Friday, May 12, 2017

Open letter to GOP Trump has lost credibility and needs to be impeached

I am addressing this to the Republicans in the House and senate, and I do so respectfully.
In the opinion of the majority of Americans Donald Trump has damaged his credibility to the point he cannot be an effective leader. His constant Twitter rants and lies can no longer be ignored or written off as just a byproduct of his personality. The Office of President of the United States was created by our founding fathers to have the power of leading a government "for the people, by the people" in an orderly reliable manner. A key to this is maintaining trust, not just that of the Congress but of the American people. Except for a small group, and part of that group being made up of racists,  we the people have no trust in Donald Trump as President of the United States.
Setting aside the possibility, which is increasing daily, that he colluded with a hostile entity, Russia, to gain the Office of President, there are other reasons to say he has lost credibility to lead.
Donald Trump has attacked a core principle of America specifically set out by the constitution, free speech and Freedom of the press. He has maligned every news outlet that runs anything he may see as criticism. Real News has been dismissed as fake. People speaking on issues with an opinion different from those of Donald Trump have been personally attacked by him using twitter. This is not how a president should act, this is how a dictator acts.
With the firing of James Comey as the director of the FBI and the subsequent threats made to Mr. Comey, Donald Trump has turned the Office of President into that of a thug dictator. The subsequent shift in reasons for firing has shown that not just he, but those in his administration, will lie in such away it muddies the waters to the point it is hard to determine where the truth lies.
The contempt he has shown are close allies and his praise of dictators hostile to democracy brings into question what Donald Trump's vision for America truly is. A president who lies repeatedly, embraces autocratic rule, and threatens his political opponents with arrest and former government officials with the same, is contrary to what the founding fathers intended when they created the Office of President. What is further troubling are comments made that the Constitution doesn't work properly and may need to be changed regarding freedom of the press, speech and the workings of congress. Added with Donald Trump's comments of dissolving the ninth circuit court, it is apparent he has nothing but contempt for the oath he gave when taking office. He does not intend to preserve, protect, nor defend the Constitution, in fact he has begun an attack on it.
Donald Trump's has no credibility left with the majority of Americans, congress, and world leaders. This makes it impossible for him to govern and to represent American interests on the World Stage.
Donald Trump used the slogan "Make America Great Again" he is doing the exact opposite. America is more than just her people, it is the constitution that guarantees freedom for her people and without it there will be no America. How can you make something great again if it ceases to exist? You cannot, and Donald Trump's attack on our constitution and his loss of credibility threaten the existence of what he claims to want to make Great again. I ask you for the sake of the Republic, her people, and for democracy to use the Constitution, the very instrument he intends on destroying, to Remove Donald Trump from office and save our country.
Charles Parmele
God Bless America