Friday, May 5, 2017

I will not deny or apologize for being a Christian

Yes, I am a Christian and I take pride in that. I believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus, and God's Holy Spirit, the counselor. I believe Jesus died on the Cross for all of us. I believe in the teachings of Christ and that they are of kindness, mercy, love, Charity, and hope. I believe in forgiveness and accepting no one is perfect. This belief guides me in my life though I slip up at time, I am not perfect.
I believe that God created everything and did so via the Big Bang. I believe the laws of the natural world are set by God. I believe in evolution, even human evolution for it fits creation, or a method of creation at the very least.
I believe in prayer. I believe in helping my fellow man and woman no matter their color or belief system. I try to treat others the way Christ intended. I am no one's judge, I cannot be. I condemn no one for I am in no position to do so nor will I ever be in such a position.
My biggest fear is that I become a bad person so I try to do good. I do get angry at times, especially when I see someone who calls themselves a Christian turn their back on another or condemns another. I fight for what I feel is right, that means I fight for people, for equality, for justice.
I am a Christian and that is why I think the separation of Church and state should be maintained. Why? Because I do not want someone forcing me to worship in a way I feel is contrary to teachings of Christ. When I need to I reference the Bible for guidance using Christ's words. I believe the Bible in essence is God's word but over the years it has been contaminated by man. I believe that when the Bible was put together by leaders of the Church that their desires may have influenced what should be in the Bible. I believe that Paul the apostle was called by God some of his learnings from his time as Pharisee tainted his teachings, especially in regards to women.
All this and more is what I believe and I will not deny it nor apologize for it.
I write this so people will know that not every Christian is like those that support Donald Trump and his kind. I write this to show I believe in the Gospel of hope and not condemnation. I am a Christian!