Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Please Republicans, put the country first.

First forgive any errors in the post as I am one finger typing because I burned a few fingers on a lawnmower today. Now with that disclaimer out of the way let's get on with the show.

An open letter to all Republicans, especially in congress.
I want to ask you, nay, plead that you put the country first and appoint a special investigator / prosecutor to investigate the Trump Russia connections.  I am a disabled veteran of 11 years service in the Navy on Ballistic Missile Submarines. I am the son of a 20 year Air Force veteran that served on B-52 bombers as part of SAC during the Cold War. From an early age I was taught to put country above all matters of politics. Why? Because it isn't the politics that makes this country great, it is the ideal set forth in the Constitution and that is what makes this country great; it is our freedom and are protection from those who would do us arm whether the be from inside our borders or a broad. This is where my loyalty lies for it is America.
Over the last two years this country has been put through the ringer and it seems we will have to endure more pain before this national malady is resolved. Whether this fever breaks or lead to our demise is dependent on how soon a corrective remedy can be prescribed. Right now, the House and Senate are the attending physicians but our condition requires more attention and bitter medicine that many do not want to swallow. The fever is rising higher day by day and we can refuse the bitter pill no longer. We take our medicine no matter how distasteful or face a future of painful convulsion until the disease snuffs out the light of democracy in our country.
I do not envy the choice that you have to make. It has to be painful to even contemplate that the Republican Party, your party, unwittingly put a man who could possibly be the biggest traitor in our history in the Oval Office. But to choose to ignore the possibility that Donald Trump conspired with the Russian government to aid him in his election would be committing the biggest mistake that would put an end to democracy in this country. I ask that you put party and pride aside and swallow that bitter pill for the sake of this Country.
I know there are difficulties ahead and you may have to put differences aside an stand alongside Democrats until the question of whether Donald Trump or his team colluded with Russia during the election is finally answered, truthfully and without a doubt. This is the time for bi-partisan solidarity to save this country. We need the truth, we need the medicine to save our country.
I believe you may find out something very unsettling about some of your colleagues in the investigation. There maybe those among your own number that may have aided Donald Trump in his actions some unknowingly, others in full knowledge of what they were and are doing. But that is something you will have to face along with the rest of us.
Before I end this letter I want to make one more request as a concerned citizen, one that served this country faithfully. I ask that you convince Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to recuse himself any matter concerning the Trump Russia investigation. Since Senator McConnell's wife is part of Donald Trump's Administration and serves at his pleasure, this situation could be used as leverage on Senator McConnell. In my opinion there is is clearly a conflict of interest here. It should also be considered, and I am sure it has been considered by Senator McConnell, that if the investigation leads to Donald Trump's removal from office, a new President may choose to appoint others to cabinet positions to start fresh. I am sure Senator McConnell knows of this possibility and may use his position to protect his spouse's job.
Please, put the country first above all else in this matter.
Thank you for your time and may God Bless America.
Sincerely, Charles Parmele