Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New book chapter 1 rough draft

America Ailing
Charles Parmele

The contagion
Characters this scene
Sergei Bugayev Secretary of the Security Council of Russia (SCRF)
Oleg Churkin Director Federal Financial Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation

Sergei Bugayev, the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, watched patiently as a man sitting across the coffee table read through they file Bugayev had given him 15 minutes earlier. Typically Bugayev would never have conducted such a meeting at his dacha, but the sensitivity of the matter and the need to maintain a separation from official channels demand an out of the way secure location. Bugayev could have handled the business of informing the Director of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation with a memo ordering the director, Oleg Churkin, to ignore the financial transaction of the individuals in the file but he did not want to keep his old friend in the dark. And besides, he figured Oleg Churkin knowing the whole of the plan would come in handy despite the president’s feelings to the contrary.
“My God, is this seriously being considered?” Churkin asked letting his hand holding the file drop to his lap.
Bugayev nodded, “Most definitely Oleg. In fact, it is beyond the consideration phase; it has been approved. The President wants to implement this plan immediately.”
Churkin looked at the papers in his hand and shook his head. “This has not been presented to the security council, how can you say it has been considered? This is the first I have heard of it. Sergei, this is a serious matter. I know we have conducted operations in American politics in the past but nothing on this scale. Has the president considered the repercussions if it is found out? America does not take kindly to other nations meddling in their politics even though they interfere in other countries’, including our own.”
The old secretary smiled. “Oleg, my old friend, you worry too much. As for consideration? We all agreed to go along with the plan that our American Problem Commission recommended as a way to overcome the crippling economic sanctions America has imposed on us for tending to our lost sheep. Do not worry about our involvement being exposed, because by the time it happens America will be in no condition to do anything but work to preserve itself. No, Oleg, we have nothing to fear. We will knock America down and then take our rightful place as the political and economic leader of the world.”
“I hear a bit of comrade Dugin in that last statement. I even see similarities to his 1997 book, but no one has ever considered implementing his recommendation for America, they were considered too risky. Why now? What has changed? As I recall you said that Dugin was mad to recommend such an operation in the United States at the time.”
Bugayev nodded in agreement. “Yes, it was too extreme at the time, but things have changed. We now can infiltrate America without leaving the motherland. We can use social media, false news, and even a political candidate to accomplish our goal. We have the capability to muster those assets in a way that divides America, not just on racial lines, but on political, philosophical, and religious lines. We can cause distrust and hate in America like it has not seen since its own Civil War. While Americans fight Americans, we can lead the World. America will fall, we will be the only nation in a position to save the world economy.”
“What of China? Britain? Germany, Japan, or France? I am sure they will not stand by and let Russia step in to fill America’s shoes.”
Bugayev waved away Churkin’s last comment. “We have taken that into account. Europe is already feeling the strain of Syrian refugees pouring into each country not to mention the growing anti-Muslim movement. With a little push here and there we can stoke those fires to our benefit. Asia is another tinderbox with the South Sea and North Korea issues. It will not be long before it erupts in flames. No, no one but Russia will able to lead the World back to peace and prosperity.”
“I see, but for America, you mentioned a candidate. What candidate would take such a derisive stance to accomplish the goals of this plan? To do so would be political suicide. No politician in America could fill the role you would want them to play. America will not support a candidate associated with...What do they call them?”
“Hate Group,” Bugayev answered. “No, they would not. And it is true that no politician would throw away their career in taking on the position that would aid our plan. But we do not need an American politician, all we need is someone America looks up to and respects to accomplish our mission. We do not require the candidate to win the election. We just need someone to fan the passions of America, Someone to discredit the media, someone to destroy the Average American’s faith in their elections and government.”
“They do not have to win? I cannot imagine anyone running for President of America who would not try to win. Such a person would be a fool to throw away such money, and no one, democrat or republican would endorse such a person. It seems you will have a problem in finding such a person before the next election which is what? To year away?”
Bugayev smiled. “We already have a man in mind, and that is where you come into the picture. The man is Eric Peters, the investment guru.” Bugayev used the moniker Erik Peters had given himself in his book about how to make it big on Wall Street. “Mr. Peters is not as wealthy as he claims, so we will have to prop him up by directing business his way. By the time the 2016 Election comes around, Peters should have the assets necessary to fund his own campaign, something that will appeal to the ordinary American. To do so, we will be using Yuri TKachenko. TKachenko will do so under the guise of having Peters form a partnership to develop a few properties in Greece, Turkey, and the Ukraine. TKachenko is the best choice since he has not been singled for sanctions and the fact he is considered favorable to the Ukraine.”
Churkin handed the file to Bugayev and stood to leave. “I take it you want to make sure that TKachenko’s finances do not draw unneeded attention from my people?”
Rising from his chair, Bugayev took the file from Churkin and placed it on the coffee table. “Yes. We do not want an overzealous deputy looking where they should not.”
“Well then, I should return to Moscow and set up protocols to ensure TKachenko is not caught up accidentally in an investigation that could reveal anything that would compromise the operation.”
Bugayev walked Churkin to the door. “It would be greatly appreciated by the president, Oleg. I would ask you to stay for dinner but I know you have much to do, and Olga is visiting her sister in Moscow so..”
“Say no more, Sergei. I have endured your cooking once before, and I do not think my stomach could take another such meal” Churkin never understood why a high ranking official as Burgayev did not employ house staff like others of his rank., but that was Burgayev.
Just as they reached the door, Bugayev stopped Churkin. “One more favor, Oleg. Discuss this matter with no one.”
“I understand. Although I think everyone knows you cannot cook Sergei.”
Bugayev smiled as he closed the door, partly because of Churkin’s last comment, but mostly because of the thought that America would be brought to its knees.