Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump's destination if impeached or resigns

I know this is premature and with my luck someone will screw up the investigation an Trump will slip through the cracks. I say "my luck" because I feel it unfair to hang the "pessimist" label on all of America. Anyway, I have been Dreaming of D-Day 0 or "the first day with zero Trump's in the White House. I have been picturing how that day will go down. Will Donald Trump go out like Nixon? Something tells me Trump would not use the V sign. He is so classless he would give the finger to everyone. Or will he do something stupid ( my money is on stupid) and run to exile in Russia acting like the American president in exile pushing for his Trump Train of moronic Misfit Toys to overthrow the government of America and return him to power? Who knows?
This is what I recommend happen the day Trump is removed from office. Tell him Air Force One will fly him to Mar A Lago so he can have some dignity. Instead of Air Force One, yes I know it would not be called Air Force One at the time, have it rerouted to a special resort for those individuals America is extremely interested in, Guantanamo Bay. The Orange jump suits will match his skin. He can relax in the tropical sun until everything is ready for his trial for treason. And to make sure he is not alone send some of his closest buddies with him, including Sheriff Clark who wants to send Americans there. Sheriff Clark is American so 2 birds one stone, Americans sent to Guantanamo Bay, wish granted.
Now if Trump wants to leave Washington D.C. using his own jet, have the Air Force give him a fighter escort. Guess where? You know me so well! Guantanamo Bay were guests are provided free eye protection from the sun in the form of a sack over the head.
See, it is a great fantasy, a beautiful picture with a lot of Orange and just the right amount of Tropical green, we'll camouflage. Of course there are two other scenarios of him leaving office but one requires him to serve out a full term and lose the reelection bid, ugly. But the other one is kind of cool. The 25th Amendment is invoked and Trump is removed from the Oval Office in a straight jacket and sent to a padded room all his own. Uh, insanity is a preexisting condition so that won't be covered but he is a Billionaire, so who cares.
We can only hope. Resist