Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two different ways Trump could be screwed and how he will screw the GOP

Let me see if I have this right. Throwing out the James Comey firing for a moment they are two things Trump can possibly charged with at the moment that would end his administration. First, if it is proven he colluded with the Russians we can say would definitely be charged with something close to treason. Even if it is not proven that Trump did not collude with Russia during the election but did act in a capacity to help Russian Oligarchs launder money he could be, probably will be, charged with a felony. Knowing now that Trump's finances and that of his family is being looked at for ties to Russia  , we may not have to rely on the collusion investigation alone. This gives us double the chances of ridding our Country of its greatest threat in a long time.
Whether Trump is impeached for Treason, money laundering, or a combination of both, it will be good for America and the Republican Party needs to see this. If they are worried that impeachment of Trump will damage their brand, I have news for them; your brand is toast already. Keep Trump in Office and expect never to hold a majority in either house or the office of president again. It is likely that if Trump was to remain for a full term then the GOP will lose the house in 2018 and then the senate in 2020 along with the White House. The GOP will fracture into different parties, 2 or 3 at the very least. You will have a Tea Party separate from the GOP composed of Radical right, moderates as the GOP remainder. There is a chance that if Trump really damages the Image of the GOP many moderates not tainted by Trump stench would leave to become independent or Democrats, or some form of Conservative party. Like other entities Trump has touched the Republican Party may die as well. Trump may have Gold gilded furniture but he does not have the Midas Touch, he has the touch of death. Let us hope he gets busted for treason, money laundering, or both. If the GOP had any sense they would want this to happen too.