Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mitch McConnell should recuse himself in Trump Russia investigation.

ok everyone, or at least the few people interested in my political rantings, this will be short and written on the fly? Why? Because I am down to typing with one finger because I burnt the crap out of a couple working on my lawnmower. Good news is a found the short that caused the burns, yes!
Anyway, senate majority leader should recuse himself from anything dealing with Trump Russia investigation, an should most definitely not make a decision on the appointment of a special investigator / counsel. Why? His wife is a Trump appointee and we have learned from the firing of FBI director Comey Trump will get rid of anyone who displeases him. While Trump cannot fire Mitch McConnell, he can fire his wife who is Trump's Transportation secretary. How can McConnell not take this into consideration when making a decision that impacts so heavily on the president? Consider also that a new president would most like want a whole new cabinet to separate themselves from any Trump associations if Trump is charged and impeached for his involvement with Russia. This is another reason why I say McConnell cannot make and should not make the final decision on the appointment of a special investigator / counsel. McConnell should recuse himself from anything dealing with the Trump Russia investigation as he is too close to it. Considering that he could be basing his decision on his wife's employment instead of the safety and wellbeing of this country, and to preserve his own interests, an investigation of not only McConnell's conflict of interest regarding Trump, but one of obstruction of justice should also take place.
This was short and to the point. Please RT this blog and I ask you to also write your Senator to pressure McConnell into appointing a special investigator or to recuse himself from the Trump Russian thing all together. And if you could write to the Senate select Committee on Ethics and ask that Senator McConnell be investigated for conflict of interests in regard to his wife being a Trump cabinet member and the majority leader being in a position to prevent the Trump Russia investigation from receiving proper attention and therefore denying justice to the people of America. The website is