Thursday, May 4, 2017

Don't let Trump play you.

I am as angry as everyone else today when it comes to what the walking piece of Dog feces from Wisconsin and his fellow Republican turds did today by voting on a healthcare plan that will kick 24 million on healthcare and cost the lives of countless others. What they did was reprehensible to say the least. The thing is this is part of a bigger plan by the biggest pile of walking and talking excrement this side of the Atlantic. Or shall I be more specific and say, outside of Russia?
There is a pattern here that should be noted. Every time Trump starts feeling the heat about his Russian ties he does something to deflect attention from it. The Syrian gas attack most like orchestrated by Putin and Trump's announced attack on a Syrian airfield which was evacuated and had little damage done to it. Now Trump and Putin are buddies again. Next, the ratcheting up of tensions over North Korea's nuclear weapons program and missile development. Interesting how Trump stoked that fire to really up the Danger for South Korea then says "here use this THAAD system to protect yourself.  By the way, that will be one billion dollars." The thing is that these two things don't generate enough of a deflection. You see, they upset the public and politicians to a point but not enough to have Congress look the other way for long. What you need to do that is something that would piss off the Americans and members of Congress so their time would be occupied so they cannot take part in the big fight, the most important one, Trump's ties to Russia. No, I am not down playing the importance of healthcare, I am saying it is being used by Trump as a means to an end. Trump wants as many members of Congress tied up with this healthcare thing as possible so they will be too busy to really investigate his ties to Russia. He figures that by the time Congress gets around to it they will be, and the public, too tired to deal with a Trump Russia investigation.
Think about it. What have people been more concerned about? What have people been calling their reps in congress about? Healthcare. In normal times this would be great, but now it has quieted the "investigate Trump Russia" call a bit. Now stupid house republicans will claim that people haven't been calling as much about Trump-Russia so they must think there is no concern. Duh, people haven't been calling about Trump-Russia because they are worried about republicans killing them by taking away their healthcare.
So what happens when the heat starts building on Trump about Russia and Congress starts to lean more towards appointing a special investigator / prosecutor? Trump will try to push through another bill that will generate just as much outrage as getting rid of healthcare to keep congress and America focused on that issue so they won't be looking at his Russian ties. He will keep doing this, over and over. He knows he only has to by time to tie up loose ends and tire out those who oppose him. Trump will have you bark up the wrong tree and will use congress to do it. He is a Con artist, don't fall for it. With Trump you need not just one person to watch what he does, not two, but enough to cover both his hands, his mouth, feet, eyes, every part.
What the Resistance needs to do is organize in such away that we can use his own tactic against him. Lawyers need to keep his cabinet heads busy in the court system. Any appointee of his needs to be taken to court for any action that is considered against the constitution or not for the good of the people. His advisers need to be put on the defensive so they are protecting themselves and are too busy to give advice to Trump. Trump himself needs to be thrown off balance using the courts. Organizations should be established to aid in challenging TrumpCare, to fight a delaying action as the rest attack Trump from his most vulnerable side, Trump-Russia. I am sorry to have to tell you but we are in a war here, a political one and need to strategize accordingly. If we keep fighting on a tactical level, we will gain nothing and risk loosing everything. Strategic planning. We need to form our own "Operation Bodyguard " and "Operation Overlord" . The longer our focus is shifted from Trump - Russia the more damage Trump can do, plus it makes it harder to remove him. We cannot let him consolidate! Put Trump on the defensive anyway possible (legal and political wise) misdirect him. We need to learn some battles we will not win, pick the ones we can, fight delaying actions, have the main force strike hard, keep striking without turning away, and overwhelm Trump and his minority. We can undo crappy Trump legislation but we can only do so if we still have a country. To save the lives of our fellow citizens we have to save the country from Trump and Russia first!