about pardoning people involved is a crock of crap and would constitute overreach by the judicial branch into powers enumerated to congress by the constitution.

No matter how much we want this to be over and to hear news that justice is being served we, the Resistance, cannot spread or fall for fake news. When we resort to using the tactics of those who put Donald Trump in power we are undermining everything we stand for and moving are goal further away. It is my Opinion that, based on Louise Mensch's past record and associations, she is willfully spreading false stories to sow chaos amongst the Resistance and the effort to save Democracy in America.