Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump is a danger to everyone in US, especially the military

When I woke this morning I was feeling a little under the weather but after reading Trump leaked Intel to the Russians during a meeting at the White House I am just sick. I cannot believe that a President of the United States would do such a thing. Now I am worried about what else he or others in his administration has leaked to the Russians, a hostile entity.
We only know what the press reports. What about other things Trump may have given Russia? I mean how do we know if he has sent them secret information on American capabilities and forces via curriers or through the internet or not? If he is compromised as suggested by many intel sources Putin can ask for anything, including the disposition of are military forces including our Trident Submarines. We cannot say that Trump is stupid enough to do such a thing because every day he lowers the stupidity bar a notch.
Imagine how much damage this traitor has caused and the lives he has endangered. He claims to love the military but does things that shows he is full of crap. Giving any Intel to Russia puts anyone involved with gathering that information at risk. I would not put it past Russia selling what they get from Trump to the highest bidder, especially since sanctions have put a hurting on Russia financially. Trump is selling out our allies and military, the whole darn country. Republicans need to get onboard the #impeachtrumptrain.