Monday, May 8, 2017

Trump recruits like Russia Recruits spies

I want to talk about something that is going on that I and many others feel is quite odd. For some reason there are members of the Republican Party in congress who are more concerned about how the media found out about the possibility of our President colluding with a hostile entity, Russia, than finding out if the President is a Russian pawn. Wow! In a million years I never would have thought the GOP would side with a possible Russian traitor over their own country, but nevertheless, here we are. Why is the question? First, not every Republican feels that we should just move on and forget the Trump-Russia issue, some are concerned like Senator John McCain. Why not others like Sen Cruz, Rep. Chaffetz, and pretty much every Republican of some importance? Maybe they are compromised? Conspiracy theory? Yes, but this one has basis in past cases where a person compromised by a foreign entity actually recruited others by either finding willing people or leveraging them to aid in treason. First case in point, John Walker, Jr.
It want to say off the bat that I have a particular loathing of John Anthony Walker, Jr because I am a former Submariner and one thing Mr. Walker did was endanger the lives of every American submariner through his actions, but let's discuss Walker’s spy Ring. Mr. Walker was a long term spy who willingly betrayed his country for financial gain even after he left the military and lost access to classified material to provide to the Soviet Union. He did this by recruiting Jerry Whitworth a student in a Navy Radio Operators course instructed by Mr. Walker. How was Whitworth recruited? One can speculate, he could have been willing, or he could have been coerced. Like John Walker I spent time as an instructor teaching others in my career field, Navigation Electronics, how to work on equipment. I know that as instructors we can be seen as intimidating to junior personnel. I also no that sometimes students cheat and you have to be watchful at all times during testing. What happens if a student is caught cheating? In the military it is a very serious thing that can end your career. Could Mr. Walker possibly have caught Mr. Whitworth cheating on an exam and used that as leverage? Maybe, I don't know, but I could see it being done. I never cheated on an exam because of two things, honor and the fear of what would happen if I did.
Whitworth was initially told by Walker that the information was to be given to an ally, Israel, only to find out it was going to Russia. Despite this revelation Whitworth kept providing information to Walker. Why? We know later the Whitworth had a guilty conscience and anonymously wrote several letters to the FBI to try and cut a deal if he were to be granted immunity if he gave up the others in the spy ring. Why did he keep on going? Even spying for an ally is illegal so right there Walker had leverage on Whitworth.
Walker recruited his brother and his own son into his little spy ring. Did he leverage them too? Possible, but I doubt it. What I established here is there is precedent of one person committing an act of espionage to recruit others in doing the same, normally close friends or relatives. If you look at how Donald Trump and his family operate it would be hard not to assume that if Donald Trump colluded with the Russians that they were involved. History favors that family members tend to involve other family members and I can cite more cases that support this but let us look at how Donald Trump could use his assets along with other entities assets to gain leverage on someone.
During the election there was an incident where Donald Trump threatened to expose dirt on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz because of some political ad that reflected badly on Melania Trump. After a little exchange there was nothing but a picture released that wasn't very flattering of Heidi Cruz, with Trump saying, “No need to spill the beans the images are worth a thousand words.” I doubt the picture is what Trump was talking about. It is possible that there is something that Trump and his team know about Heidi Cruz and was used and now is being used to manipulate Senator Cruz. Senator Cruz is quite possibly compromised by Donald Trump, via his wife or his own actions. Trump probably hired someone to dig up dirt to use, not just the normal stuff one candidate would use against another, but stuff that would be considered off limits by others. What else can explain Ted Cruz shift in his behavior? And the way he did Trump's bidding at the Clapper / Yates hearing suggests he was desperately trying to prove something to his master. What and why? Loyalty? I guess as far as a compromised person can say they are loyal. Why? Fear of failing and having embarrassing information released by someone. I am sure Trump would use a secondary channel and not risk putting forth the information himself. Plausible deniability.
But what of Rep Chaffetz behavior and Rep Nunes behavior? Nunes jumped on that phone call he received to go to the White House so fast you would think someone was holding a family member hostage. We all know how that turned out. Why would Nunes be so stupid? Panic, like someone who is under the gun, politically. What might Trump have on Nunes? Who knows, maybe Nunes chose the wrong hotel to check into, like one owned by Trump? And for Chaffetz? He is bouncing all over the place you just don't know what he is up to. Not running for reelection, foot surgery that would take him away from his duties but he makes sure to show up for a vote on Trump Healthcare Bill of death? Not to mention that about the same time Chaffetz announces he won't seek reelection there is a puff piece done on his wife and their marriage. You know, the same kind you see done on Hollywood couples that shows how happy in-love they are six months before they separate and divorce. Weird.
Trump is a dirty business man and he has sure brought that to the White House. He has picked up pointers from mobsters and Russians and I am sure he uses those dirty tricks. He is surrounded by people who are sleazy. To not consider that Donald Trump and his cronies aren't playing dirty to get a few senators and representatives to do his business would undermine any investigation into Donald Trump working for Putin, and that is what it really is. Trump is Putin's compromised puppet who controls his own puppets. If you elect a tabloid loving president then you can expect he will use tabloid tactics.